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HELP WITH EXCEL-Excel for Project Management

project management

Help with excel in management

Finding hard for you to organize multiple work projects? As you know, project management means organizing, planning, and managing the resources in order to bring about successful completion of the specific project goals and objectives. Without keeping the track of various efforts and resources, the projects will not reach a successful completion.

Microsoft Office is used in companies all over the world. This will help in accounting files and calculations which is needed for project management. This can easily be created and performed with Microsoft Excel. Are you familiar with other programs like Microsoft Word? Then you will find the layout of Excel easy. Excel can make charts and graphs. Excel has a built-in calculations function. This will make managing your projects a much simpler process.

You can get help with excel

Excel financial spreadsheets boost the performance of the company in every business task that is needed to be completed along with the general finances of the company. The uses of Excel financial spreadsheets are enormous in financial management and it is widely known around the world. But the knowledge is limited to only very few users. Only very few users have realized how to make use of Excel financial spreadsheets other than just creating tables or charts or for summarizing data.

Excel is originally created to function as an electronic ledger and for accounting worksheets. Now Excel is used

Help with excel

Help with excel in management

for other financial tasks like creating complex mathematical complex. Instead of only summarizing, storing, and formatting data; Excel financial spreadsheet is widely used for business analysis. Excel has developed high quality task-specific spreadsheets. This will help for higher accuracy and better business decision-making.

There are some task-specific Excel software products that are available for the development of Excel financial business spreadsheets. You can click on to the internet to get a list of the products. You will be able to get products like Model navigator for Excel or even Excel conditional formatting as per your need.

Excel financial spreadsheets boast in highly accurate and reliable business documents. So many companies now rely on business information which they can attain from their Excel financial spreadsheets for making good business decisions. If you wish to ensure that your finances are in order and to achieve great capital success in times to come, you can seek help with excel.




Microsoft PowerPoint

Creating animation movie using PowerPoint

During your career or studies, you might have come across a lot of situations where you need to present some data before a group of people. For clear and easy presentations, you can use the presentation software. Microsoft PowerPoint is one such presentation software that is developed by Microsoft. As all Microsoft products, the main feature of PowerPoint is its user friendliness.

To make nice and effective presentations, you can add some multimedia elements like pictures, audio, video, along with the text. Microsoft PowerPoint supports almost all the features that are needed for developing presentations. It includes the necessary features like adding, deleting and moving slides, adding and formatting text and pictures and some auxiliary features like spell check, saving as web page etc. Microsoft PowerPoint also supports Graphics, by which you can add and manipulate multimedia elements into the presentation.

PowerPoint and Animation.

Animation is a technique for creating an illusion of movement, by rapidly displaying a sequence of images. You can add animations into the presentations, so that the presentations will be more clear and easy to understand. For creating games or movies the animations for PowerPoint is heavily used. PowerPoint’s AutoShape feature is used to create the artwork in the slides and then the slides are animated by using the custom animation. You can share the animations by transforming the slides you have created or you can view this using Microsoft’s free PowerPoint viewer.

Creating animated video in PowerPoint

  • Open the PowerPoint by double-clicking the PowerPoint icon.
  • Click “getting started” in PowerPoint and click “slide transition”.
  • If the “on mouse click” checkbox is checked then uncheck it.
  • Check the “automatically open” option and set a value of transition time to 0 or 0.5 seconds.

    Animations for PowerPoint

    Creating animation movie using PowerPoint

  • Make and order various stages of your animation. You can create the slides by using any graphics software or by scanning some drawings.
  • Import the first “frame” into the slide 1 in the presentation.
  • Now duplicate the frame and import the frame slightly or you can import the next frame if the stages for it is already created.
  • Now repeat the same steps for all the frames or small movement.
  • The automatic transitions and the short transition times results in a basic animated movie. Now you can enjoy the animation you have created.

The animations for PowerPoint are a useful feature, but it is much more tedious to complete big projects than using professional software.

