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Install Windows XP Operating System

Windows XP Professional Key, Windows XP Installation Steps

Install Windows XP

Among the various Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation, the Windows XP is considered as the most stable one. Windows XP is the predecessor of the much acclaimed versions such as Windows Vista and Windows 7. The commercial production and sale of Windows XP to customers has officially been stopped but its stability and user-friendly interface makes it still popular among the consumers. If you have Windows XP professional operating system CD and you want to install it, you can easily achieve the installation process provided you have the Windows XP professional key which is integral towards installing the program.

The Windows XP installation steps are shared below and all you need to do is follow the steps shared below effectively to achieve the same.

Steps to Follow

  • Start your computer system. Locate and place the Windows XP installation CD into the CD or DVD drive. Wait for the computer to detect and read the CD.
  • The system will read the Windows XP CD and will guide you in prompts. When a new window is displayed with the message that reads Press any key to boot from CD, hit any key like Enter, Space from your keyboard.
  • Wait for the system to read the CD and finish the preloading process. A new window, Welcome to Setup, will show up on the screen and press Enter and F8 keys whenthe screen is displayed.
  • Select a location, the drive where you wish to install the Windows XP using the keyboard navigation arrow keys and hit the Enter key. Select the partition size to install the Windows XP on and hit the Enter key again. This partition size is the size of the drive where Windows XP is formed. The simplest example is that if you choose the entire hard drive as your partition size, the entire hard drive will be used by the Windows XP to store data.

    Windows XP Professional Key, Windows XP Installation Steps

    Windows XP Professional

  • In the next step, you need to select a formatting option. You can select the Quick Format option, as it is the fastest and hit the Enter key. This will initiate the Windows XP installation sequence.
  • The program will ask for the Windows XP product key for installation. Enter the key in the prompt window and select the Next button. Wait for the installation to successfully complete on your computer.

These are the steps that will guide you through the installation process successfully. Never lose your Windows XP professional key as you may find use for this in the future.



Some Information On Microsoft Dynamics Service

Microsoft business solutions

Microsoft business solutions

Microsoft is without a doubt one of the most imposing names in the information technology arena. They are a truly global brand, producing goods that are required for the functioning of the information technology market. Software and hardware devices are manufactured by the IT giant and the Microsoft dynamic service is an essential part of MS enterprise integration services. There are also various other development platforms offered by Microsoft such as application re-engineering, cloud hosting, and WHQL teasing.

With the help of Microsoft, users can develop advanced Microsoft business solutions such as CRM, regulatory solutions, accounting applications ERP and much more. Development of Microsoft dynamic solutions can be done with the help of the Microsoft dynamics services such as the ones given below.

MS Dynamics Axapta

Developing an ERP solution for the enterprise can be done with the help of MS Dynamics Axapta. It can enable the users to build a platform that can bring all the people involved, such as customers, employees, partners, suppliers, vendors together.

MS Dynamics Solomon

Creating regulatory and accounting applications for any enterprise is a cakewalk for MS Dynamics Solomon. It offers a variety of options for the customers which includes project management, account management and complex regulatory compliance process for different authority.

MS Dynamics Navision

With the help of MS Dynamics Navision, you will be able to develop any customized features and special functionalities for your dynamics solutions according to your industry domain. With the help of this Dynamics Solutions of Microsoft, you will be able to face your business objectives and improve the bottom line.

Developing Custom CRM applications

Microsoft dynamics services

Microsoft business solutions explained

You can create custom CRM applications under the Microsoft enterprising solutions according to your business requirements. Various functionalities can be integrated such as customer interaction, managing knowledge resources, cross sell and up sell and identifying business changes. You will also be able to endorse your marketing campaign on the CRM based Microsoft business solutions.

Using Dynamics Great Plains

Dynamic Great Plains can be used whenever you want to develop business analysis and reporting features. This enterprising service from Microsoft makes right information available to the right person at multiple points. This Dynamic Great Plains also help in various other functions such as change identification and management, rapid information access and distribution and quick response to changes.

These are some information regarding the Microsoft dynamic service.

Renaming The Animation Objects In A Presentation

animations for PowerPoint

renaming animations for PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint has again proven that it is the go-to software when it comes to making presentations in front of an audience. Digital slideshows can be created with ease, and the customization of the way the slides appear is simple. Media elements like images and videos can be inserted in the slides, and sometimes one can even use video clips to set animated backgrounds. One of the problems with including static objects or animations for PowerPoint presentations is that the objects included are automatically named by the program in a generic fashion, making it hard to recognize them when they’re not displayed. The first textual input is named Text1, and the first title Title1, and so forth. The generic names are a constant source of confusion in cases where you have added a big number of objects, and sometimes you find it hard to keep track of what objects you have already added to the slides. When applying animations for PowerPoint presentations, a good way to organize them is by renaming them in a way you understand and would later recognize. This task is easily accomplished from the Selection pane that you find under the Home tab on the ribbon overhead.

