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Installing Windows XP Pro Over Media Center

Windows XP Pro over Media Center

Windows XP professional operating system is a time tested OS and it is preferred over the Windows XP Media Centre Edition. So the installation of Windows XP Pro is accomplished by performing a full install of XP Pro over MCE partition and a single process takes around 40 minutes.

Windows XP Pro and Windows XP MCE

You can watch your favourite TV shows and more from the comfort of your computer since Windows Media is a multimedia utility and many versions of Windows Vista and 7 are included in it. But this is not included with Windows XP Pro. The only way to include Windows Media Center on your computer running XP Pro is to upgrade to Windows XP MCE. Windows XP Media Centre Edition contains all the features of XP Pro with the addition of Media Centre program. It is the successor of Windows XP Pro.

By installing Media Centre over the drive containing XP Professional, you can upgrade to Media Center.

Guides and Steps to Installation

Step 1) First, insert the XP Professional CD into the computer.

Step 2) Restart the computer and press any key when required to boot from CD.

Step 3) The first screen will appear, press “Enter” at the first screen.

Step 4) Press “F8” at the licensee agreement.

Step 5) Once you accept the license agreement, highlight the drive containing Media Center Edition and press “Enter”. This will overwrite the existing with XP Professional.

Advantages and Facilities of the Installed OS

Windows XP installation Guide

The promising feature of the Media Center Edition of Windows XP is the Windows Media Centre application. This application allows remote-friendly audio and video program capable of recording television. With the upgraded version of later release, you can not only to store the media but also share it. The media can be videos, photos and music.

Computers that includes TV tuner can easily record and save the live television shows to its hard drive and burn the videos to DVD for later use.

In order to successfully install the operating system, you will need the Media Center Edition (MCE) installation disc.

You can follow the above mentioned guide step by step in successfully Installing Windows XP Professional over Media Center Edition.

I hope you like the article and it is helpful in your research. Good luck!

Distribution Lists in Outlook makes Mailing Easy

Distribution list in Outlook

Now almost all computer users have multiple email accounts meant for different purposes. Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to manage all your email accounts. Fortunately Microsoft has an answer to it. The application named Outlook developed by the IT giant is well capable to managing all your email accounts. Other than that you can maintain your contacts, schedule tasks, create distribution list etc with this application.

Most of the time we send message to a single recipient, but there are some occasions especially in business field you may meet up with situation like sending a particular mail to large number of recipients. In such occasion there is a chance of getting irritated by entering email addresses of each recipient, the Outlook Distribution list option will help you to solve the problem.

What is Distribution List?

Basically distribution list is a collection of contacts. For example if you want to send a message to a group named “employees” in the distribution list about the new updates of the software. Just compose the mail using the “Compose Mail” option and send the message to the distribution list with the desired name. The mail automatically sends to all the contacts saved in that particular distribution list. The name of all the recipients is displayed on the TOline of the message at the receiving end.

Distribution list from email.

Instructions for creating Distribution List

  • First you have to login into your email account using your email address and password. After accessing the email account highlight the names in the “TO” and “CC” box with the help of mouse. If you want can easily copy the multiple names to the distribution list by holding the “SHIFT” button and highlight accordingly.
  • Now select “EDIT” and hit on “COPY”.
  • Select “NEW” from the “File” menu and choose “DISTRIBUTION LIST”
  • On the top, a name field appeared where you can enter the name for your distribution list.
  • Once the naming has finished, you can start adding contacts by selecting “Select Members”. Don’t forget to click on “Add to distribution list” button during the end.
  • Now your new Distribution List is set, compose a new email message and click on “TO” to view the distribution list. Select the one you want and press the Send button, the mail will automatically send to all the recipients in that particular distribution list.

That’s all with the instructions for creating Outlook distribution list. Have a nice day!

PROBLEMS IN OUTLOOK EXPRESS-Common Outlook Express Problems

problems in Outlook Express

Outlook Express problems

Outlook Express is a trimmed-down version of Microsoft Outlook, but with a different application from Microsoft Office Outlook. Outlook Express is an email and news client that falls under Windows 98 and XP, and is bundled with Internet Explorer versions 4.0 through 6.0. You can still find problems in Outlook Express even though this software is considered as a reliable program. These problems could potentially render the software useless. Let us take a look at some of the common outlook express problems.

There are usually two different reasons that bring forth this problem. If you don’t install the Outlook Express properly, you will never be able to get it to wok. In order to solve the problem, you can go online and download the necessary programs and reinstall the software. With new and better software available in the market, Microsoft has stopped laying its eyes on Outlook Express and the software has been replaced with Windows Live Mail. Before reinstalling the software, run a full virus scan with an anti-virus program and clean any detected infections. If the problem still persists, I suggest you upgrade to Windows Live Mail.

