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Microsoft Excel Features

Excel help

Excel help

Nowadays many computer users completely depend on Microsoft Excel for creating spreadsheets for their business and other needs. I think its functions and features are easy to control and manage. Moreover, Microsoft provides full time customer support for excel users for free. All similar applications got replaced with the launch of Microsoft Excel, especially the account related applications.

Language in Microsoft Excel

You can customize the default language in Microsoft Excel application. Microsoft incorporates many language options in Excel which includes English, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Tamil, French, and Russian. You can select any language from the above list for your Microsoft Excel; you can also use these as the editing languages.

Once you change the default language in Microsoft Excel, then that particular language is set as default for all the other Microsoft Office products that you have installed in your system. By changing the editing language, you can quickly create Excel spreadsheets in your favorite language.

By following these instructions from Excel Support panel, you can easily change the default language in Microsoft Excel.


Excel repair

Excel repair

  • Launch the Microsoft Excel application
  • Now select Microsoft office option from the top menu and then select the excel options category from the drop down list that appear on your screen.
  • On the left side of window, you can see a popular tab, give a click on it.
  • Now for changing the language, select the language settings option. This will open up a new window with a list of options in it.
  • On the left side of the screen, there exists a list of languages; you can select the desired language from the list as per your wish.
  • Once you have selected the language, then hit on the add button. Now the language you selected will get transferred to the box on the right side of the window, enabling the same for all the office suite applications that you have on your machine.
  • By hitting the down arrow in the primary editing language option you can easily change the default language for Microsoft Excel.
  • Once you finish the above step, hit on the OK button to exit out of the window.

With these instructions from the Excel Support crew you can easily change the language settings in Microsoft Excel.

Thank you for reading the article.

Troubleshooting Windows Word

Microsoft Word help

Disable all add ins from word option

Microsoft Word, or MS word in short, is quite a common program used by a sizeable population of people ranging from high flying businessmen to college going students for various day to day purposes. From preparing research paper for students and annual budgets and other important documents, MS word is something that has become part of everyone’s life.

However, as much as it is popular, it is an equally vulnerable program and usually creates a lot of problems for its users and many of them find it really difficult to crawl out of these hurdles and start using MS Word normally. You can praise God Almighty if you are a believer or pay homage to Science if you are an atheist for the various online support platforms available that provide a number of Microsoft Word help tips to solve the various issues.

So here are a few tips to help you solve some of the Word problems that you might encounter.

Microsoft Word help Tips-

Microsoft Word problems

Use windows repair option to troubleshoot word

  • If your word simply stopped working, try repairing it using the change and repair option. To do this, navigate to the Start menu and click on Control Panel and then choose Programs and Features. Click on the Microsoft Office and choose Repair option. Reboot your system once repair is complete.
  • If, the Add –ins is what is creating the problem, you can disable it by typing in the code “windord.exe/a” in the run option from the Start menu. After this, choose the Word options and click on Add- Ins and choose the Disable all add –ins option.
  • Getting hold of the latest office update patch can help you solve most word issues to an extent. You can download these patches from Microsoft’s official website.
  • Another option that might prove helpful is to delete the data registry key of Microsoft Word, and rebuild portions of option information that it uses. You can navigate to the system registry and delete those registry entries that are used by the version of Microsoft Office that you use.
  • Sometimes, a recently updated software or a recently installed program might cause troubles to your MS Word application. If that is the case, figure out the program that you have installed most recently or try to undo the software update and see if that fixes the issue.

If all the above measures turned out to be of no help, your last and final option is to uninstall and re install the office suit. This will definitely solve the issue, but it will also remove all the custom settings that you had made to the office programs and you will have to customize them all over again.



Tutorial To Troubleshoot Outlook Express Sending Problems

Outlook Express email problems, Outlook Express program

Errors in Outlook Express

Outlook Express is a popular desktop email client developed by Microsoft and which comes installed with their Windows XP operating system. The Outlook Express program enables the users to connect to email accounts that use either the POP or IMAP protocols. Users of Outlook Express often complain that they are not able to send messages via the program even though they are able to receive messages. These instructions which have been given below will help you in resolving some common Outlook Express email problems.

Instructions to troubleshoot Outlook Express sending problems

  • First of all, launch any internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox in your computer. To confirm that you are connected to the internet, go to any web page from the web browser. If you are not connected to the internet, the Outlook Express will not be able to send any messages.
  • Ensure that the Outlook Express is running in online mode and not offline mode. The mode in which the Outlook Express is running will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the main Outlook Express window. If the Outlook Express program is running in the offline mode, click on the “File” button and then choose the “Work Online” option from the menu.
  • The next step is to check your outgoing mail server settings. Click on the “Tools” button to open the menu and then choose the “Accounts” option from the menu. Click on the name of your email account and then select the “Servers” option. Ensure that
    Outlook Express email problems, Outlook Express program

    email problems in Outlook Express

    the correct outgoing server address is entered in the “SMTP” field. If you want to determine the correct outgoing server address, contact your email service provider.

