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Quick Way To Learn Microsoft Excel

Excel Tech Support

Get help from Excel tech support

Microsoft has provided us with lot many applications and Microsoft Excel can be considered as one among those that have touched our lives in more ways than one. The different functions that it renders make it the favorite among computer users. It has been proved to be useful in all sorts of business whether it is for creating tables, calculations, attendance of employees, preparing budget reports and so on. This spreadsheet package provides us with different uses and if you have a good knowledge about MS Excel you will understand how easy it is to execute different tasks.

There are different functions and calculations that you can learn. Armed with this you will understand how easy it is to consolidate data in Excel. If you are well familiar with Excel, you can reduce your effort and save time to an extent.

Let us check the instructions to learn Excel.


  • Open Microsoft Excel in your computer. If you don’t have one, you can try to download a trial program of Excel. You will find the tutorial of Excel by clicking File menu that you find on the top and click Help. Now click Getting Started button. This will open up the website of Microsoft Excel. You can also open it by selecting the blue question mark which is the Microsoft Office Help option. In the Help option you can provide anything that you wish like a phrase or words relating to Excel.
  • When you visit the website of Microsoft Excel, you will find many tutorials of Excel including videos, instructions to set up Excel. You will also be offered assistance from Excel tech support team. You will find information related to filtering of data, formatting, preparing charts, graphs, macros, functions, and other related topics.

    learning Excel

    Get assistance from Excel tech support

  • You will also receive a manual relating to Excel which will help you to learn Excel in detail. There are several screenshots in the manual which will make you understand the topic in a better way.
  • You will find different classes that help in teaching Excel. You can even enquire at different schools and colleges about it. Since learning Excel has become a career necessity, you can study the topic in detail which will definitely help you.

If you have any doubts regarding Microsoft Excel, the best option would be to contact Microsoft Excel tech support team for assistance. They can help you with your queries.

Tutorial To Become A Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Microsoft business solutions, Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft business solutions center

If you want to become a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, follow the instructions from the Microsoft business solutions experts.

Instructions to follow

  • Go through the requirements for the Microsoft Small Business Specialist. Go to the Microsoft Partner Network website and read the requirements, that will be displayed on the screen, and determine whether your business meets the guidelines mentioned.
  • In order to become a Microsoft partner, register on the official website. The process of becoming a Microsoft Partner is completely free of cost, and you can finish off the registration process online, on the Microsoft Partner Network website. One of the perks of being a Microsoft Partner is that they have access to a number of free training tools and community resources.
  • Now, you will be required to check whether you are eligible to subscribe to a Microsoft Action Pack. To become a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, you will be requiring a Microsoft Action Pack subscription. But, in order to be eligible for an Action Pack subscription, you should meet the eligibility requirements defined by Microsoft. There a list of requirements that your company must meet, and you will be able to get more details on this from the Microsoft Partner Network website.
  • Makes sure that you select an appropriate Microsoft Action Pack. Once you are registered as a Microsoft partner, you will be required to subscribe to a Microsoft Action Pack. You can select from two options, depending upon the nature and size of your company. Select the Action Pack Solution Provider if your company is focused on selling to small and medium sized
    Microsoft business solutions, Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft business solutions

    companies., providing solutions for, and supporting, Microsoft products.

  • Now the next step is to take the Microsoft Small Business Sales and Marketing Skills Assessment and pass it. This is conducted online and they will test your knowledge using various scenarios. You will have to present your knowledge on various issues, especially on the small business market, and your proficiency and ability to sell Microsoft products to small businesses. You will need your Microsoft Partner password, and email address to log in, to take the assessment.
  • Take and pass the Microsoft Small Business Specialist qualifying technical exam. The qualifying exams are Web Applications Development with .NET Framework 4, Windows Server 2008, Network Infrastructure, Configuration, Configuring Windows Small Business Server 2008, and Windows 7, Pre-installing for OEMs.

This is some info on Microsoft business solutions, which will help you if you’re looking to become a Small Business Specialist.

Tutorial To Resolve Calendar Issues In MS Outlook

Problems with Outlook, MS Outlook program

Outlook problems

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and useful email applications, and is used by over millions of people. The user interface of the MS Outlook program is top notch, and this has helped the program to attract its millions of users. It can also be used as a personal information management software, as it includes different functions such as a calendar tool, an email application etc. With the help of the Outlook program, the users will be able to send and receive emails, set appointments with their contacts, and set personal reminders, etc. It is a complete organizational tool which helps the users to take control of a variety of functions. However, the Outlook program does suffer from occasional problems that can make the life of the user very difficult. Once the program starts to malfunction, it might be very difficult for the users to get it back up again, as the troubleshooting process might take time to complete. Most of the problems with Outlook concern its tools, such as the calendar and the email applications. The calendar issues in the Outlook program can be resolved using some easy techniques.