Dealing with issues in Excel

help with Microsoft Excel

trouble saving spreadsheets?

The reasons why you may be experience trouble while dealing with Microsoft Excel maybe so many that it may be impossible to give a definite answer to the issue. However, there are many forums and communities that can give you reliable help with Microsoft Excel issues. But since you are here, we can give you some reliable information on troubleshooting a few issues ourselves.


Always make sure that you have got the latest version of the operating system that you are using and also the version of Microsoft Office. Since Excel forms a part of the Office, an update can solve many of the problems that one may face in case of difficulties with the same. You can get more information regarding this by contacting Microsoft Technical Support.

Trouble saving the file

If you are facing trouble while trying to save the file onto a local hard disk, there are many possible reasons for this.

  • File name
  • File sharing incompatibility
  • Conflict with the host antivirus
  • Restrictions by the administrator
  • Loss in network connections

Try checking each of these factors if you cannot save the spreadsheet in the desired location.

Third party add-ins


holding CTRL and opening EXCEL will prompt this box

A great many users of the popular software have noticed that the add-ins installed by third party software have prevented the saving of excel spreadsheets on their systems. Although these features have been included to work in harmony with the existing Excel parameters, this may not be the case every time. You can test if there are any conflicts with such third party add-ins that prevents you from saving the Excel spreadsheet executing the following instructions:

  1. Close all Windows including the Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. Select Programs from the Start button.
  3. Now from the options choose MS Excel from Microsoft Office (or if you have created a shortcut on the desktop, then you can select it from there itself). Open MS Excel by pressing down the Ctrl key.
  4. Doing this would present the dialog box that asks you whether you want to open MS Excel in Safe Mode. Click Yes.
  5. Now, try saving the Spreadsheet. If it could be saved successfully, then the culprit behind your earlier failed attempts is most likely an incompatibility with an add-in.

Contacting the vendor would give you more help with Microsoft Excel in such cases.


How to Fix Printing Issues in Outlook Express

outlook express problems

Restoring outlook express

All of us know that outlook express provide email support with the versions of Internet Explorer and is a unique application from the Microsoft Office outlook. And often you need to take the prints of these messages and we do expect a fraction of a minute to complete the printing process.

Eventually, the result will get a copy with missing texts, skewed margins and finally ends up in total frustration. But this time, you can fix all the outlook express problems with respect to the printing process.

Understanding the Problem

Microsoft outlook Express is designed to use their print settings with the Internet Explorer. Yet, a technical error in the Explorer Version 7 can cause the print settings to change in the Outlook Express and this will pose as continuous head ache for the users all over the world.

How to Solve Outlook Express Problems with Printing

  1. 1. Changing Print Settings on Internet Explorer Version 7

Outlook express can be easily solved by viewing the print settings in the Internet Explorer and altering them to repair your specific problem. For this purpose, you need to open the Internet Explorer and tick the Print option at the top end of the page. Choose the Page set up and tick on it to open.

Check the settings currently selected and alter them as needed. If you face a problem with the print margin, examine the margin settings or a font problem, apply change font to select the size as per your wish. Likewise, you can change the Page size, portrait, and landscape settings. To match these settings selected in the internet explorer to the setting sin outlook express, you need to set the print settings in the explorer. And finally save the settings by ticking Ok.

Changing Email format A printing problem may arise due to the incompatibility issues with regard to the HTML emails. The reason being that of rich text and plain texts email messages are printed without navigating through Internet explorer.

Hence, you can adopt the rich texts or plain texts format from the Html version. For this, you need to open Outlook express then tick tools and choose Mail Formattab. Choose rich text or plain text.

Outlook express printing problems

revamping Internet explorer

  1. 2. Use Upgraded Explorer Version

It can be your Internet Explorer version 7 is causing the whole printing problems in your Outlook Express. So, to fix this, you need to download the latest version from the Microsoft’s website by clicking download now option and track the prompts for successful installation

Hope you found the article helpful.

