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How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow

PowerPoint Help, PowerPoint Slideshow

PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software presentation program and is available as part of the Microsoft Office.

To make a simple presentation, this is the place to get all your PowerPoint help.

Open PowerPoint

When you launch PowerPoint, it will ask you the type of document that you require. Choose a blank slide. PowerPoint will show the New Slide dialog box from where you can select the layout that you require. Select the Blank slide layout. This will get you to the editing mode. Now you can build your slideshow, create new slides, insert images and access various other tools. In the editing mode, you can see a white rectangle on the right. This is your first slide.

To Put a Title on your Slide

From the Insert menu, select Text Box. Click and drag a text box across the blank slide. Enter the title. Make use of a large font so that audience at a distance can also read it. To change the font and size, select the text and from the Format menu, choose Font.

To Add a New Slide

From the Insert menu, choose New Slide.

To Insert a Picture

From the Insert menu, choose picture and select image from File. After locating your image, click the Insert button to insert it into your document.

To Draw on a Slide

Select Toolbars from View to open the Drawing from the menu bar.

PowerPoint Help, PowerPoint Slideshow

PowerPoint Presentation

From the Drawing toolbar on the left of the screen, select a shape or a line. Click and drag across the slide to draw the shape.

To Change the Background Color of the Slideshow

From the Format menu, select Slide color scheme. Select Custom tab to choose the color you want.

To Make a Slide Open with Any Affect

From the Slideshow menu, choose Slide transition. Squeeze the pop-up button under the picture to assign the desired transition style.

To Put Shadow Under a Picture

To make a box a little bigger than the image, use the drawing tools. Select a color for this box. Use Send Backward under the Order section of the Draw button at the bottom of the screen after selecting the box to place it just under the image but above the background.

To View the Slide Show

From the Slideshow menu, select View Show. To go on to the next slide, click the mouse. To exit slideshow, press escape.

Hope that was all the PowerPoint help that you needed to make a simple presentation.






Fixing Registry Related Outlook Express Problems

outlook express problems, registry

Fixing Outlook Express

Outlook Express as many of you might already be familiar with is a popular email managing platform. And as such, it enables users to manage, store, send and receive email messages. You will find several list of email programs online and you will also find that Outlook Express is the most commonly used among all of them. The main reason is because it is quite free as it comes along with Internet Explorer. If you have installed Internet Explorer on your PC, it is sure that you can use Outlook Express as well.
The Microsoft Outlook Express email database has .dbx extension and sometimes it gets damaged. In such a scenario, it is quite sure that all your email messages will be lost. The main reason for such a situation is due to virus or spyware attack, hard disk problems, outlook conflicts with the anti-virus program that is installed. Whatever the reason be, if the problem is not resolved quickly, you might as well end up losing all the emails.
Fixing Registry
If you are busy doing something on your PC and if it suddenly slows
outlook express problems, registry

Fixing Outlook Express

down and if it freeze completely, then you can be certain that something is wrong with your PC. Most probably, you would require a registry clean up. Even if you are not a computer savvy, you can get assistance online by downloading registry clean up software’s that will assist you to fix the issue.
Computer registry is an integral and highly sensitive part of any system and hence any minute changes made to it will make drastic changes and hence alteration that are to made on to the registry should be treated with utmost care. Since Outlook Express problems can be fixed by registry repair software, it can be installed on your computer. This software is capable of cleaning the registry from its root, so that the errors will not be repeated again. These software’s are designed so well that they can cautiously edit the registry without doing any harm to its performance.
A few registry cleaners that are available on the websites take a complete backup of the registry before they start off with the cleaning process. If in case any error occurs, the backup can be recalled and we can refresh the registry and it will have all the prior settings.
If you purchase a registry cleaner online and install it on your computer, all outlook express problems can be solved.

Changing Windows XP product key

Windows XP Professional, Product Key

Product Key Changing

Microsoft has discovered that the use of leaked corporate keys is at a high since the release of Windows XP Professional. You need not worry about the validity of the product key which is assigned to your copy of the Operating System for most Windows XP installations. Without authorization, software does tend to get installed even in the most carefully managed shops. You may need to reset the XP product key from time to time. The entry of a 25 character product key during the setup process is required by the Microsoft Windows XP Professional Operating System. This key activates a single XP installation and works as a privacy prevention tool.

In future, if you want to change the key value, you can use the Windows Product Update Tool developed by Microsoft. With just a few clicks, it allows you to update your product key. To change the XP Professional key on your computer, you must have administrative privileges. Here are some steps to change the Windows XP Product key.

To change the Windows XP Product key

Windows XP Professional, Product Key

Product Key Changing

Using an account having administrative privileges, log on to your PC computer. From the Start menu, click the Run button. Into the text box, type regedit. Then press Enter.

Navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoft Windows NTCurrent VersionWPA Events section of your computers registry database. By right clicking on the OOBETimer entry, select Modify. From the pop up window, change any of the digits. After changing, click OK. The deactivation of old XP Professional key has been done. If you don’t have the old XP Professional key back up with you, then it is very difficult to recollect it. So before deactivating the old key, keep a back up of it.

Type the command “%systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a” into the Run text box. After typing the command, press Enter. In order to select the Change Product Key option, click Next. Type the new XP Professional key of Windows. After typing the key, hit Enter.

By changing the XP Professional product key, you can secure your personal computer from being hacked. It is a special package delivered by XP Professional to its customers. With this specific formula, Microsoft has gained more power in the Operating Systems market. No one is quite efficient to compete with Microsoft on this topic.

Using Excel to Create a Simple Budget

Help with Excel, Budget

Using Excel to create a simple budget

Excel is an excellent tool for creating lists, evaluating trends or for organizing information. Many people are intimidated to use Excel because they are not sure how to use the formulas and the other technical functions.

But in reality, it is not all that difficult to use and a little help with Excel can ease a lot of your work. Excel provides an inbuilt help that answers a lot of your queries and doubts. For more help with Excel for designing a budget, read on.

Help with Excel for designing a budget

Excel is made up of rows and columns. Rows are designated using numbers while columns are designated using alphabets. To design a budget using Excel, start by writing down your expenses in the first column. So the first column, column A would include the name of various expenses such as rent, water, electricity, cable, phone, gas, food and insurance. In column B, you can enter the expenses allowed for each month, let’s say 1000, 50, 250, 150, 200, 100, 300, 100 correspondingly.

So, columns A and B have data in its rows 1-8. Now, in the 10throw of column B, enter a formula that adds up all the expenses so as to get the total amount of expenses allowed. The formula for adding is as follows, =sum(B1:B8). The logic behind the formula is: ‘=’ tells Excel that you are going to perform a calculation; sum tells Excel that you are doing addition; the ( ) encompasses the information you are going to deal with and ‘:’ tell excel that you are going to make use of every term in between B1 to B8. After you’re done entering the formula, hit enter. This will give you an estimated total of 2150 for that month.

Help with Excel, Budget

Using Excel to create a simple budget

In column C, we input the actual amount that we spend. Now, in the 10th row of column C, enter the same formula to add up the total amount of money spend, but changing B for C. The new formula will be =sum(C1:C8). Assuming the amount of money spend for each category as 1000, 40, 200, 150, 175, 75, 250 and 100 respectively, the total in box C10 would read as 1990.

From this, we can see that we spend less than what was budgeted. To find out the amount saved, pick a box to subtract the actual amount form the budgeted amount. For example use E3. Enter a formula of the format =sum(B10;-C10). Since we are only using B10 and C10 and not all the boxes in between, we use ‘;’ instead of ‘:’ We make use of sum because, by subtracting, you are actually just adding a negative number and so we put a ‘-‘ in front of C10. And so in box E3 we get 160, the amount saved.

Hope you found the information on this article helpful.

Password Problems in Outlook Express

Problems in Outlook Express, Registry key

Outlook Express Password Problems

Are you facing password related problems in Outlook Express? Then it is likely that you might have not entered the required email password, or the password that you have entered is incorrect. To attain the correct password, you may have to contact your email provider or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

At times, you are repeatedly asked to enter your password in Microsoft Outlook Express or in Outlook in spite of how many times you checked the box showing Save Password. On the Internet, there are a number of different solutions offered, some very similar in nature.

The following fix also gets applied to Outlook and programs that store passwords in the Protected Storage System Provider. It also solves some issues with Auto complete and Internet Explorer. A damaged Registry Key causes this problem. To remove the broken key in Windows XP, here are some steps.

Steps to remove the broken key in Windows XP

Click on the Windows “Start” button. Then click Run. Type “regedt 32”. Find the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftProtected Storage System Provider

Right click the above key and then select Permissions. Click the Advanced tab in the Permissions for Protected Storage System Provider dialog box. Make sure that the Username gains full control access. Choose Replace permission entries. Then click OK. The following error message will be received when you try to delete the Protected Storage System Provider key “The key currently selected cannot be deleted by the registry editor”. The key or one of its sub keys do not give you access to delete.

Note: The sub keys under Protected Storage System Provide will look like this:


By clicking Delete on the Edit menu, you can delete the Protected Storage System Provider key at this point. You

Problems in Outlook Express, Registry key

Outlook Express Password Problems

can first export a copy of this key if you prefer and then delete the key. Right click the Protected Storage System Provider Key in order to export the key. Then select Export. By double clicking on it, the exported file can be re-imported.