Problem with Sending and Receiving Email

Cannot Send Email

When you connect your system to the internet, make sure that your Outlook Express has the correct login details for your email account. You can also check your mail even without Outlook Express, using the website “Web mail.” If you have a problem with sending mail, while you still can receive mails, you

web mail

Microsoft Outlook Express

should contact your Internet Service Provider and enquire whether your account has a different address for incoming and outgoing email. If that is the case, you should update your Outlook Express account info accordingly.

Cannot Receive Email

Make sure you’re actually connected to the Internet and double check your account information within Outlook Express for accuracy. The problem with using a firewall is that it can block access to the email server. However, you can overcome this problem by either changing the settings or contacting the system/network administrator and ask if this can be changed. And if the firewall isn’t blocking you, then most probably the problem is with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some ISPs don’t allow users to access email clients such as Outlook Express.

For more information about problems in outlook express, visit the Outlook Express website.

OPEN OFFICE FOR WINDOWS 7-Comparing Microsoft Office with Open Office

Open Office for Windows 7

Open Office for Windows 7

Nowadays, many users prefer Open Office to Microsoft Office. This article tells you how to replace Microsoft Office with Open Office. Everything you do using MS Office Suite, and perhaps even more, you can also do using Open Office. In some ways, Open Office is handier than Microsoft Office, or indeed any other current Office Suite.

Often, it is reported that Open Office for Windows 7 is extremely robust and can handle very large, complex documents with ease, crashing or freezing more infrequently than MS Office. With Open Office, your files can take up 25 to 60 percent less space than that of the leading office suite. Indeed, with Open Office, you can open and even save files in MS formats without recreating the documents.

Other Advantages of Open Office

Since Open Office is open source, you can deal with any security holes in the fastest possible way. If you are a member of Open Office community, you will be very fluent in finding and fixing any problem or potential problem promptly. There is no waiting for a single company to get around to it. This means that you will be provided with the best security, and no one will ever take over your computer from another location without your knowledge and consent.

Open Office was actually created as a Microsoft Office clone, so that Microsoft

Microsoft Office clone

Microsoft Office vs. Open Office

Office users experience little or no difficulty while making the transition. However, there are certain situations where you are not recommended to switch to Open Office.

The main reasons for not switching are discussed below:

  • The first reason is that your business used the Exchange Server capabilities of Microsoft Outlook. This feature allows you to share workspaces with other people on other computers. But, Open Office has no substitute for it – not even on Windows or Mac.
  • Secondly, VBA macros written in Microsoft Office, as well as other macros from other office suites, do not convert into Open Office and must be reprogrammed. Recently, it has been estimated that this may affect five percent of office suite users. In other words, if you are not an advanced power-user of another office suite with special needs, problems will always arise while converting to Open Office for Windows 7.

Since it’s free, it will not affect you and you don’t have to spend from your pocket. So, download it and give it a try for the experience.


What is PowerPoint Trial Version

MS Office

Understanding PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not an alien term if your PC is windows based. PowerPoint enables you to create professional presentations and can include text, music, pictures and even videos. It can also add movement to all or any of these aspects to enthrall the audience. The dynamism with which PowerPoint functions is just awesome.

PowerPoint presentations can be created, viewed and edited. They are in the form of slides that have animated movements following a sequence. PowerPoint comes included in the compact package of MS Office software or can be bought as a single product and in any instance you are entitled for PowerPoint troubleshooting support. Getting PowerPoint to your system should take only minutes and can be accomplished in the following steps.

Instructions to add PowerPoint to your OS

  • Go to Microsoft Office homepage by opening the browser. Click on Products and select PowerPoint icon on the left pane of the page.
  • You will get to see the option, Free 60-day trial in the form of a link under the PowerPoint 2007 graphic. Click on the option Download Now and fill out all relevant forms and process you are prompted to.
  • You should not get an Activation Key from Microsoft on the next page.
  • Note down the activation key for future use. Remember this is a unique key that even Microsoft cannot regenerate.
  • Click on Download Now and begin the installation process of PowerPoint 2007.
  • Once done, Save and move on to Open File. You will see the InstallShield Wizard open.
  • The wizard will prompt you to fill up certain details. Once done, click on Continue. Then you must agree to the End User Agreement License by clicking on I Agree check box.
  • The InstallShield wizard will now complete the download.
  • Now, provide the activation key in relevant boxes and click OK to complete the installation process and another Ok to use PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint 2007 is ideally a presentation in slide form and permits you to add animation to anything on record like text, video,

MS Office

Presentation Slides

music, images etc. Your slideshow could become video graphic and peppier with PowerPoint that and you can even play the presentation on a PC or DVD player. There are more options to get a PowerPoint package and it is up to you to decide whether you need a trial version or should go for direct purchase. Even if you purchase you can rest assured that there is a PowerPoint troubleshooting team to address to your concerns and issues with the application.