How to rename PowerPoint objects

Follow the below steps to rename the PowerPoint objects. If doubts persist, call up the Microsoft support teams for further assistance.

  • Open the PowerPoint application, then find and open the presentation that you want to make changes to.
  • Find the Home tab in the upper left corner of the window and select it. Then choose Select from under the Editing menu you’ll find in the top right.

    rename PowerPoint objects

    organizing animations for PowerPoint

  • Go to the selection pane, which is the third of the options in the drop down menu, and choose it. This’ll display a pane on the right of the screen, and will contain all the objects that are in the slide.
  • Select the object names to rename the objects. Alternatively, double click and type in the new name, followed by hitting the Enter key to save changes. Before exiting the program, if you get a Save Changes prompt, click Yes.

This is some information on how to change the names of the objects added into PowerPoint presentations, as this makes the organization of these objects much simpler. Hope this article was helpful and relevant. Have a nice day.

Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange Servers

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions for exchange servers

Nowadays, sending and receiving mails is an integral part of all business transactions. All business transactions will come to a standstill without an efficient email management service. Email requirements of large business establishments and other corporate firms cannot be accomplished with conventional mailing options. The overall coordination, work patterns and other important decisions connected with the management of the company are accomplished through emails. But the conventional email management options cannot meet the present requirements. In order to meet the growing needs, the business firms now rely on a more efficient email management service. This service is known as the Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions. This article will let you know more about the Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions and its benefits. More related articles can be found under the Microsoft Solutions topics.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions

The service is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of the corporate firms. It offers a wide range of email related services for the corporate firms which include message sending options, enhanced connectivity and advanced sharing options. Microsoft Exchange servers can boost up the communication scenario as a whole. This will help the corporate firms to access a wide variety of email applications with the help of Blackberry, MS Outlook and other gadgets that are operated by hand. Some of the email applications that can be accessed in a similar fashion are: details of the contact, calendar etc. However, in order to enjoy the above mentioned benefits the corporate firms need to install the Exchange server option of Microsoft. The greatest benefit of the Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions is that it can bring down the huge cost of setting up sophisticated email management options for the corporate firms.

Added features of the Microsoft Exchange Hosting Solutions

Multiple domain option

Microsoft Exchange servers

  • One of the best features of the Microsoft Exchange server is the multiple domain option. All big corporate firms will have a sister concern or a supplementary organization. With the help of multiple domain option, the corporate firms can manage the email requirements of both the organizations with a single exchange server.
  • Another worth mentioning feature associated with the Microsoft Exchange server is the exceptional data recovery options.
  • All email transactions performed through the Microsoft Exchange servers are secure. The hosting server is incorporated with a special encryption capability that helps to protect the sensitivity of the data.

Microsoft Exchange servers increase the productivity of the corporate firms and thereby enhance the efficiency as a whole. Send in your feedbacks related to the same in Microsoft Solutions topics.

How To Use Fixed Reference In Excel

Excel problems

Help and Support for Excel problems

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application program designed by Microsoft for Windows operating system and Mac OS X. It uses features like calculation, graphing tools and a macro programming language named Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to provide easy computing solutions. In addition to this, Microsoft Excel’s most powerful feature is its ability to create formulas, from the simplest to the most complex.

When you create a formula in Microsoft Excel program, by default, Excel assumes that the cell references in the formula are relative. This is because of the reason that when you copy a formula to another cell, all the references adjust in relation to the original. However, in some cases, you need to create a formula where the reference is fixed, instead of being relative. Many a times, you require a fixed reference in case you need to multiply a column of numbers by a single number in a given cell. However, you can solve such excel problems by following these guidelines.


  • Open the Excel spread sheet in which you need to enter the formulae.
  • Choose an empty cell where you want to enter the formula.

    Excel spread sheet

    How to repair excel problems

  • Put an equal sign followed by the formula you wish to create. For example=A1*B1. It means that the value in cell A1 will be multiplied by the value in B1. Keep in mind that, it will be a relative reference at this point, in case you copy this formula to other cells, the cell numbers will change accordingly.
  • Choose the cell on which you have created the formula, and then click the formula bar. Add the $ character in front of the column letter, row number, or both, based on which aspect you want to fix in place. This can be explained with the help of an example. Suppose, if you want to multiply all the cells in column A by cell B1, you need to enter $B$1 instead of B1 in your formula. That is, you need to follow the pattern “=A1*$B$1”.
  • Now, copy the formula to other cells. In case you want to multiply values in column A by the value in cell B1 and show the result in column C, you need to copy the formula to cells in column C as well. Then cell C1 will show the result for A1*$B$1, C2 will show A2*$B$1 and so on.