  • If you had entered the wrong password or email account username then that might have been the problem. So, enter the username and the password one more time.
  • Click on the “Advanced” button located at the top of the window and then change the outgoing port number. The default SMTP port is 25 and it should function properly in the case of most email service providers.

These are the instructions, recommended by the Outlook Express tech support team that you should follow if you want to troubleshoot Outlook Express email problems.

Deactivating Product Key In Windows XP Pro Operating System

product key

product key


I have been using Windows XP operating system for the past three years, the features and functions are very simple and can be performed without many errors. If you want to install your windows XP operating system to a new computer, it’s also possible, but before that you have to deactivate the copy of Operating system on the older system. If you don’t know how to deactivate it, don’t need to worry, the steps mentioned below will assist you to do the job in a simple manner.

Registry backup

Before starting the installation procedure, it’s better to back up your registry files, because this will help you when any problems occurred while performing the installation of Windows XP operating system on the new system.


How to backup registry files?

windows XP installation procedure

windows XP installation procedure

  • Go to the windows start button and select run option from the displayed start menu. Now type %SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in the dialogue box without any error followed by hitting the OK button. Now you will be able to view a system restore window.
  • Now select create a restore point option and then hit on the next button. Input a name for your new restore point in the name field and then hit on the create button. All the registry files will be saved to the new folder.

How to edit the registry settings?

  • Once you finish the above step, go to windows start button again and select run option as done before. Now type regedit in the dialogue box followed by clicking the OK button. This will call up a registry editor window with a number of options in it.
  • Now locate the activation registry key option from the new window.
  • Now scroll down your mouse pointer and highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE option and open the particular folder by giving a click on it.
  • Now select the software folder and then hit on the Microsoft Folder option.
  • Once you finish the above step, select Windows NT from the drop down menu followed by selecting the Current version option. When done, hit on the WPAEvents option.
  • On the right side of the window you can see OOBETimer option. Give a right click on it and then select the modify option.
  • For deactivating the current Windows XP professional key, change at least one digit in the number displayed on the screen

That’s all the instructions you required for deactivating the windows XP professional key. Thank you for reading this. Ciao!


How To Recover Locked Emails In Microsoft Outlook?

How to recover locked Outlook Emails

How to recover locked Outlook Emails

Being the owner of a small business, I completely depend on Microsoft Outlook for managing my business email messages, since it is one of the most consistent and secure email client application designed and developed by the Microsoft Company. Although Outlook Express includes far-fetched features, it’s doesn’t get any exemption from issues.

If you are using Outlook Express, then you may come across locked email problems in outlook at least once in your life. In this post I wish to discuss some Outlook Express Email Problems and its solutions.

Email got locked, what to do?

If you update your Outlook program, the settings within the Outlook gets changed and the default settings can be recovered easily by providing your account information such as username and password. But on occasions where in your are not able to recall your password, then recovering locked emails demands high attention, and you need to go through a set of complex steps.

How to recover locked emails in Outlook Express?

Outlook Express features

Outlook Express features

If you know your password

  • First of all, launch the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Now select the tools option from the upper menu bar and then select accounts option from the drop down menu.
  • Select the account you wish to make changes by double clicking on it.
  • Once you locate the account, select the servers tab from the menu bar.
  • Now type your password in the password field which you can see under the Incoming Mail Server option.
  • When done, close the window by clicking the cross button located on the upper right corner of your desktop screen.

If you don’t know the password

  • Select the file option from the top menu bar and then select identities option from the drop own menu.
  • Hit on the manage identities option.
  • Now select new option and input a new name for your identity. You can choose any name, that’s up to you.
  • Now type your new password in the password field and confirm it. When done hit on the OK button.
  • Now select import option from the file menu as done above and then select messages option.
  • Select Microsoft Outlook Express option from the displayed list followed by hitting the Next button.
  • After selecting Import mail from an OE store directory option, hit on the OK button.
  • Once you locate the locked messages, click on the NEXT button.

With this I came to the end of troubleshooting Outlook Express Email Problems. Thank you for visiting. Ciao!


How To Fix Microsoft Excel?

MS Excel features

MS Excel features


You may come across some errors while working with Microsoft Excel. Here in this article I wish to discuss some troubleshooting techniques from the Excel Tech Support panel that will surely help you to resolve common Excel problems.