You receive the following message when you click Delete.

“The currently selected key and all its sub keys will be deleted by the registry editor. Do you want to continue the operation?”

To finish the process, click Yes.

This is the simple process to solve password problems in Outlook Express.


How to use bullets and numbers in a PowerPoint Slide Presentation

PowerPoint Help, bullets and numbers

Bullet text

Every PowerPoint presentation may require the context or subject to be highlighted with brightness thereby impacting the viewing audience with a positive vibe. This is done by using the Bullet text option in PowerPoint presentations. Lets us now find out how this is done in a PowerPoint slide presentation by analyzing the PowerPoint helps features.

What is a bullet text?

Bullet text is one of the fastest and efficient means to communicate information in a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint can automate the process of bulleting just by clicking a button and you can use the option according to your requirement after suitable modifications and changes.

How to change PowerPoint’s bullets faster

First take normal view of the slide you plan change and then highlight the bulleted items you wish to change. This can be done with the entire list or selected items within a larger list.

Go to Format Menu, right click and choose bullets and numbering option from the list. Then click on the bullets drop down list and select the pattern or numbering style you want. You can even do this from the paragraph group on the home tab.

Select a different bullet as PowerPoint is not rigid with such options. You may even change the size and color from the bulleted tab. You can even choose large types of shapes and sizes.

Click on the picture you want from the larger variety of sizes and shapes.

Finally click on Customize and place symbols in the place of bullets. You can browse through hundreds of such varieties by changing and reviewing the font setting.

Ideal Bullets

PowerPoint Help, bullets and numbers

Bullet text

In PowerPoint presentations, bulleting can be done to any text size from single word to big paragraphs. When you add bullets to existing text, you must highlight the content and then click on the Bullets button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab. Alternatively you can right click on the intended content and select Bullets. Another option would be to go for PowerPoint’s default bullets or just create your own bullets and images.

What is Bullet Hierarchy

Placing your bullets on a left or right scale is referred o as hierarchy in bulleting. By default it is always on the left side. Using the Tab key you may move the bullet to next tab distance or an inch or so to the right. To move to multiple tabs, press Tab key more than once. Manual adjustment of hierarchy is also possible which you can do by adjusting the ruler on the top of the PowerPoint workspace. If the ruler is not visible, click on the View tab and look for Ruler box.

PowerPoint slides by default accept bulleting but whether they work fine in the presentation is still under debate. However in PowerPoint help, what matters is that they are just easy to use. There are again dos and donts in the choice of bullets. One common advice is to avoid yellow smiles.

Installing Media Center in XP Pro

Windows XP Professional,  Media Center

Installing Media Center

Some people prefer to watch movies in computer other than television. In order to watch your favorite sports channel or other channels, you can use your computer other than television where sometimes you might not be able to view your favorite channel.

A solution to this issue is Windows Media Center which is a multimedia application and it is included in almost all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. But alas, it is not included in Windows XP professional.

In order to install Windows Media Center in a computer with XP Professional, we need to upgrade to Windows XP Media Center Edition or MCE. The Media Center Edition is also a fantastic DVD jukebox. If you add your DVD collection to the hard disk drive, then you can go through all the menus and also access necessary features.

For adding the folder with DVD files to MCE, you can open Settings, Movies

Windows XP Professional,  Media Center

Installing Media Center

and Media Libraries. The disadvantage of MCE is that it does not display the DVD collection and this can be rectified by making necessary changes in the registry. You can also install add on like My Movies for Windows Media Center.

Instructions to Installing Media Center in XP Pro

  • You need to install Windows MCE installation disk on your computer and click Install. A scan will begin which check the other Windows products that are installed on your computer.
  • You will find an option to do an Upgrade other than performing a Full installation. This will definitely save your time as the full installation will require some time and to upgrade later will again consume your time. Meanwhile it keeps all your original files and settings from XP Professional.
  • You can now install the second disk into your computer when you receive prompt to do so from the installer.
  • Now you can go back to the first disk which has reached the end of the installation and your computer will reboot. Once it gets reloaded your find that Windows Media Center is installed completely.

Now you can start listening and watching to your favorite channels on the computer using Windows Media Center. If you start exploring Windows Media Center you will find a variety of features that you need. Windows Media Center is the default application that uses audio, video and other files in the operating system and unfortunately it is not a default application for Windows XP Professional.


