Animating Pictures In PowerPoint

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

PowerPoint A Tool To Communicate Ideas

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the apps in the Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is an effective communication tool that helps in creating interactive and informative corporate presentations. To support the statements delivered by the speaker, the slides include content, images and all other forms of media. Like the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”, while communicating ideas to people, displaying appropriate images will have a remarkable effect on the presentation. It does not require much text or content.

In an effort to make the images visually appealing, moving animations for PowerPoint are used. The PowerPoint application has a number of options such as adding text, cropping images and adds effects to them to draw the attention of the audiences towards your presentation. Special effects can be given to the slide by combining different animations effects. Nevertheless, when you use these effects, see that the presentation does not look amateur, with all the effects included the presentation should have a professional look.

Instructions To Animate Your Presentation

  • Open the PowerPoint file for which you would like to add animation effects.
  • In the ribbon menu, you would find an option that says Insert, click on it and then Pictures to insert an image in the presentation. If you want to insert a clipart image, then click on Insert and then Clipart, select an image from the clipart panel.
  • Click on the picture to select the picture to animate. Then click on Animation and Add Animation on the ribbons, which is present to the top of the window. An animation panel pops up with various animation styles displayed on the screen.

    Corporate Presentation

    Microsoft PowerPoint Is Part Of The Office Suite

  • If you want to check how the animation effect works, place the mouse over the animation icon. When you choose a particular style, Select it to set the animation effect on the picture.
  • To save the presentation, press Ctrl+S.

Even if you are creating a corporate presentation, giving it some effects will only enhance the way you present your idea. Nevertheless, it should also be taken care that it does not become amateur. A presentation with some effects will surely impress your boss and the other important people in the business.

When it comes to creating presentations for children, these moving animations for PowerPoint are of great help. As children grasp quickly with pictorial representations along with some effects, teachers create varying slides for their students to make learning easier and fun.

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Significance Of Spyware Removal

PC Support

          PC Support Anti Spyware Program

With the advent of World Wide Web services, information is available on your fingertips. It saves time and you will get the right information at once. Technology is developing, and so are the risks involved. Even though it makes your life easier, ignorance on tackling the inherent risks may cause you more harm than good. For instance, if you access and download information from the internet links, think about the threats posed by way of spyware, virus and malware attacks.

If you have not taken adequate protection against these risks, you sure are going to face an appalling situation of data loss. It could also nag you with the frequent pop up advertisements. It may even change your home page, damage connectivity files and retard the computer speed and eventually it might become almost impossible to go online. Luckily, there are many PC support antispyware software programs available.

While you browse the internet, these malicious programs are installed on your system if have not provided any security features. These programs access your personal information like passwords, bank account information and lead to data corruption.

Tackling spyware issues

You need to install an anti spyware program before you start browsing the Internet. There are a number of free PC support antispyware removal program available. Install one instantly to safeguard the files stored on your computer. Disconnect the computer from the internet. Even if you have closed the browser, when connection is available, it is likely that the spyware access your personal data and cause the damage. Unplug form the modem as well.

Data Loss

          Anti Spyware For PC

Verify the Add/Remove programs list by accessing the Control Panel from the Settings option. In case you find a spyware program installed, remove it at once. If you find a program that is unfamiliar, verify whether it is a spyware, before you start deleting the same. Run the anti spyware program. If you still receive pop ups after disconnecting from the Internet, turn off the computer. Start the computer again, press the F8 key, and choose the Safe Mode option. Now, you need to run the anti spyware program again when the computer is in Safe Mode.

Return to a date before the spyware attack happened. Tap the Start menu and hover the mouse to All programs and then choose Accessories. Access System tools and then select System Restore. You need to follow the instructions displayed by the System Restore Wizard. Rely on the PC support free anti spyware programs to ensure that there are no potential threats.

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Enhance The Speed Of Your Computer

Slow Computer

Solve Slow Computer Problems

Working on a slow and sluggish computer can definitely frustrate anyone. Schedules, targets and projects would be waiting to be completed and if your computer is simply blinking before each step, that may affect your work. You might sometimes wonder about how this electronic device turns quite sluggish.

Various reasons contribute towards slow computer problems. One of the major factors is how old your computer is. Depending upon the age of a computer, it can turn slow and that is quite natural. Your slow computer would be installed with applications that could perform well on a modern UI. Since your old platform is not designed to support new software programs, it would take more time to load each one of them. The best option in such a scenario is to think about an upgrade.

You can always choose an upgraded platform that will help your system to function better. Moreover, this would help avoid the risks of virus or spyware activity, which is normally suffered by old platforms. Another major reason for a slow computer is fragmented hard drive. You might have corrupted registry due to the installation of numerous software programs. Several programs that were not installed successfully in your computer might leave corrupted files in the Windows registry, thereby causing the problem. You can use registry cleaner tools to get such unwanted files cleared.