Methods to resolve calendar issues in Outlook

The Outlook program comes bundled with certain command line parameters that are very useful in repairing the problems in the Outlook program. If you were to start the Outlook program with the

Problems with Outlook, MS Outlook program

problems in Outlook

command line switch “Outlook /cleanreminders“, then the program would regenerate all set reminders. Run the Outlook with the “Outlook /CleanFreeBusy” option, on Outlook clients connected in a Microsoft Exchange environment, so as to repair problems with the Free/Busy data.

For the Free/Busy data to update and function properly, network connectivity is required for the Microsoft Outlook clients who are in an Exchange Server environment. Most of the issues with the calendar tool in the Outlook program can be resolved by restoring the network connectivity.

In some cases, the problems that you are encountering in the MS Outlook program might come down to problems within the Outlook program itself. Such problems with Outlook can be resolved by downloading and installing the latest service packs and patches that are released by Microsoft.

These are some of the problems that users face on a regular basis in the calendar tool in the Outlook program. Make sure that you try some of these methods mentioned here if you are faced with an Outlook problem.

Resolving Some Printing Issues In The Excel 2007 Program

Problems with Excel, Default Printer

Problems with Excel explained

Microsoft Excel 2007 is very useful and popular office software from Microsoft and comes bundled with their MS Office suite. There are not too many problems with Excel that users have reported, and it is generally very reliable software. Here are some tips that might help you in resolving some common problems in Excel 2007.

Methods for resolving issues

  • To view the orientation in which your project will print, press the print preview option. You can then decide if you want to change it or not, after clicking on the “Page Layout” option. The preview of the page will be displayed on the screen and, you can make your choice. If you want to add headers or footers to the page, take the help of the “Page Setup” dialog box in order to modify the print.
  • If, even after clicking on the “Print” button, your printer is not responding, then the problem might be due to the fact that you have not set the printer as your Default Printer. Normally, in Excel 2007, when you click on the “Print” button, the print out of the page should be available at the printer. In order to set the printer as your Default Printer, go back to the home screen of your Windows computer and then click on the “Printers and Faxes” option located in the Start Menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the Start button. Choose the printer that you want to use as the default printer
    Problems with Excel, Default Printer

    solutions for problems with Excel

    by right clicking on it.

  • You can print the sheets that you are working with, instead of an entire Excel 2007 workbook, as it will allow the printing of active sheets only. To print the active Excel worksheet only, click on the tab of the worksheet that you want to print. In order to print multiple Excel worksheets at a time, click on the first tab, then hold the “Shift” button as you choose the other tabs.
  • If you do not specify the area that you want the printer to print on, then Excel will print the entire data that is available on the current Excel worksheet. In order to do so, go to the “Page Setup” dialog box and then select the “Print Area” option.

These are the instructions that you should follow if you want to resolve some common problems with Excel. As you can clearly see, these steps are quite easy and simple.

Best Way To Implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Microsoft solutions, web service functionality

Solutions from Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is a planning software which is designed mainly to meet the requirements of medium scale industries. They are the one who face frequent problems in implementing their innovations and ideas in an effective manner. Dynamics NAV 2009 is treated as the best among the Microsoft solutions which guides the firms in developing certain product, and in proper resource planning and its absolute implementation. The specialty of this software is that it proves to be highly useful for any category of firms which tries to survive tough competition in the present business scenario.

Implementing Dynamics NAV 2009

As I mentioned in the above statement, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is software which comes as a sequential part of Microsoft Dynamics products range. The software contains several features like web service functionality, an ERP solution etc. which are highly useful in financing, business analysis, in developing design skills etc. When compared to other Microsoft solutions the implementation of this Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is easy to undertake.

Instructions to Follow

In order to implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, you need to follow the instructions as given below:

  • The first and the important requirement is that you should have a clear cut idea about the scope of your business project. You should clearly foresee the requirements of your project which should be met by this solution. For that you should consider both the system requirement and the technical requirements.
  • For a proper implementation of this software solution you need some essential components such as Windows XP Professional or later operating system, Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007. You also need a memory storage space of 1 GB for client version and another 2 GB memory space for server.
  • Now analyze the path to follow by having proper resource planning which includes hardware infrastructure, software requirements and legacy data.
  • Then conduct a data transfer process which includes importing master data from a legacy system to Dynamics NAV. It should also include past transactions and general data transferring.
  • Now fix the actual number of users to the system. It includes both the key users and general users. Then categorize their requirements.

    Microsoft solutions, web service functionality

    Microsoft resource planning solutions

  • Then perform the development by taking into consideration the appropriate data transfer, security concerns etc.
  • Now set the configuration environment which eases the process of accounting, groups and data migration.

This is all about implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 within your office environment.