Steps To Make New Email Accounts

create new email account

Setting up an email account is the basic step in Outlook before you can start sending and receiving emails. Now many people have different account such as one for personnel use and other for business use. So there are various Outlook Express problems that can arise due to the same. In the Outlook Express 5 you can easily manage a number of different accounts using the same inbox. Now let us see how to create a new email account in Outlook 2003
Steps to create a new account in Outlook 2003
• Open Outlook 2003
• Now click on the Tools from the menu
• And then click on Email Accounts
• Select Add a new e-mail account, then click on the Next button
• Select POP3 from the list of the servers and then click Next
• Now enter your name on the Your Name box and also your email address in the E-mail Address box
• Now enter your full email address in the User Name text box and your mail password in the Password text box
• Now in the Incoming mail box enter ‘’
• Now in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box enter’’
• Now select More Settings button.
• Click on the Outgoing Server tab

create new email account

• Now select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication, ensure Use settings as my incoming mail server is selected. After that click on the OK button.
• Click on the Test Account Settings button and correct any errors that have aroused.
• One of Outlook express problems is that sometimes Outlook’s testing may fail sometimes even if the account settings are correct. And even if you are sure the information’s are correct and then too the test fails then proceed onto the next step, and then test by sending an email to yourself.
• If the test gives you a message Congratulations! All tests completed successfully, click Next button
• Now click on the Finish button
Follow these steps one by one on your Outlook express 2003 and thereby you can set up an email account with Outlook express. Use Outlook 5 if you are going to add more email accounts to it. Hope these steps will, help you in dealing with Outlook express. Hope to help you more with problems similar to these.

Help with excel mobile

Get help with excel mobile

Today’s smartphones come with almost all the features that one would expect to find on a regular desktop or laptop. To this extent, Microsoft has incorporated the famed MS OFFICE tool into its Windows platform for smartphones. The Excel Mobile in particular is useful for those wishing to access spreadsheets while on the move. The application allows for viewing and modification too. However, for a person not familiar with the Excel Mobile, he may need some help with operating it. This article explains a few basic functions that you may use to view or modify a spreadsheet as necessary.

Open and edit

To open Excel Mobile, search for MS Office Mobile application on the Menu grid of the Windows phone. Select this and then proceed to select Excel mobile. Editing is very easy as all that is expected from the user is a tap to the cell that requires editing and typing in the new value. The formula bar at the top of the screen can be used for editing purposes. To delete a cell value, all you need do is to select the delete option after selecting the cell that requires deletion. The work here is pretty simple and very much similar to the method followed on the desktop version of MS office.

Inserting a cell

Very often, you will be required to insert a cell either column wise or row wise into a spreadsheet. For this action, all you need do is select the cell that is closest to the place where you wish to insert a new cell. Then select the Menu of the Excel Mobile spreadsheet and select Insert and the move to selecting Cells. The system will now ask you how you wish to insert the cell. A cell can be inserted row wise- either to the top or bottom or column wise either to the right or left of the marked cell.

Get help with excel mobile


You may need help with Excel mobile’s formula feature which has been a key component of the desktop version where all you need do is fill in the details and ask the system to do some pre-programmed functions. For entering a formula, select the cell where you wish to have your formula entered; start with an equal to (=) sign and enter in the formula along with the cell names you wish to enter into the formula.

If you wish for more help with Excel Mobile, contact Microsoft Support or visit a few forums to get what you are looking for.

Dealing with unresponsive Outlook

problems in outlook express, email

prevention and cure of problems

Outlook Express is one of the most popular products of Microsoft which is being used by individuals as well as companies. This is very different from the usual email service providers such as Gmail or yahoo since the application is an email client rather than a service. Once installed in a system, this client can be used to check your mailbox without the need of an internet browser. In fact Outlook Express cannot be opened through an internet browser. Like it is the case with any other software programs, there are a few problems in Outlook Express, and it is important for an average user to know how to troubleshoot for enjoying uninterrupted functionality.


There may not be any clear-cut reason as to why Outlook express should become unresponsive to the users commands, but this is a common problem encountered by the users. Solving this is pretty straightforward. Sometimes, a simple restart is all that is required to get rid of this problem. Of course, you can take preventive steps by performing a disk cleanup which removes a lot of load on the system by deleting unwanted files such as Temporary Internet files that will eat your system memory in course of time. Disk cleanup is an application that can be found through a simple search using the operating systems’ in-built search engine

problems in outlook express, email

prevention and cure of problems

from the start menu.

A few problems in Outlook Express are caused due to the presence of malicious mails that come from known and unknown sources. These infected files are required to be properly scanned using an updated antivirus program before being opened. Delete these messages as soon as a threat has been detected. Also, delete the same from the deleted files folder too to ensure they don’t pose a threat to your system. The system file checker is a useful program to scan for damaged files in different software programs.

A slow system is also a cause for concern. System slowdown can be mitigated through the proper installation and uninstallation of files and programs. Defragmentation of hard disk drives on a regular basis will ensure that the system remains at optimum performance levels throughout its operation. Reformatting the system drive every few months will ensure that your computer is free of the most virulent of programs and a clean slate to work on.