Learning how to use PowerPoint in Windows 7

Windows 7 office

Directions for creating PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software presentation program from the Microsoft office suite. It was originally created for Apple Macintosh computer and was at that time called as’ Presenter’ and later in 1987, re named to Power Point. Windows 7 office help supports Power point 2010 and other previous versions of PowerPoint.

You may be using PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, depending on the version of Microsoft windows operating system. You need to plan out your slides and then create a new a power Point file in Windows 7 OS.

Applications of Microsoft PowerPoint

Classroom Teachings

Presentations using PowerPoint in classrooms can enhance the quality of teaching. Students will feel interesting as the flow of information is made compact. It is also suitable for students as when they do presentations for assignments.

Meetings, Conferences and Seminars

To disseminate core facts and issues, decision makers, can make use of power points in meetings. Academicians can use the power point presentations as it is easy to convey and present the important concepts in particular subject or area.

Using PowerPoint with Windows 7

creating PowerPoint in Windows 7

Make your presentations lively with PowerPoint

  • Draft out the ideas for your presentation and determine the activities. For this purpose, you can plan by sketching a quick outline in a piece of paper so that you can save considerable time while creating the slides in the PowerPoint.
  • Go to the programs list and select PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2007 and2010 will display a blank document. If you are using the 2003 version, you will be getting a gallery window. So, select blank document and choose Open.
  • Save the file us by clicking Control+S or move to File then choose Save as and type in a file name and a destination folder. In all versions you can follow either of these options for saving the file. You need to select the file type depending on the version. File type.ppt can be opened in all versions. File type .pptx is suitable only for 2007 or 2010 versions.
  • Now, customize your presentation with a theme. You can find themes in the design tab in the Themes option. If you need more versatile themes try downloading it from Microsoft’s PowerPoint Website. Select the theme to enter the same in the presentation.
  • In the menu bar, you will find Add Slide button for adding new slides. Insert Option can be used to add video and audio facilities.
  • Finally, you need to save the entire presentation slides by using Control+S command.

All you need is to follow the above directions for successfully launching your presentation document.

Inserting Animations to PowerPoint

animations for the power point

Animations for PowerPoint

Microsoft Office suite has received a warm welcome as it has proven itself as one of the most successful office and business application utility. The component services included in MS Office work efficiently in windows based or Mac based systems.

PowerPoint as such is a piece of software from the Office suite which enables you to create professional looking slides and movie presentations. And as such, it allows users the ability in incorporating text, graphics and other multimedia such as animations.

PowerPoint and Animations

Animations for the Power Point are easy to include as the utility contains a collection of very helpful built in tools. You can animate the text and other objects embedded on the slide by simple point and click commands. It offers a facility to insert text animations into the whole text box or individual lines of text for drawing attention to information on your slides. More over you can animate text with an entrance, emphasis and exit animation to add moving effects to your presentation.

Animations used in moderation can catch interest and engage your audience as you presents your information. So it will be quite interesting and useful to have an insight of how to include animations to PowerPoint.

How to Insert Animations in a PowerPoint Presentation

  1. First you should open the slide show in PowerPoint and navigate to the slide you want to animate. Click on the Animations
    inserting animations to the PowerPoint

    have a nice experience in PowerPoint

    tab from the top menu ribbon. Animations that are available appear in the drop-down menu of the Animation group.

  2. Select the text or text box you want to animate. If you want all items in a text box to use the same animation, click the text box. Now click and drag your mouse on a bulleted item or line of text to select different animations for different parts of text within the same text box.
  3. You click the name of the animation you want to use from the drop-down menu. If you click the more button, you will see all of the animations available.
  4. Then you should click the Effect Options button to change the direction of the animation.
  5. Change the numbers in the Duration and Display text boxes to change the timing of the animation.
  6. Now go to the Add Animation button and select an emphasis or exit animations to the text line or text box.
  7. Click the Preview button to view your animation. Save the changes to your presentation once you have completed the animation.

