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Steps To Delete A Header From An Excel 2007 Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets on Excel support headers that are normally displayed at the top of every sheet and can be helpful in creating standard text line for user documents. The header option can be used in a variety of ways according to your wish. You can use it to display your name, your document name, dates and […]

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Guide To Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

In order to increase marketing, sales and service capabilities, small and large businesses make use of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is a software for customer relationship management to develop business intelligence and customer service solutions. With Sharepoint, Silverlight and mobile integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers developers the ability to build powerful applications as a […]

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Troubleshoot Error Messages In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications, and we use it to send and receive emails, create tasks and appointments, assign tasks and perform various other functions. It is quite popular, just like other applications from Microsoft. Even though this email application is useful, there are several error messages attached with this […]

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Do You Know How To Merge Right Tab Stop In MS Power point?

Microsoft office suites are apparently having solutions for all the office activities of a human. Power point is an application that comes bundled with the MS Office suite that allows Windows users to craft up presentations. PowerPoint allows users to shape up presentations with text data’s that can be merged with various kinds of graphics, […]

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How To Add Background Music In PowerPoint Presentations

As we all know, PowerPoint from Microsoft is one of the most widely used presentation software across the globe. The reason is simple; it offers a wide range of tools and options for us to build the most sophisticated presentations with ease. There are lots of options to make our presentations more appealing. There are […]

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Saving Microsoft Updates

Looking for excellent Microsoft solutions for your computer? Then Microsoft update is a desirable option. One way of keeping the system’s functionality in its full swing is installing proper updates and necessary security patches. Microsoft is providing frequent updates as well as security utilities for their products that are readily available at their service websites. […]

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Steps To Fix Microsoft Word 2007 When It Crashes Abruptly

As with any software product, Microsoft Word 2007 is also susceptible to issues and at times it may crash for no reason. If you were in the middle of something important and you were using Word for documenting some important tasks, then this could prove to be a big blow to your work. You can […]

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Easing Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Solutions Provider

The key to success for an organization lies on the efficient management of its potential customers. After purchase services and customer care are two important aspects that modern marketing strategies are deriving their roots. The new generation business and marketing trends are employing very dynamic paradigms for achieving success and demand for services providing tools […]

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How To Access VBA In Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007 version spreadsheet program comes with numerous additional features and updated menu screens. However, it hid one of the popular and advanced feature called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) screen. Visual basic applications enable building user defined functions, automating processes and accessing Windows API. It was primarily designed for using with Excel programs. […]

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