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Simple Methods To Fix Critical Errors For Free

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A computer is an electronic device, and just like other electronic devices, it may encounter some problems or errors during the course of its usage. There are different kinds of errors that could occur while you’re carrying out day to day operations on your computer. Some can be fixed instantly, whereas some cannot be fixed as easily or expediently. Have you ever heard about a critical error in a computer? If not, then these are errors that can stop even the functioning of the computer. They can occur either due to hardware issues or software issues.

People normally run to a technician to get this fixed. But if you run certain tools created by Microsoft, you can fix these errors on your own without spending money. Before you hire a technician for fixing the critical error, or contact Microsoft Solution Center, try out the two free tools created by Microsoft.

Instructions for fixing critical errors

Try to Update Windows

  • You can click on the Start button on your desktop, and click on All programs and choose Windows Update. Now the Windows Update window will open up.
  • You can click on Check for Updates. Microsoft offers several updates that can be installed on your computer, and they also consist of fixes for critical errors.
  • You can select Install Updates, and they will be installed into your operating system. You will receive an instruction to restart your computer once the installation is complete. If the updates that are downloaded do not fix the issue, you can click on Next.

Run Microsoft Fix It Tool

  • Open your web browser and navigate to Microsoft Fix It Solution Center.
  • Here you can click on Windows, which you’ll find n the left side of the screen, and from the right side pane, select the problem that matches your critical error.

    fixing critical errors

    Get help from Microsoft Solution Center

  • After choosing the critical error, you can select Run Now. Now the Microsoft Fix It Tool will scan your computer automatically, and the major cause of the error will be detected. Once the error is identified, it will be automatically fixed by the Microsoft Fix It Tool.

You can follow the above steps, and fix the critical errors of the computer. You can avoid hiring a technician for assistance, because Microsoft has offered these two wonderful tools for fixing critical errors. If you still encounter this problem, you can contact Microsoft Solution Center for assistance.

If you ever encounter this error in the future, do not forget to use the above solution to get it fixed.

Troubleshooting Outlook Express Freezing Problems

Outlook Express email problems

Resolving Outlook email problems

Outlook Express is an email service client that comes integrated with the Windows Operating system and can be used for personal as well as business purposes. Outlook Express email lets you create and use a number of email accounts within the same software. It can be integrated with the most common Microsoft programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Despite its advantages, you may face in rare cases Outlook Express email problems due to the abundance of messages in your email’s inbox, which become cluttered.

Almost all computers with the Windows XP operating system installed have a version of Outlook Express automatically installed. In case you use Outlook Express program to handle all of your e-mail accounts, it is likely that your mailbox will grow in to a very large size. This will typically lead you to Outlook Express email problems like freezing or not responding. You need to fix this issue at the earliest to prevent your mailbox from becoming corrupted. In order to resolve this problem, you need to compact your folders within the program.


  • Open the Outlook Express program on your computer.
  • Go to the File optionin the top menu bar and put a check mark beside the Work Offline option. This will ensure that no new messages are received when compacting your folders. You need to turn off all the running programs as well. However, make sure that your antivirus program and firewall is running while compacting the folders in the Outlook Express

    Microsoft programs

    Help and Support for Outlook express problems

  • Select Outlook Express from the folder list on the left hand side of the window and exit the folder list.
  • Open the File menu, move on to the Folder submenu and select Compact All Folders. You can find a progress bar showing the status of the process.
  • Hold on until the compacting process is all done. Compacting will take a few minutes, Now, restart Outlook Express, go to the File menu and remove the check mark beside the Work Offline option.

Remember to perform the compacting function every once in a month. Leaving the application without compacting can cause your Outlook email program to become sluggish and finally, your email program will be corrupted. You need not turn off this feature, Outlook will compact the folders automatically even if you have opened and closed the program 100 times.

Guide To Compare Two Excel Spread Sheets For Duplicate Rows

MS Excel errors

MS Excel problems

Microsoft Excel available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is a versatile program that finds application in numerous fields. Because of its numerous useful and practical features, this program finds many satisfied users. Many business organizations use this application as a lightweight database and contacts manager. Many times, users will be required to compare the list of contacts in order to check for duplicate records.