So in following these steps, you can easily create animations for the Power Point presentation you have in mind.


Enhance your Writing Experience on MS Word

Microsoft word 2007 help

MS Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 has proven itself to be one of the top pioneering applications in creating electronic manuscripts. It is a powerful word processing software which can furnish documents one step closer to being a published work.
Word offers variety of facilities for the users to edit their work for grammar and spelling, insert foot notes, adjust the page layouts and so on. If you are writing for a specific publisher, you can set up the word according to the publisher’s requirements. Because of its verdant uses Microsoft word 2007 help is much sought after and let’s have something more about setting word according to your wish.
Setting up MS Word in Suiting your Requirements
If you set your writing platform in a manner that meets and suits your style, then half of your job is already done. The following are certain useful points regarding Microsoft Word 2007 help.
• Ensure that the Page Settings are Correct: When you open a new document in Microsoft Word 2007, go to the Page Layout tab and make sure you are typing on Letter-sized paper. Also, make sure you have the margins set to 1 inch each and the lines are double-spaced. Doing this will create sufficient room for an editor to write notes on each page.
• Select a Traditional, Easy-to-Read Font: Use a font such as Courier New or New Times Roman. While fancy fonts
MS Word

Word 2007 as a writing platform

look nice, they are harder to read and will make the editing process slower.
• Insert Page Numbers: Page numbers allow the writer, editor and other readers to reference a section of a novel quickly. Click on the Insert tab in Microsoft Word 2007, and then select Page Number. A small menu will appear that will give you page number placement options. Choose the option labeled Bottom of Page, which allows you to place the page number in the corner of the page so it is more visible when flipping through the printed novel.
• Set up the Header and Footer: Click on the Insert tab in Word, and then click on Header or Footer. Click on the appropriate options to have different headers or footers on the odd and even pages, and to have a header and/or footer on the first page. Good items to place in the header or footer of a novel are the name of the work and the name of the chapter.
Now enjoy your writing experience with MS Word!

Get Windows XP Professional Product Key with XP Pro Keygens program

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP key

Windows XP Professional is an operating system from Microsoft. And as such, it has been considered the most user friendly OS as compared to other versions of Windows OS by many. After purchasing the operating system you need to install it and activate it using the product key like other software. The product key is the unique key for your software. The activation makes your product genuine and this helps to avoid software piracy. A Windows XP Pro keygens is a program which generates unique key for Windows installation.

Activating Windows XP Professional with Product Key from Keygens program

You have to enter the product keys to activate the product during activation. By using XP Pro keygens program you can generate a new key if you lost the key which you have paid for. The program will not be able to find your legal key but will create the one which is valid for Windows XP. If you need the legal key you have to purchase the operating system or else you have to contact Microsoft to obtain the replacement key. XP Pro Keygen program is also known as product key generators, serial number keygens, CD key makers, license key generators, CD key creators and CD key extractors.

key generator

XP Pro keygens

You can make use of the keys to activate your Windows XP even though it is an illegal one. Microsoft will accept this key generated by Keygens but will be considered as a violation of the agreement you make when you use Microsoft XP. Microsoft requires the purchase of legal keys to make sure that all the users are paying for the copy of Windows that they are using. It is always recommended to use the legal copy of Windows. If you lost the legal key of your Windows XP Professional you can use a free product key finder program to locate your product key from the currently installed copy of Windows.

This is the perfect way of locating your legal for Windows XP. If you are not able to find the key using the program the next option would be contacting Microsoft support to get your replacement key. If you have the necessary documents like proof of purchase and other details Microsoft will provide a replacement key which will be a genuine one. That will be the same one that you have purchased when you first installed the program. If you didn’t get the key even after following these two methods, then you will have to purchase a new copy of Windows XP.