Steps to change the name of a column in Excel

Excel support

ABC123 style

Microsoft Excel is a part of the software package called Microsoft Office that includes other applications like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. It is a tool that can be used for making calculations, estimates and for performing data analysis.

MS Excel users may need to change the name of the column in an Excel sheet for better understandability. So here is the best Excel support that you can use for the purpose.

Normal case

The default style of the rows and columns is ABC123 which you may choose to retain. You can also change this to the R1C1 style. However, they do not pertain to individual rows and columns. You can customize your individual rows and columns to denote what each of them stands for. This customization is limited to the two styles mentioned above and not any other.

Comparison between ABC123 and R1C1

While using the Excel spread sheet, column name starts with the alphabet ‘A’ and the name of rows starts with the number 1. So a column C3 in spreadsheet indicates that you are at the third column of the third row.

You can change this default style to R1C1 by clicking on “Options” from the “Tools” menu and then choose “General”. Select “R1C1 reference style”. The ‘R’ denotes rows of the spreadsheet while ‘C’ denotes columns. However, this style might be a little confusing as B2 in default style would be denoted as R2C2.

Excel support for changing cell names

Excel help

renaming column

You can give individual row names and column names while creating a spreadsheet. The default row and column notation will be either ABC123 or R1C1 depending upon what you choose it to be. Normally, the naming of columns begins with A1 while row naming begins with A2. The easiest method to change the column or row headings is to click on the cells to make them active and then simply type in the name of the column or row. Column names can be a mixture of numbers and letters, however in case it’s completely numbers, the column aligns itself automatically to the right. To change the alignment, select the required cell, choose “Format” and then click “Cells”, select the “Alignment” tab and then click “Horizontal (left)”. The alternate method to change the name of the column or row is by clicking on the cells, and type in the desired name at the “Formula” bar, which is just above the designation of the columns.

On Adding Distribution List to a Global Address List in Outlook


Outlook distribution group

In Outlook, a distribution group is different from a security group; while the former is a selection of active directory linked email addresses, the latter groups accounts that are managed by group policies. The Outlook distribution group handles policies and access rights that are email specific. While this is only an accessory function, the main function is to mass email with the organization.

The Global Address List is a complete collection or rather directory of all such distribution groups, exchange resources and email users. This ‘Outlook Distribution List’ article aims at tutoring you on how to add a Distribution List to a Global Address List.

 Go to the Exchange Server -> Start -> Administrative Tools -> Exchange System Manager.
 Now open Recipients -> Global Addresses Lists.
 Right click on the default list and select Properties-> Preview. This will display the distribution group if it is included in the Global Addresses Lists. If it does not, then right click on the default list and choose Rebuild. It might take some time depending on the size of the list.
 Restart and when your PC restarts, Go to Outlook -> Tools -> and then Send/Receive.
 Select Download Address Book. Ensure that it says Online or Online with Microsoft Exchange by looking at the bottom of the Outlook pane. In case, it is offline, then double click the icon and sync to Exchange. You will be asked for credentials before you proceed.
 Now close Outlook and open it again in a new instance and go to Tools -> Address Book and your distribution list should be there now.

How to edit a Distribution List in the GAL

 Go to Outlook and hold down your Shift and B keys and you will be on the Address Book


Security Group

 In the field, Show Names, check if Global Address List is selected.
 Now the select the list that needs editing
 Double click on it to open Properties
 Click on Modify Members
 To add a member, click on the Add option
 You will see the Add Users window. Now type the name of the user you wish to add and then double click on it. The name will attach itself to the list. Click OK and return to your Address Book or leave your Address Book once there and continue what you were doing.

This is all about editing Outlook Distribution list.


Adjusting Height and Width in Excel


Excel Cell Height

Excel is a magnificent platform with versatile features in a spreadsheet application. An Excel 2010 worksheet comprises of columns and rows which meet to form cells and as you know, it is the height and width of these cells that contribute to the overall size of every column and row of the spreadsheet.

In Excel, the options to increase the size of the row or column are such that you can either individually drag each column or row to adjust to need or input a value in the menu and apply it commonly for all rows and columns. The default value of a column width is 8.43 and this is determined by the number of characters of the standard font that can fit into the cell. The height of row works on a point system where one point is equivalent of one-seventy-second of an inch, the default value being 12.75. In order to set a fixed height and width in excel, follow the instructions given in the following excel support guidelines.