How to compare two Excel spreadsheets for duplicate rows?

Luckily, Microsoft Excel has a built in COUNTIF function that makes this an easy task. Even if you are required to compare two separate spreadsheets within the same workbook, this can be done in a few simple steps. Here are the step by step directions recommended by the Microsoft Excel tech support team to help you do the same-

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and open the spreadsheet that you want to compare. Now go through it and note the column whose data you want to compare. Let us assume that the data we want to compare is in column A. Let the two lists that we want to compare are in the same workbook in two different spreadsheet tabs labeled Sheet1 and Sheet2.

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  2. In cell B1 of Sheet1, enter the formula =COUNTIF (Sheet1A:A, Sheet2A:A) and press Enter. It will evaluate to 0, if the record is unique, that is, it does not appear in both the lists.
  3. From cell B1, copy this formula to as many rows as you wish on Sheet1.
  4. Now select both columns A and B and go to the Home tab and then click Sort followed by Filter. Now set to filter the results of column B in the increasing order. This way, all the results that have ‘0’ in column B will be moved to the top pushing all the duplicate records to the bottom of the list.

These are the instructions to be followed if you want to compare two different Excel spreadsheets for duplicate rows. If you have any doubts regarding the same, look for online help. Microsoft’s website has a huge database that has the answers to numerous frequently asked questions. If that does not prove to be of much help, contact the Microsoft Excel tech support team for instant help.

Obtaining The Key For Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional key

getting Windows XP Professional key

Have you lost your CD key for Windows XP Professional? Now if you try to upgrade the operating system, you may encounter some technical difficulties. However there is nothing to worry about; here are some helpful options to recover the lost Windows XP Professional key. Windows XP operating system provides active safeguards against any kind of malicious practice that a computer is prone to, with proper licensing and copyright terms and conditions.

If you have the original CD of the operating system, then you can directly contact Microsoft and demand for an inexpensive replacement key. Moreover, there are some free programs too, which are able to extract the key from your registry. Let’s see different methods that can help you out in such a situation.

Placing a CD Key replacement order

You should have the original CD of the operating system, and then you will be able to receive the replacement CD for Windows XP Professional key by contacting Microsoft. You can make a call to 800-936-5700 and I think as of 2010, it will cost only around $10. After confirming the payment details, Microsoft will give you the key over the phone. You must write down the key and keep it safe.

There some software tools also, which will retrieve the key from your computer’s registry. The following description is about few such applications.

KeyFinder Pro 2007

It is a free program that scans the registry for the Windows XP product key. KeyFinder does not require an installation or a program to run. The downloaded size of this utility is very small and the product key is displayed instantly. Besides, it avails an option for saving and printing the key.

replacement key

Windows XP help and support


This is also another free program which can recover lost keys from the computer registry. The program size is small and it does not require any installation. Once RockXP shows the key, surely you have to write down it and keep it in a safe place.

You can also opt for buying a new version of Windows XP Professional, which costs only around $100. Well, if you have plans to buy an operating system, purchasing a newer version will be better. The huge client pool of Windows users around the globe proclaims the efficiency and performance of Windows XP operating system. Enjoy the excellent features and services of this perfectly crafted operating system.

Hiding Objects Before Animations In PowerPoint


effective PowerPoint presentations

Animations for PowerPoint help you make your presentations dynamic and effective. Instead of having a sequence of static slides, if you venture out to present it with the help of animated objects, then it will make the audience attentive and interactive. Often PowerPoint serves as an easy and efficient tool to do this. However, while incorporating several animations for the number of objects that you are going to present; sometimes one object may interfere with the animation of the other. The objects may contain images, tables, SmartArt etc that move around the screen while the slides are on the show. In order to make the presentation worth watching, the first object should fade as the animation for the second object commences.

Accomplishing this feature is not a big task with PowerPoint. A simple procedure for the same is described here.