Best Way To Fix Windows Codec Errors

Microsoft Solution center, Microsoft Fix-It Center

Microsoft center for solutions

In your Windows operating system, there is a program called Windows Media player. In this particular program, you can play both video and audio files within your computer. At times, you may face some problems with your media player. The problem may be while trying to play some video files in media player, only audio plays and you may not be able to view the video. In such situations you are likely to receive an error message indicating that your system is missing codec software which is essential to playing certain formats of video files within the media player. If in case you are not interested in fixing it yourself, you can contact the Microsoft solution center for appropriate help. But if you want to fix it on your own, then simply go though this article.

Windows Codec Errors

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, codec is a software which is essential to play video files. In the absence of this software, you can receive the error message referring or stating that the video codec is not installed within your system. You can fix these codec errors by following two different methods as mentioned below in this article.

Methods to Fix It

There are two methods to adopt in order to fix the very issue. One is Automatic Downloads and the other one is through Microsoft Fix-It Center.

Automatic Downloads

  • First click on the “Start” button which is displayed at the bottom left side of your desktop. From the displayed menu lists, select “All Programs”. You can see a wide number of menu options displayed towards the right. You should select “Windows Media Player”.
  • Then a new Windows media player window will appear on the screen. In that window, click on “Tools” and select “Options”.
  • Then click on the “Player” tab and check the box next to “Download Codecs Automatically” option.
  • Then click “OK”. Now try to play your video file.
  • If you are prompted you need to click “Install” button to install a codec.

    Microsoft Solution center, Microsoft Fix-It Center

    Microsoft solutions center for codec

Microsoft Fix-It Center

  • First go to the Microsoft solution center website and click on “Microsoft Fix It” icon which is next to “Videos Freezes or Crashes in Windows Programs” option.
  • Then click “Run”.
  • Click “Continue” or “Allow” button which will scan your system for codec errors and will fix it.

This is the best possible way to fix the codec errors. Try it out!

Fix .Net Runtime Error In Windows

Microsoft .NET Framework

Runtime errors are caused in a computer system using the Windows operating system. These errors are caused after you install or upgrade a new program in the system and the computer fails to recognize the program. Slowing down the computer system or not able to run programs are the main symptoms of runtime errors.

Runtime errors can be both hardware and software errors and they are displayed in the form of a message box that will contain a code and a related explanation. A .Net runtime error is the most common error noticed in a system that causes system stalling and error in program installation in the computer system.

A computer programmer uses the Microsoft .NET Framework to develop applications and it contains a built-in library to repair programming issues. The runtime errors are a common happening in this framework and immediate runtime error troubleshoot is needed to fix and continue using the system.

There are many ways to fix a .Net runtime error and the Microsoft Solution center will provide you the necessary guide steps to do so. Here you will find a simplified and expanded version of the explanation from the center.

Steps to Follow

  • Click on the Start button located on the bottom of the screen or directly hit the Windows key on the Keyboard. Select Run

    Runtime Error and Microsoft Solution

    and type in msiexec/unregisterin the space field to un-register the Windows Installer and click OK. To re-register the Windows Installer, go to Run again following the earlier steps and type in msiexec/regserverin the space field.

  • Go to Start and then Run and type in cmdin the Run field box. Click on OK and this will open the Command Window. Into the Command Window, copy-paste or type in %InstallationPath%\dotnetfx.exe /t:%temp% /c:”msiexec.exe /fvecms %temp%\netfx.msi and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This will instruct the Windows to execute a repair installation.
  • Go to the Windows Live official website and download the .NET Framework cleanup tool by clicking on its download link. Launch the file by double-clicking on it. The program will start to scan the system and locate any .NET runtime errors present and then fix the errors.

Following these steps shared under Microsoft solution center will help you to locate and fix any runtime error that might exist in your system. You can also contact Microsoft service executives if further issues arise while dealing with .Net runtime errors.

How To Select Two Items For One Animation In PowerPoint

animations for PowerPoint

Animations for Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to making elaborate presentations for your college seminar or for a business meeting, there is no better application other than Microsoft’s PowerPoint. From the most appealing slideshows to mouth watering animated presentations, the software allows users to experiment with a multitude of presentation options. However a majority of folks do not actually know how to apply effects and animations for PowerPoint. This post will definitely prove to be a boon for such folks and here is what you need to do if you are to select not one but two items for one animation in a PowerPoint presentation.