  • Go to the Excel worksheet you intend to make changes and select the row number or column letter and click on it and hold the mouse fixed there to drag it to select the adjacent rows or columns. You may also select non adjacent columns by using Ctrl key. If you are looking to change the height and width or the full Excel sheet, then you must click on the box that is left to A and above 1.
  • Now click on the Home tab on the top of the screen and find the Format button.
  • Then choose the option, Row Height from the menu. From the window that appears, input the desired row height value and then click

    Changing Cell width


  • Again on the Format option, choose Column Width and enter the desired column width value on the small window that appears and then click OK.
  • Now your row height and column width should be set as per need.

In order to lock the cell’s width and row’s height, you must select the option Protect Sheet in the Format menu. This is done by placing a checkmark next to all except Format Columns and Format Rows and then clicking on OK. This prevents others from tampering with the privacy of the document in terms of cell width and height unless an attempt has been made to turn off the preventive action.

I hope this Excel support manual was informative. Thank you.

Tips to help you while using Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional

Tips for Windows XP Pro users

Even though Windows Vista as released, Windows XP Professional is still the most preferred operating system. Even now, a large number of home users as well as professionals, around 86% of corporate PC’s continue using Windows XP as their operating system due to the sluggish performance, nagging software and incompatibility of Vista.

Windows XP Pro tweaks and tips

All Windows operating systems contain registries that logs and saves data about the user’s PC and internet activities. Windows XP Pro chiefly targets power users and business users. You can directly edit the registry if you are very competent. To edit the registry, first select Start from the taskbar. From the resulting menu, choose Run and then type regedit.exe. This command will take you to the Registry Editor. Before you make any modifications to your registry, remember to back it up first. This is necessary as you deleting or altering a single file can cause serious damage. Backing it up ensures that you can go back to the unedited registry if necessary.

If you consider emptying the Recycle Bin at regular intervals as irritating, then when you delete a file, delete it permanently. This way you can skip it from passing through the Recycle Bin. To do this, when you delete a file, press and hold down the Shift key as well. A confirmation dialog box will pop up and select Yes to delete your selected file permanently.

When you are multi-tasking or simultaneously using multiple programs, you can set some selected programs as a priority. This will help improve your Windows XP PC’s performance. To set priorities, press and hold down Control, Alt and Delete at the same time to open the Task Manager.Here,

Windows XP Pro

Tweaks for Windows XP Pro users

select the Processes tab and then click on the program that you wish to prioritize so that it gets highlighted. Now right click on the selected program and from the resulting drop down menu, select the Set priority option. By setting a higher priority than what is normal for selected programs, these particular programs can steal CPU time form other programs that are running simultaneously.

To avoid unnecessary damage to you computer, remember to use these Windows XP Professional tweaks with caution. I hope this was all the information that you were looking for. Have a good day.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Using Animations in PowerPoint

animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint animations

For promotion of their products and services, most of the companies are relying on PowerPoint animations. Animations in PowerPoint support the advertisement campaign as it is easier to convey the product message to the minds of millions of potential customers.

Benefits of employing animations in PowerPoint

You will find animations for PowerPoint to your advantage in a number of occasions during your slide presentations to show the different stages of your business and of course, to showcase the details of your products and services.

How to employ animations in PowerPoint?

Let’s find out how to include some animations and graphic designs in your slides to facilitate the advertising and endorsement of your business products.

  • Open your Microsoft PowerPoint file and then choose the object you wish to give the special effects.
  • Locate the animations tab under the ribbon. In the Animate, you have the option of previewing the graphic effects while you point to each of the sections in the slides.
  • Tick on the Custom Animation and you can find the Task pane on the right side and this will permit you to use the animation for the chosen object. You can choose from the options of Entrance, Emphasis, Exits and Motion paths to access different animation effects
  • Choose the More effects option to add effects like Basic, Subtle and the so on.

You can also provide sound effects and other effects to give importance to highlight the point under consideration while explaining a number of facts. Modifying the custom animation is too easy by choosing the drop down menu by the side of the start, Speed and direction sections. Also, you can set the time for the display of a particular item including its initiation on the screen.

Things to remember

Sometimes animations for name sake will not give the desired results as this will completely end up in a total disastrous show. Too much of graphic effects will not do good either. So, striking a perfect balance between the both conditions is necessary to convey the message.

Microsoft PowerPoint

creating animations in slide show

Similarly, while giving the sound effects you need to choose the best that will match with the topic under consideration. Animations are intended to add the perfect final touch to your presentations. So, you need to take care of your slides and their arrangements primarily.

Once it is all done, preview your animation effects to see that they are incorporated to give the best results. Make sure that you are not using any unrelated effects as this will spoil the entire presentation.

So, try to focus on the above mentioned aspects while going for animations in PowerPoint.