  • First of all you should open the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation that you want to work with. On the left side of the window there is a list of slides. Among them you have to select the slide that contains the object which you want to hide.
  • Before the animation starts playing you have to click on the object that you want to hide.
  • Now you need to click on the Animations tab at the top of the screen and then on the Add Animation button on the ribbon. Then you should choose any animation under the heading Exit, because this will allow the objects to disappear.


    animate your slides

  • Now you need to select the Move Earlier button in the Reorder Animation area of the ribbon. This will move your first animation to exit before the second animation begins on the screen. You can see the digit 1 appearing next to the new object and the digit 2 appearing next to the old animated object.
  • If you want to select the old animation, you should click on the 2 digit. Then you should click on the drop down menu near to the Start in the Timing area of the ribbon. Now you have to choose After Previous from the menu. As soon the object hides, your animation will automatically play.

As you may have observed, it is not a tough job to organize your presentations with PowerPoint. I hope the above description is very helpful in managing the animations for PowerPoint as you can make the slide show very attractive.

Linking Problems In Microsoft Excel

Problems in excel

Excel problems

The linking tool in Microsoft Excel program helps you to share the information between multiple spreadsheets. Because of this linkage when one worksheet or spreadsheet is updated, the other worksheets will be updated automatically. At times, you can encounter certain linkage problems with the Excel program.

Worksheet Links in Microsoft Excel

If your Excel program is having a master phone list in one particular spreadsheet, you can make use of the specific names and phone numbers from the list on separate spreadsheets. Once you link the worksheets together, you need to update only a particular worksheet and the rest will follow it.

Linking Problems with Excel

The common linking problems in Excel are as follows:

  • Name Change:

One major component in the worksheet linking is the source name. Once you make changes in the source name of the worksheet, you are likely to receive an error message while you are trying to open the worksheet. If you receive an error message that “the workbook links cannot be updated” or so, you must at once fix the error by clicking the button which is labeled as “Edit Links”. You can locate the updated version of your source worksheet by clicking the button which is labeled as “Change Source”.

Excel problems

Errors in Excel

  • Circular Reference:

The circular reference error occurs when the multiple worksheets are connected to each other which neither serving as the master source worksheet. This circular reference problem can slow down the Excel program and it makes it extremely difficult for you to open and update your worksheets. You can sort out this issue by defining a master worksheet to serve as the source worksheet of the linked information. You can make use of more than one source worksheet if they contain separate information.

  • Syntax Problems:

The worksheet links in Excel program entirely rely upon a certain syntax. You can encounter certain syntax error messages if the expression is not portrayed in a proper order. The links in worksheets include three major components – source information, exclamation point and cell reference. In order to solve the syntax errors you must list the worksheet link syntax as follows: Replace “==[source.xls]worksheet!A2, ” with “source.xls” in the source workbook and insert “worksheet” with the particular sheet in that workbook and “A2” in the appropriate cell reference. Paste link tool in Excel program uses proper syntax automatically.

That’s all with the linking problems in Microsoft Excel program. Good day!

Alter The Slide Layout In PowerPoint 2007

power point

Help with PowerPoint slide layout

We are quite familiar with the applications released by Microsoft, as they have greatly influenced our day to day jobs. Among the different office applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft PowerPoint is the application that helps you to prepare slide presentations. You can prepare different slideshows with which to create and prepare study material, reports, projects and a lot of other stuff.

A slide layout is something which shows what a slide consists of, or the contents included in that slide. It shows the bulleted items, pictures, charts, tables and shapes, as well as the tables. If you need any help with PowerPoint slide layouts, you can check out the PowerPoint Help option.

How to alter the slide layout in PowerPoint 2007

  • It’s better to start working with a new slide, since you do not want to alter the layout of the title slide. Select a non title slide instead, and click the Home tab on the upper ribbon. Select the New Slide button. Now, a new slide will be inserted on the same layout.
  • You can try to add a different layout slide; this can be done by selecting the Home tab on the ribbon and selecting the downward arrow you’ll find next to New Side.
  • In the Slides section, choose the Layout button, and from the drop down menu, choose a layout. A slide will be shown with a picture and a title, and this would be the appearance of your slide. You can choose the layout picture to alter the layout.

    power point2

    Help with PowerPoint slide

  • Look for other options that are available to you. This mainly depends upon the theme which you have chosen. If you have chosen an office theme for the slide layout, the choices will include: Title and Content, Title Slide, Section Header, Comparison, Two Content, Blank, Title Only, Picture with Caption and Content with Caption.
  • You can choose the appropriate layout. Even if you chose to alter the layout later, you can do that, but it is always better to correct the layout before you start preparing the slide. This will definitely help save time.