You can also resolve Excel problems related to the inclusion of fixed reference in spreadsheet by following the above steps carefully. Contact Microsoft Help and Support center for more assistance.


Best Way To Repair Microsoft Clipboard

Microsoft solution center

Center for Microsoft solutions

Microsoft clipboard is an application which is used for the temporary storage of data while performing copy paste operations. This application becomes more useful while you are working with certain Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word. Like any other application or software, this particular software facility from Microsoft is not free from malfunctions. The clipboard error messages can occur anytime while you are working with Microsoft applications. In order to solve the issue, you need to seek the help from Microsoft solution center. To know more, go through the rest of the article. Instructions to Follow In order to solve the issues with clipboard applications, you need to follow the instructions as directed by the Microsoft solution center.

  • You need to press “Esc” key, once you find any error message similar as “Cannot Empty the Clipboard”. This is only a short term solution to the problem. It is sufficient to protect your data from losing while you are performing copy and paste operation.
  • Otherwise, you need to perform certain steps in order to fix the issue with clipboard as given below.

    task manager window

    Microsoft solution for clipboard

  • You must click on the “Start” menu which you can view on the bottom left side of the task bar. Now a list of options will be displayed on the screen. Here you need to click on the option which is labeled as “Run”. In the run window, you will be provided a search box. In that box you need to type “clipbrd.exe”.
  • Now you can see a new clipboard window appearing on the screen. Let the clipboard window be open for a while. It may resolve the problem.
  • Now you must open up the Task Manager. In the task manager window, you need to click on the tab which is labeled as “Processes”. You must turn off the process called “rdclip.exe”.
  • Again click on the “Start” menu. From the displayed list of options, click “All Programs”. You need to select “MicrosoftOffice” from the displayed menu lists. Click on “Microsoft Excel” option.
  • A new Excel window will be displayed on the screen. In the window, you need to click on the “Tools” menu and select “Options”. From the Options, select “Calculations” tab.
  • You need to check the box next to “Automatic” coming under the Calculations tab. Then restart your system.
  • Now open Clipboard and select “Edit”è “Clear All”.
  • Select “Collect without showing Office clipboard” and click “OK”.

This is all about repairing clipboard errors. Try it out!

How To Use The Help System In Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint help

how to use PowerPoint help

Microsoft PowerPoint is an extremely useful application for making presentations that include slides, which contain textual content and multimedia objects in them. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do something simple on the program, or complicated; you’d do well to be in the know about the ways to use the Microsoft PowerPoint help system. Once you get a hang of it, you can even go online if the offline help does not solve your problem, though it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to. The help systems are one of the best features of the programs in the windows operating system, and are only a click away from the online versions.

Using the help system in PowerPoint

Open the Microsoft PowerPoint program and find the Type a question for help box in the upper right corner of the window. There’ll be a field provided, which you can enter queries into.

  • In the field provided, type in the query or question about the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, which you wish to receive help with. When you’re done typing in the details, hit the enter button on the keyboard. After the enter button has been pressed, you’ll get an open window with the search results inside, and to the right of the screen.

    help system in PowerPoint

    guidelines for using PowerPoint help

  • Scroll down the list of entries displayed, till you find one that matches your query, and looks like it might give you enough help with fixing the problem. Check for phrases in common with your problem.
  • Click on the topic you think will be most relevant to the difficulty you’re facing, and you’ll get the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help window to the right of the screen.
  • Read the steps given there and follow them carefully, and fix the issue that you were facing. If the topic doesn’t help you with your problem, then go to theSearch Result pane and select another of the results, and repeat the process.
  • After you’re finished consulting the help topic, close the help window by hitting the X button in the help window, and in the Search Results pane.

This is some information on how to call up and use the help system in Microsoft PowerPoint. If doubts persist, look up ways online to tackle this problem, or contact the windows tech support teams online for further assistance. Hope this article is helpful and relevant.

More On Networking Options For Windows XP Pro

Windows XP Professional key

Install a network in Windows XP

Windows XP Pro is equipped with very good networking options that help the users to connect to different users and computers. As you all know the networking needs are utilized by the business firms and other companies that make use of multiple systems. The greatest advantage of the computers connected to a network is that they can be connected to a server computer. The networking options in Windows XP Pro can be made use for both Professional and Home requirements. All the networking tasks of the Widows XP Pro are managed by the network installation wizard. Here are the instructions to create a network with XP Professional.