Windows Registry

Solution For Slow Computer Issues

The third factor is the actual dirt and dust that is normally found in a computer. You can open the CPU and clear the dusts that have clogged up. The computer drives where files would be shattered can be rearranged by choosing the disk space clean up option. Performing drive defragmentation is another good idea to solve slow computer problems. Disk clean up will clean the unwanted programs and files that are installed in the computer.

The final solution to enhance your computer speed is to think about a complete reformat. Your computer will be reset to its factory settings. Before you do such a step, it is advisable to keep a back up of all your required files and information. This is going to be the most time consuming task when compared to the solutions given above.

Virus or spyware activity can turn your computer sluggish. Installing virus or spyware removal tool can be considered as the best way to deal with viruses and spyware. The different steps given above will help you to fix problems associated with a sluggish computer.

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Steps To Convert PDF File To PowerPoint File

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

        Features Of PDF Reader

You might have all received many email attachments from different firms about various documents. For instance, many banks now send statements to the customers through email. Now, when you download these attachments, you will find that these attachments will have an extension .pdf. This means the file is created in PDF format and could be opened only with Adobe Reader.

PDF files are widely used around the world to send various documents. The advantage of using a PDF file is that it offers cross platform support and therefore, works with most of the operating systems and devices. You can create a PDF document with photos and texts without many troubles. Now, even though PDF files have many advantages, they have a few disadvantages too. One of the most annoying disadvantages of a PDF file is that you cannot edit PDF files easily. The Adobe Reader is not designed to edit PDF files. So, what will you do if you wish to edit a PDF file? Here is the solution. You may convert PDF to PowerPoint so that you could edit the files with the program. In this post, we will find out how to convert the PDF file to a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Steps Involved

Even though there are a few tools to convert the PDF file to PowerPoint, you may use the help of some online websites so that you do not have to download any tools or install it in the computer.

  • Launch your internet browser and go to the PDF to PowerPoint site.
  • Select the button Browse found in the website. Go to the location of the PDF file in the computer and click it. Select the option Choose.
  • As the second step, type in your email address next to the option Step 2 Email PDF. Select the option Send.

    Adobe Reader

             Convert PDF Files

  • When the website finishes converting the file, you will receive the email citing that the process is over. Keep in mind that the conversion process depends on the size of the PDF file you have uploaded.
  • Select the link at the bottom of the email and this will take you to the web page for downloading the converted file. Select the option Click below to download your converted file. This will download the file, which is converted as PowerPoint file.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to convert PDF to PowerPoint. For further assistance, you may contact our technical support team.

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Directions On Using Time With Formulas In Excel

Excel Formula Help

          Excel Help

Microsoft Office suite consists of a group of highly useful applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Probably, MS Excel would be the most popular application in the Office suite due to its powerful features. The primary feature of Excel is that it allows you to create spreadsheets. Most companies and organizations use it as their preferred application for making spreadsheets.

Well, if you have thought that its operations are limited as you can only make spreadsheets with it, wait for a second. Creating an inclusive spreadsheet is not going to be easy unless you have a powerful application for it. Excel, with its superior features, helps you make spreadsheets easily. The amount of time you can save and the efficiency you can expect from the use of Excel is great. The following points will tell you how to use Time in Formulas in Excel. More information on this can be obtained from the Excel formula help section.


  • Open Excel and enter the data in time format.
  • Select the cells where you have entered the time stamps and right-click on them.
  • Choose Format Cells from the dropdown menu and select any of the given time formats (AM or PM).
  • Add a time formula to the new cell. If the Cell titled A1 is given 3.00 AM and B1 4.30, the new time formula you should enter is ‘=B1-A1’
  • Ensure that the cells where you have entered the formula are set for formatting. It will enable Excel to answer with the number of hours and minutes.
  • Again, choose Format Cells and right-click it. From the custom list of formats, choose “h:mm.’ This will enable Excel to return to you with answers in hours and minutes.
  • Follow the above steps to add time formats to input cells.

    Time In Formulas

           Microsoft Excel

  • If you have to include time periods spanning beyond midnight, you should enable Excel to understand it. Use the same formula you have created using the above steps for this. For instance “=B1-A1+IF(A1>B1, 1)”.
  • After that, ensure that the new formats are set to custom format. Make sure that the hours are put in brackets. If you wish to get your answers in the hours and minutes format, choose “h:mm” as the format.

The above steps must have helped you to use Time in Formulas in your Excel spreadsheet. You can use multiple types of formulas in Excel. Refer to the Excel formula help page for further information.

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