How to troubleshoot MS Excel?

  • Sometimes when trying to open an Excel file you might get an error message saying There Was a Problem Sending the Command to the Program. Now hit on the Excel Office button and then select Excel options. Now select the advanced option followed by selecting the general option. When done, uncheck the box next to Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange. Now close the window and open a saved Excel File document to ensure that the application is running properly.
  • Sometimes when trying to insert rows or columns in Microsoft Excel an error message gets displayed saying “Cannot shift objects off sheet“. If that is the case then select the Excel options from the top menu bar and then select advanced option from the drop down menu thus appeared. Now select Display Options for this workbook followed by clicking the all button normally appear beneath the for objects show option.
  • Now select the c drive from the windows explorer window. Select the program files or Program Files (*86) option from
    how to fix MS Excel

    how to fix MS Excel

    the list of folders. Now expand the Office directory by clicking the Microsoft office option. To expand the Office folder give a double click on the particular office folder. Now right-click on pdfmaker. dot option followed by hitting the cut button. Now go to my documents folder and then click on the paste button.

  • Sometimes you may view an error message saying Compile error in hidden module: Autoexec” and “DistMon” when opening Excel 2007. To fix this problem remove pdfmaker. xla file from the X1start folder just like you did before. Once you move these Acrobat files into my documents folder then your problem gets fixed.

Automatic repair

  • Click start button and then select control panel option from the pop-up menu. Now select the add or remove option from the control panel home window. Now you were able to view a list with all the installed applications in it. Select Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office from the list and then hit on the change button next to it. Now select the repair option followed by hitting the control button. Now windows will automatically detect and repair the issues within MS Excel.

Expect these instructions from the Excel Tech Support crew will assist you to resolve the issues within the Microsoft Excel. Thank you!

Adding Animations To Your Powerpoint Presentation

Animations for Powerpoint

Choosing animations from the animation Tab

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful tool in the Microsoft Office Suite which helps you create Presentations in your office or at any public gathering. A Powerpoint presentation will help you draw the attention of the gathering to the key points that you wish to convey, and would make the whole session a bit more lively.

Creating animations for Powerpoint presentations can make it even more interesting and would add a certain level of dynamism to it. So, if you are unsure about how to add these animations to your presentation, here are the steps to help you out.

Steps to add Animations for Powerpoint presentations

  • Launch Microsoft Powerpoint and create the presentation and then click on the object in the presentation which you need to add the animations to.
  • Animations are possible for all objects in the presentation, except the background. Once you have chosen the object, click on the “Animations” tab at the top of the window from among the various other options provided.
  • The animations tab will open up along with a number of default animations. Choose the one among them that you feel suits the object well. If you want animations other than this, click on the “More” tab which will display various other animations than the ones displayed first.
  • You can add animations to any number of objects in the presentation, by clicking on the animations tab present at the top of the window.

    Powerpoint presentation

    altering the order and timing of animations

  • Once you finish choosing the animations , you can click on the “Play” button in the animations tab, in order to see the preview of the animation you chose.
  • You can rearrange the order of the animations by clicking on the “Re –order “button in the animations tab and, arrange the animations according to the order of your choice. Remember that the animation at the top of the list will appear first and the animation at the bottom of the list will be the last to appear. So arrange the animation in the order of preference.
  • Change the duration for which the animation would last, by changing the value in the duration text box provided. Changing the value in the delay text box would alter the time before the selected object begins its animation.
  • You can also choose when the animation is to appear by choosing one among the “On click”,”After previous” or “With previous” options from the drop down menu of the timing window.

These are the steps to add animations to your Powerpoint presentation. So use it to make your Powerpoint more attractive and enjoyable.


How To Fix Microsoft Excel Errors

Excel problems, fix Excel errors

How to fix Excel errors

Microsoft Excel is the only solution for all your works that require a great amount of computation. The application belongs to Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Excel cannot be replaced by any other software application for it is the most stable computing software that can be used for performing a wide variety of tasks like creating spreadsheets, solving mathematical equations, managing the accounts related tasks etc. The different features of this wonderful application cannot be listed in a single article since it is that vast. The application is released for both home and professional use. Microsoft Excel can be used to manage all the account related tasks of a medium enterprise. In spite of all these advantages different errors can occur in the program which may affect the functionality of the same. This article will let you know more about a frequent error that appears in the Excel software.

Excel problems

The errors can occur due to wide variety of reasons. One of the major Excel problems that do occur is associated with the corruption of program files. The corruption of the program files can be caused as a result of infection by malware programs like viruses and worms. These malicious programs after making its way into your system can delete or corrupt all your program files. The problem can occur in the case of Excel too. Most of the errors appear in the form of a pop up window that displays “Microsoft Excel has encountered a Problem” message.