Networking tips from Windows XP Professional key topics

  • Load your system and then select the Start button on your desktop.
  • Select the Run option in order to load a new window on the desktop.
  • Enter “netsetup.cpl” on the command box of the new window and select the OK tab. This will load the Network Set Up Wizard on your screen.
  • Proceed to the second page of the wizard by clicking on the Next option for two times.
  • Hold on when you reach the “Select a Connection method” page. Now you may select the desired mode of connection and then select the Next option. You are always welcome to choose the default options if you are doubtful of the different methods of connection.
  • Locate “Give this computer a description and name” option and then provide the necessary information accordingly. After you are done with adding description and name, you may select the Next option.

    Networking options

    Windows XP network installation

  • Locate the “Workgroup name” box displayed on “Name your Network” window and provide the name of the network to the same. You may either copy the name or enter those details in the box provided. Now you may select the Next tab in order to proceed to the next step.
  • You may decide the sharing option of printers in the “File and Printer sharing page”. Select the Next tab to proceed to the final procedures of establishing a network on your system.
  • The final page of the Network Set Up wizard displays the Finish tab. Select the tab to end all the procedures.
  • Restart your system in order to save all the modifications made on your system.

Hope you like the article. Send in your feedbacks related to the same in Windows XP Professional key topics.

How To Use Video Backgrounds In A PowerPoint Presentation

Animated backgrounds in a slideshow

Animated backgrounds

MS PowerPoint is a presentation program that comes bundled in the Microsoft office suite of applications. It is a highly popular choice for people who rely a lot on giving presentations, which consist of a series of slides that give information in a preset manner. The slides themselves can be manipulated in such a manner as to appear and disappear in the way the presenter deems best. Multimedia can be inserted to accompany and augment the textual input to the slides, and they can sometimes even be video clips.

Inserting video backgrounds in PowerPoint presentations

Sometimes the media that are inserted into the presentation can also be used as the background for the slides that appear; these are mostly images, though videos can be used in their place. For instance, you might have a video clip of waves on a beach that you’d like to use, or a myriad of choices for animated backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations. A short video clip can be used, matching the beginning and end of the slide to give a loop effect in the presentation. What this does is make it hard for the viewer to find where the video starts and ends, as there’s no discontinuity as long as the slide’s being viewed.

How to do it

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation and make your way to the slide that you want the background added to. Click the Insert tab and then the arrow under the Video option, and select the Choose from Video File option. Find the video file on your computer, click on it, and then hit the Insert button.

    Video backgrounds for PowerPoint

    Video backgrounds for PowerPoint

  • Click the Playback tab and then go to the Video Tools section; from here, find the Loop Until Stopped option, and check the box next to it. Also, check the box beside the Play Full Screen option.
  • Right click on the video and then hover the cursor over the Order section, and then select the Send to Back option, to set the video as the underlying layer in the presentation. Any other elements you want can be added, using either drag and drop, or the traditional Insert tab option.

This is some information on how to add animated backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations from the video files you already have on your computer. Hope this article was relevant and helpful.

How To Fix The Problems With Microsoft Presenter

PowerPoint troubleshooting

how to fix the problems with Microsoft Presenter

Microsoft Presenter 3000 is a special remote control type of mouse specially made for paper presentations. You can find it useful when explaining PowerPoint presentations. This mouse can be configured to act as a projector for presentations. It has a number of buttons with the help of which it can be configured into a projector. By turning over the mouse, the laser pointer can be used as a medium for taking on screen presentations and slide shows. You can use the presentations using PowerPoint in the Microsoft Presenter.

Similar to the other hardware components, this mouse also show some issues while installing or after using it for a few months. However, Microsoft has provided some methods for PowerPoint troubleshooting and troubleshooting the mouse. By following these methods, you can fix the minor issues with your mouse.


  • The mouse will effectively work only if it has good signal strength. To ensure the signal strength, keep the metallic devices like cell phones and other things away from the mouse at a minimum distance of about 4 feet.
  • Another common issue with the mouse is the battery backup. Comparing to the wired devices, wireless mouse consumes more power and it usually has issues with battery. Most of the other issues with the mouse are the result of this battery power issue. So, change the batteries when it shows problems.

    PowerPoint troubleshooting, Microsoft Presenter 3000

    troubleshoot Microsoft Presenter

  • Make sure that the USB system file is located in the System folder. For that, open you’re My Computer and navigate to Drivers directory by clicking Windows then System32 and then Drivers directory. Search a file named Hidusb.sys in the Drivers directory. If you cannot find that file there, you need to restore it from your Windows installation CD and try to use the mouse again.
  • If you still find trouble with your mouse, go to the website of Microsoft and download the latest driver for your mouse. Then install the driver to fix the problems with your mouse.
  • Sometimes you will find that the mouse pointer is too fast. For fixing it, click Start menu and choose Run. Type control main.cpl and click OK. Then a new window will open and there you can find the options to slow down the mouse speed.

Follow these instructions for troubleshooting Microsoft Presenter 3000 and PowerPoint troubleshooting.