You can follow the above instructions to get the slide layout changed to the desired one. If you need other help with PowerPoint, you can always contact the Microsoft Help and Support team.

Best Way To Solve Probability Equations In Microsoft Excel

problems with Excel

Excel problems

Microsoft Excel is an application which includes features for calculation, graphical tools, pivot tables, etc. The program which comes as a part of Microsoft Office contains the features to display the data in the form of line graphs, histograms, charts and even in a three-dimensional graphical display. The program also possesses certain features which help the users to employ a wide variety of numerical methods for solving differential equations and probability related tasks. Here are some of the features incorporated with the application.

Solving Probability Problems with Excel Help

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program. The program possesses an array of built-in functions for statistics and probability. These probability and statistics functions in Microsoft Excel will ease the hard work of users in performing mathematical calculations. You just need to point Excel to the place where the data is stored. The rest of the work will be done by Excel on its own. You can make use of the in-built probability functions of Excel to figure out the probability of selecting items from a group or to find out the probability of occurrence of an event. You are provided with certain instructions to solve probability equations with Microsoft Excel in the below section of the article.

Instructions to Follow

In order to solve the probability equations of Microsoft Excel, you need to follow the instructions as given below:

  • First you must open the Microsoft Excel program. For that, click on the “Start” button which is provided at the bottom left side of your desktop. A list of menu options will be displayed on the screen. From the menu options, click the one which is titled as “All Programs”. A list of programs stored on your system will appear before you. Click on the program which is displayed as “Microsoft Office”. This will display Microsoft Office programs on your screen and among them select “Microsoft Excel”.

    probability problems

    problems in Excel

  • Now a new Excel spreadsheet will be displayed on the screen. In the spreadsheet, click on the button which is labeled as “Fx” that comes under the ribbon.
  • Now select the down arrow which lies to the right of the “Or select a category” option.
  • From the “Select a function” list, you need to select the type of probability equation to solve.
  • Now you may insert the required data as per the directions displayed in the pop-up window. The functions like “COMBIN” may ask you to type the data directly into the window. There are other functions which may ask the user to input the data into the spreadsheet.

These are the steps to solve probability problems with Excel help. Try it out.

Best Way To Delete Notes In Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint help

Help from MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program which comes as a part of Microsoft Office. It has multiple uses when compared to other Microsoft programs. Other than enabling normal presentations, you can incorporate several media files both audio and video, images, multimedia etc. on the PowerPoint presentations. You can also view slide show of your presentation by setting attractive background themes. There are some advent features in PowerPoint. The most important among them is notes feature. These notes feature helps you to remember the important points while you are doing presentations. After the presentation, you may need to delete the notes in PowerPoint. The article helps you to do so even without using MS PowerPoint help.

Delete Notes in PowerPoint

As it is given in the previous statement the note feature in PowerPoint helps you to create notes for your own purpose or for the convenience of the audience. During the presentation you can set up the feature as to enable the presenter or audience to see the added notes in each slide. These notes can be printed out in order to distribute among the audience during the presentation. You can undertake the deletion or modification of these notes with ease as you do it with any other text in a presentation.

Instructions to Follow

  • First click on the “Start” button which is displayed at the bottom left side of the task bar. From the displayed menu options, click on the “All Programs” option. From the displayed list click on the “Microsoft Office 2007”è “MS PowerPoint 2007”.
  • Now a new PowerPoint window will be displayed on the screen. In that presentation, click on the slide. You can see the notes page at the bottom part of each slide. In previous version you have to click “View” menu and select “Notes Page” option to view the notes page.

    Notes page at the bottom

    PowerPoint help for presentation

  • Now click “Ctrl” button and “A” key in order to select the entire notes within the notes page. Then click on “Delete” button to delete all the notes from the page. Once it is deleted, you cannot find a single note on the presentation or handouts.
  • Then point the cursor to the end of a word or sentence and press “Delete” button in order to delete one letter at a time. You can follow the same step if you want to delete only a portion of the notes.

These steps enable you to perform the task without using MS PowerPoint help option. Try it out.