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Microsoft Excel

In the Microsoft Excel, plenty of valuable time can be saved by making use of the Excel formulas. According to the user’s choice, the formulas can be used whenever required. Though the formulas can be used effortlessly in the Microsoft Excel, many users may do not know its importance and moreover do not even know how to even make use of it. To be an expert and make use of the formulas effectively in Excel, the below given instructions have to be followed.

Steps to follow

  • To make use of the formulas in the Microsoft Excel, first, the Microsoft Excel program should be installed and opened in your system.
  • The method of writing formulas in Excel is very much different from the normal mathematics formulas that you use on paper. “= 5 + 3″ is how an Excel formula is written and not as “5 + 3 =”.
  • When making use of formulas, the cell references have to be used. The cell address is termed as the cell reference. If cells A1 and B1 contain the digits 5 and 3 and if you have to add them, it should be represented as “= A1 + B1″.
  • In the formulas, mathematical operators can be used. For the multiplication operation, the asterisk symbol (*) is used, for the subtraction operation, minus sign (-) is used, for the addition operation, the plus sign (+) is used, for the for the exponent operation, caret symbol (^) is used and for the division operation, forward slash (/) is used.

    formulas in Excel

    formulas in Microsoft Excel

  • If many mathematical operators are required to be used, the formulas have to be arranged by making use of BEDMAS. For those who do not know what BEDMAS means, BEDMAS stands for Brackets, Exponentials, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. If many operators are involved, the BEDMAS rule is used by the Microsoft Excel.
  • To display the formula that was used, the cell that contains the final result should be clicked. At top of the column heading, the formula bar can be seen and in it, the formula will be displayed.

By following the above mentioned instructions, the formulas can be effectively made use of in the Microsoft Excel for performing your mathematical functions. If you require professional help with Excel formulas, you may contact our customer support center. The best help with Excel formulas and troubleshooting tips can be availed by contacting our customer support center.

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Closing Apps On A Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface help

Microsoft Surface tablet

A good and fair reception for Microsoft Surface tablets have been received and this is really favorable for the Redmond giant, as the tablet market has been dominated by market leaders and customers now seem to have one more option to choose from. The main competitors are the Nexus from Google, IPad from Apple and the Kindle from Amazon. The looks and design of the Surface tablets are simply outstanding and even reviewers and experts are praising the overall design.

The IPad had won hearts over its design and performance and the sleek and trendy appearance of the Surface tablets has caught the eyes of many. Microsoft has always tried to land in a new territory and this time it has made it absolutely correct with the tablet range called Surface. The market leader Apple whose sensational product – the IPad, has set the sales charts and captured reviewers and customers hearts with its outstanding battery life, slim design and a bulk of features. Microsoft Surface help can be accessed by contacting the customer support center.

With the release of the Surface range, Microsoft raises its bar in the technology sector and is now a worthy opponent for its competitors. Earlier, people used to chant only for iPad. Now this trend would definitely change. Well the Surface range is quite different from the iPads and the Nexus. Users will have to be a little patient and study the functioning of the apps, Wi-Fi configuration etc properly.

Battery life can be vastly increased by terminating apps and then opening the next one. Well some users may forget the task of closing apps or may not even know how to do the process. To effectively do this, users may follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • For closing apps, at the app screen’s border, a simple tap is required. Then to the end of the screen, you have to do the process of dragging it. Closing of the app takes place

    Nexus from Google

    get help from Microsoft

  • Keyboard shortcuts can also be used for closing apps. To use keyboard shortcuts, execute the task of pressing the Play/Pause button and hit the Alt + Fn key. The closing of the app will take place.
  •  Alt + F4 combination can also be used for closing other apps.

By understanding these methods for closing apps on the Microsoft Surface tablets, users will have an efficient time working with the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface help may be availed by contacting Microsoft support center. Microsoft Surface help can be availed for all relevant queries.

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Microsoft Working On PC Support For Xbox One Controller

PC support

Windows PC support

Microsoft’s gaming consoles like Xbox One has not caused the decline of demand for PC support games. Looking at the recent trends among gamers preferring gaming consoles to PC games signal an imminent end to PC gaming. However, it is rumoured that Microsoft has serious plans now to integrate its Xbox One gaming controller with Windows PC. So, there will be plenty of reasons for a diehard gamer to switch to his PC at times.

Microsoft is working on a new controller – or to be more precise – on a Windows PC-specific controller. The new controller will consist of options to switch between a PC and a gaming console. The current Xbox One controllers are user friendly. However, it is not compatible with Windows OS. This gives the gamers no options to switch between their PC and gaming console. However, Microsoft has not given any official status about the development of a PC-specific controller. We hope that they will announce about the developments of the controller shortly.