How to fix the error

  • Click on the Start button and select the All programs option. Select the Microsoft Office folder and then click on Microsoft Office Excel 2007. This will load the program on your screen.
  • Click again on the Start button followed by the Run option. Enter the command “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe” /Automation in the space provided and click on
    Excel problems, fix Excel errors

    How to fix Excel errors

    the Enter tab.

  • Now you may operate the program in the Safe Mode. Click on the Start button followed by the Run option. Enter the command” C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe” /Safe in the command box and click Enter. Do not forget to add the quotation marks while you enter.
  • Now you may conduct the registration of the program. Perform the above mentioned procedures to open up the command box and enter C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe” /Regserver command into it.
  • Restart your system in order to save the modifications you have made just now.

Hope you like the article. Thanks for reading the same.

More On Powerpoint Animation

Animations for PowerPoint

create animations in the slide

PowerPoint is one one of the most liked applications when it comes to presentation of slides. Kids make use of this application to conduct presentation in the high schools. The application is also used by many professionals in the multinational companies to organize presentation based on the launch of a product, meeting etc. The greatest advantage of the tools is the ease of use. Even a layman can create slides and start of a slide show. But, most of the users are not aware of the animation options available in the PowerPoint. Animation options can be used to replace or modify many of the existing options available in the PowerPoint. This article will let you know more about this in detail.
Animations for PowerPoint
One of the best animation options in the Microsoft PowerPoint is the replacement of the conventional bullets. Most of the people make use of the conventional bullets in their presentation slides. At times, the conventional bullets can become very boring. Different animation options can be incorporated on to these bullets in order to modify their appearance. Some of the cool options available in PowerPoint are the fly-in and the wipe effects. Graphical effects can also be employed on your bullets in order to grab the attention of the viewers. The graphical animation will keep on changing its appearance

PowerPoint animation

animation options for presentation slide2

on your side and will be a visual treat for the viewers.

How to create animated backgrounds
Another cool option in the Microsoft PowerPoint is the background animation option. The majority of the users does not use this option in their slides. Slides without backgrounds may appear boring at times. You may add a background option according to the nature of your presentation slide. Kids can make use of the images of cartoon characters in order to create backgrounds. When the presentation deals with the launch of a new product, the image of the product can be displayed as the background.

Moving animations for PowerPoint
Options are available to create moving animations on your slide. For example you can create a moving cartoon character on your slide. Create multiple images of the character and adjust the positioning of its body in different ways. Place these images in a sequential manner to create a moving sensation. You can use your creativity to come up with innovative moving animations.

Hope you like the article. Thanks for reading the same.

Tips To Recover An Unsaved Excel File

Microsoft Excel Features

Microsoft Excel Features


I am an accounting student and I always use the Microsoft Excel application for creating spreadsheets. Microsoft included several attractive features and functions in Excel using which we can easily create new documents. Moreover, Microsoft offers 24 hour online Excel Support to the users for free. You can directly contact the team either through online or via telephone.

Last week while working with Microsoft Excel, sudden power failure occurred and my system got shut down before saving the file I was working with. Unfortunately, all the unsaved data got deleted. I felt very sad and stood for some time without knowing how to react? Immediately I called the Excel Tech Support panel concerning the issue. And with the assist of instructions provided by the support team, I was able to recover all the unsaved data.

Got excited? Continue reading to know more about the recovering process in Microsft Excel.

How to recover to recover an unsaved new Excel file?

how to recover an unsaved file in Excel

how to recover an unsaved file in Excel

  • First of all, launch the Microsoft Excel application. Now select file option from the top menu bar.
  • Select recent option from the drop down file menu and then click on the Recover Unsaved Workbooks options from the submenu thus appeared. This opens up a draft folder with all the files saved in it.
  • Locate the file you wish to recover from the draft folder. Now open that particular file by clicking on it. Now select save as option from the file menu and save the file into your hard drive.

How to recover an unsaved existing Excel File?

  • Launch the Microsoft Excel application and select the particular file you want to recover.
  • Select file option from the top menu bar and then select the Info option from the drop-down file menu.
  • Now you were able to see a number of options. Select When I closed without saving option.
  • Once you finish the above step, select the restore option from the top menu bar. Now your unsaved Excel file gets restored.

A word of advice

Many people forget to save their files while working, so there are chances of losing data if any power failure occurs. So always save your work at regular intervals to prevent unexpected removal of data.

Don’t go anywhere without saving your work.

Never forget to save the current file before launching a new page.

Hope these Excel Tech Support instructions will help you to recover any unsaved Excel Files. Thank you for your energy and have a good time ahead.