Data Export from QuickBooks to Excel


MS Excel

There are occasions when you may want to make changes in a report’s appearance or content. And if the application you are using happens to be QuickBooks, this isn’t possible. However, the changes you make in Excel don’t get updated in your QuickBooks and you are at liberty to customize your excel reports as required.

So in getting on with the main aim of our article, let us now take a look at how to successfully incorporate data to your QuickBooks and export them to your Excel by following the guide a formulated by Excel support below. You can then format, comment, add graphs or even your company logo in the process.

Exporting data from QuickBooks to MS Excel

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to Report Center.
  2. Click on Sales in the left hand column and select the report that needs data update, for instance, adding Summary under Sales by Customer and so on.
  3. Once the report appears, perform data modification and then click the Export button to open an Export Report window. Once there, click on A new Excel workbook and finally click on Export.
  4. You will get a new spreadsheet that contains your QuickBooks report. Now that the data is in Excel, you are free to make modifications like adding a comment in order to highlight a top customer etc.
  5. Now to center the report for printing, click the box that appears horizontally under Center on Page under the Page Setup.
  6. Use Excel’s built in graph feature graphical representation of the data.
  7. If you intend to add your company’s logo, open the Header and Footer tab and insert the logo which remains saved in your desktop or elsewhere. You will have to increase the top margin since much of the space will be occupied by your header in accommodating the logo.
  8. Now go to Print Preview to scrutinize the end product.


When you export data such as a Balance Sheet from your QuickBooks to Excel, the Excel version may


QuickBooks to Excel

not be same as that of QuickBooks and this difference is based on how each program calculates the balance sheet report totals. While QuickBooks rounds all numbers in the report, including totals Excel rounds nontotal numbers first and then adds the rounded numbers with it and then calculates the totals. This issue can be overcome in two ways, either by changing the Excel formula that calculates the balance sheet totals or by changing the totals in the balance sheet report.

Hope the Excel support steps were easy to understand and simple to follow. Have a Good Day!



Creating and updating a distribution list in Outlook

outlook distribution list, Microsoft

send message

Outlook Distribution list is a group of contacts that exist on your mail that you can use to send email messages without needing to type every individual address. The Microsoft outlook application has a default distribution list which allows you to create contact groups and send messages out to them.

Create a distribution list using exchange server

  1. Open outlook first.
  2. If it is outlook 2007 or outlook 2003 you are using, click on File from the main menu and select the option which says new…distribution list.
  3. If you are using the latest outlook 2010, go to the tab titled Home and select new contact group.
  4. Click on the option select members (for Outlook 2003 or 2007 users).
  5. In outlook 2010, you must click add members.
  6. Again In outlook 2007, select the appropriate address book (either global address list or contacts), and in outlook 2003, you need to make this selection from the show names dropdown list. But for outlook 2010, the selection has to be made from add members dropdown box.
  7. In the name field double click the name from the list that appears or type in the name you want to add to the distribution list in the type name box.
  8. When you have added all of the names, click ok.
  9. Click save and close.

How to update distribution lists

  • Launch the Microsoft outlook application.
  • Navigate to the “contacts” tab in the lower-left corner of the main outlook address book. If you have not made any changes, you do not need to update your distribution lists.
  • Make changes to the contact information in your outlook address book. If you have not made any changes, you do not need to update your distribution lists.
  • High light the “contacts” folder on the left side of the widow. Outlook Distribution list is always indicated by the icon with three heads.
  • Double-click on the name of the distribution lists that you need to update.
  • Click on the “update now” button in the tool bar along top of the pop-up window. Outlook now goes through the members of the distribution lists and updates all necessary contact exchange serverinformation.

In exchange server, which is a private mail, you can make all the changes you want when compared to a public

outlook distribution list, Microsoft

your private mail

mail like Google, yahoo or hotmail. So now use your mail and send messages easier than it used to be before.