  • After opening a new slide in Power Point, you need to select the Insert tab and from there you need to click on Shapes. The software will provide a menu having all the shapes you might need.
  • Select any shape by clicking it and then you will see that the cursor point changes to a cross hair.
  • Hold down the mouse button after selecting the slide with it and then drag the mouse pointer to draw the desired shape.
  • Again click on Shapes and this time follow the same procedure and draw a different shape with the mouse pointer.
  • Once you have done the above steps then you need to hold down the “Ctrl” Key and select each shape and the software would draw an outline around each shape to indicate that the selection was successful.
  • From the top of the software’s interface select the “Animations” tab and in it there would be a group of animation types. You need to click the “Down” arrow in this tab to view each animation type.
  • Decide on an animation style you like and then apply it to the previously selected shapes.

    animations on PowerPoint

    How to apply animations in PowerPoint

  • It would be nice if you could see how the animations for PowerPoint actually work before they are actually presented before others. For this purpose just press the F5 key and a preview slideshow of the entire presentation would be shown for you.
  • First there would be a blank screen and when you click on it, the animation you choose would be displayed on it.

So viewing you favorite animations on PowerPoint software is not a big deal, as you can easily achieve it if you follow the above steps carefully. There are tons of help and tutorials available online for your aid if at all you face any difficulty.

Creating Business Invoices In Microsoft Office

Microsoft Business Solutions

Business solutions in Microsoft Word

An invoice is an effective tool that is provided by the seller to the buyer to indicate the list of products, services and price of the products that the seller has agreed to provide the buyer. An invoice is just a statement of the transaction and has no legal binding on the seller or the buyer. They are used to record sales transactions. Invoices are also known as bill of sale or contract of sale. One of the major advantages of storing the invoices are that they help us to keep the record of the number and currency amounts received from the products and service sales which help in preparing your annual tax statement.

Invoices are an essential component in every business, whether small or big. If you own a small business and want to create professional looking invoices to provide to your customers, but don’t have the money to buy some costly software, there is no need to panic; you can make them easily using the Microsoft business solutions in the Microsoft office suite. The Microsoft Word program that you use to create letters and other documents for your company is equipped with some ready to use invoice templates that you can edit and print out for your clients. Below we list out how you can print invoices using the Microsoft office word program.

  • Open the Microsoft word program from the Programs menu in Start.
  • To create a new invoice document, click on the Office button then click on “New” on the toolbar. Now the “New Document” window appears.
  • Click on “Invoices” on the left side of the “New Document” window. Now the word program will search online for the available invoice templates. Click on your desired invoice template on the right side.

    Microsoft office suite

    Creating invoices using Microsoft Word

  • To use the template you would need to first download the template. Click “Download” to download the template. If you are having any problem downloading the template, just visit the Microsoft business solutions support website.
  • After the Download completes, click “File” and then “Save As” to save the template in your desired location.
  • Create and save a new Word Document using the template.
  • Click on each tablet and fields to customize and enter the name of the company, address, logo and every detail pertaining to your company identity.
  • After entering all the details about your company, save and print the document.

If you follow the above steps, you will be able to create an invoice document using the Microsoft word program. Contact Microsoft Support for more assistance.

Guide To Use The Master Slide View In PowerPoint

Help with PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Help

You can change the entire look of your presentation using with a single click by making changes to the master page. The Master Slide view in Microsoft PowerPoint has all the necessary settings to change the format of your slides like the font, color scheme, header and footer information, bulleted list format and other features. Even though a number of elements are set when you select the basic layout of your presentation, Master Slide gives you much more control in enhancing the overall look of your resonation. Here is some help with PowerPoint presentation’s Master Slide view.

How to use the Master Slide View in PowerPoint?

  1. To start with, open your presentation and then click View and then select Master followed by Slide Master from the menu. This will display the Slide Master and you can start making your modifications.
  2. Modify the colors in your presentation so that it suits the message that you are trying to convey. Click on the Format menu and choose Background to obtain a dropdown menu with several color choices from which you can choose the desired color scheme. Don’t go for more than five colors as too many colors tend to make your presentation distracting and even, distasteful. Dark background with a lighter text is the best option. To apply the changes that you made to all the slides in your presentation, click Apply.

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Master Slide view in Microsoft PowerPoint

  3. On the format bar on top of your screen, check the font settings. Font size should preferably be around 30-50 point; highlight the various text areas like the titles and the bulleted lists. To adjust your text, make use of the arrow beside the font size. If necessary, change the type of font and color. Keep in mind that the text color should go with the background color. Also use only 2-3 different font styles only.
  4. To add more color to your presentation, include your own background image to the Master Slide. To change the background image, right-click and from the resulting menu, select Background. To go to the correct screen, select the dropdown menu and click on Fill Effects. Select the desired image from the area under the Picture tab.
  5. The text areas in PowerPoint are sized in a particular way, but you may want more space to include texts and pictures. For this adjust the text area size as per your requirements. You are also given the option to change the location of each text area.

In case of queries, Microsoft provides an inbuilt PowerPoint help option. But if that seems way to confusing, you can always get more help with PowerPoint from the Microsoft support services.