Meanwhile, Albert Penello, the director of product management at Microsoft, confirmed that there they are working on the new controller. However, he refrained from giving any technical details about the controller. He said that the rumours going on about the controller in some of the online media were false. Despite his decision not to disclose any details about the console, gamers welcome the news.

Xbox One controllers

PC games

Many gamers are indeed looking forward to the release of the new controller. Adult gamers have developed their taste for computer games through PC and it is just recently that they have switched to gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Certainly, they wish to be able to play the latest games on their PC or integrate their Xbox controllers with the PC. But unfortunately, there is no such facility right now for Xbox One controllers. The news that Microsoft is working on the PC support for Xbox One gaming controller would indeed be welcomed by such users.

According to these reports, Microsoft is working on the controller and would soon introduce an Xbox controller with PC support that would bring optimum gaming experience to the PC gamers. Hope you found the information provided in this article useful. For more information, visit the Microsoft Xbox website online.

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About The Fill Handle Feature In Excel Spreadsheet

Excel support

        Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used by anyone who makes use of figures and facts to present it in an organized manner, store it to be used for future and manipulate for further changes.  The data can be organized into rows and columns for readable presentation. For making mathematical calculations you can make use of it as it is easy and accurate. Those who have been using Windows will have some background knowledge of Windows excel. The Excel screen is divided into a number of cells arranged, horizontally and vertically. The data that a cell can hold include numbers, text or formulae. Excel spreadsheets include a number of preset formulae used for common computations.

The Fill Handle in Excel is an auto fill feature. It is a tool to help you work faster and more efficiently. The Fill Handle is for filling information relating to the data in respective columns and rows, with the help of Excel support functions.

Where to find the Fill Handle option?

The Fill Handle option is seen, at the bottom right corner of an active cell as a small black square on clicking the cell.

How to use the Fill Handle option

You can make use of various choices and ways to use the Fill Handle. Excel support page says that you can auto fill a cell, copy it, fill series of cells, do fill formatting, do fill without formatting  and fill with  days, etc using this option.

How it works with words

electronic spreadsheet

        MS Excel

With words, to use it in an active cell, type in a word that can be used as representative of the kind of information you would like to fill. When you type the word ‘Sunday’, hit the Fill Handle and drag it down. You can drag the Fill Handle as far as you want to fill the name of the days.

How it works with numbers

Start typing set of numbers in some sequence you want, either rows or columns. Type in a column of four cells ‘3, 6, 9, 12’ or ‘4, 8, 12, 16’. Select those cells then hit and drag the Fill Handle down as far as you need. Excel support function will bring out the sequence automatically.

How to turn off the Auto Fill feature?

If at any time you desire to turn off the Auto Fill feature, you may do it with the help of these instructions.  Navigate to the ‘Options’ under the ‘Tools’ menu from there to ‘Edit’. Uncheck ‘Enable Auto complete’.

You would find using MS Excel easier after reading this article.

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Steps To Send, Save Or Play A Voice Clip In Windows Live Messenger

Windows Chat

Windows Help

Windows Live Messenger is a very good platform to stay connected to your old friends and to make new ones. The Windows Live Messenger not only allows you to send instant messages to your contacts, but also you will be able to send, play, or save the voice clips from and to your contacts list. The Windows chattips that are shared below will help you to send, play, or save voice clips in the Windows Live Messenger program.


  • Turn on your computer and open the Windows Live Messenger program. Open a conversation window by double clicking on a contact to which you wish to send the message.
  • If you need to send a voice clip, you will have to connect a microphone to your computer and then click and hold on the Voice Clip button. This button will be present in your conversation window.
  • Press and hold the F2 key that is located on the top of your keyboard. You can then speak into your microphone and release the F2 key. After you have done this, a voice clip will appear in the conversation window of the Windows Live Messenger program and it will play automatically.
  • If you need to play a voice clip in the Windows Live Messenger program, you can click on Play/Stop button that is located under the voice clip.
  • If you need to save a voice clip from the Windows Live Messenger conversation window, click on the Save As button located under the voice clip. You will then have to select the location where you need to save the voice clip and then click on the Save button. You may also drag the voice clip from the conversation window to the location where you need to save the voice clip.

    Voice Clip Button

    Windows Live

These are the simple steps to play, send, or save a voice clip in the Windows Messenger program. You can follow these steps carefully to send, play, or save any voice clips in Windows Messenger without encountering any errors. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are discussed below, you can contact the Windows chat support team. The Windows chat support team will be able to help you to finish the steps successfully. You can also visit the Windows Live Messenger modules that are posted in the official Microsoft website to know more on the steps that are to be done.

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