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Get Help For Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook has been widely popular since its release in the early 90’s. With the advance in computer and email technology, Outlook has also undergone various drastic changes. Owing to this, sometimes it becomes hard to understand how to work around certain features in Outlook regardless of whether you are a new or advanced user. Microsoft solution center comes handy in such cases. Read on to find out more.

Online Support

Microsoft solution center

Help for Microsoft Outlook 2007

If you have an internet connection, you can log in to the Microsoft Solution Center page and seek assistance on various features and products related to Outlook.

  • Open your Web Browser.
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook Solution Center page.
  • This page offers help and support for various features in many forms (text and video formats). If you are a beginner, click on the link labeled Getting Started with Outlook. This will take you to a page containing various beginner level topics with detailed instructions. Browse the topics on this page to gain a basic understanding of how Outlook works.
  • To access help in video formats, click on the link titled Outlook Training courses. These are video tutorials that help you learn various advanced features very easily. It is recommended to use this feature if you have a high-speed internet connection since you will be able to learn quicker.
  • To find topics on specific features, scroll down the page and click on the link labeled what is your situation? You will find help topics on various different versions of Outlook. Search for a query by typing it in the search box and pressing the Enter button.
  • You can also access various Outlook Forums. You can browse the various topics in the index or search for a topic. The forum topics contain queries and their solutions, which are provided by forum members. To post a query, you need to be registered in the forum. Registration is free and lets you actively participate in forum activities.


    Access Outlook solution center page

Windows Help & Support

If you do not have an active internet connection, you can seek help for Outlook offline using the Windows Help and Support feature.

  • Go to the Start menu and click on the button labeled Help and Support.
  • Enter the keywords of your query in the search box and hit Enter button.
  • You will get a list of topics to choose from and choose the appropriate one for detailed instructions on the same.

Users who have upgraded from Outlook 2003 can get a downloadable guide made specifically to find commands similar to the ones in Outlook 2003.

Keeping An Embedded Video In PowerPoint

Help with PowerPoint

Embed video in PowerPoint presentations

Suppose during a PowerPoint presentation, if any of your attached video or sound clips are not working due to improper embedding, then how embarrassing the situation would turn into? Definitely, the whole purpose of your presentation will be ruined and of course, it is quite undesirable too. However, we cannot neglect the chance of such a malfunction, especially when you try to run such videos in a computer in which the original video file is not present.

In fact embedded video files are quite tricky and usually improper saving of such files cause this anomaly. As long as the original video resides in your computer, everything will be going smooth, but when you transfer the presentation into some other computer, then the problems start. In such a point, you will require technical help with PowerPoint and the following is an attempt to fix such issues.

Steps to follow

  • The very first thing that you need to ensure is that the video should be in the correct format. You have to make sure that it is either in Windows media file (.wmv) or in .avi format. It is better to save the video on the desktop so that you can easily embed it.
  • Then you have to open the PowerPoint presentation. You have to embed the video by using the Insert, Movies and Sounds and Movie from File commands. You should navigate to the video file that you have saved on the desktop. Then click on the OK button.

    Issues with PowerPoint

    Get excellent presentations in PowerPoint

  • After you have finished your presentation, you should save it as a packaged presentation by using the File and Save As options. It will enable the presentation to be transferable from one computer to another computer. Otherwise, the video will be saved only as a link. If you click on the link to the video while the presentation is going on in another computer, it will not work as the original video file is not present in that computer. Therefore, while saving the presentation you need to be careful in ensuring that the video is properly embedded.
  • After saving the files properly, you have to re-open the prepackaged file on another computer in order to check whether the video has been transferred properly.

You can get further technical help with PowerPoint from the Microsoft support pages. Above described method is simple and very easy to accomplish. Just try out and troubleshoot the issues with PowerPoint!

How To Fix Pivot Tables In Excel 2007

excel problems

support for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that comes integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. Amongst the well-known easy to use features of the Excel spreadsheet application, Pivot Tables are very helpful in organizing large amounts of data in just a few minutes. However, although it has a great user interface, it is not entirely free of issues. Sometimes Microsoft Excel is prone to have various technical errors. Here are some troubleshooting techniques to fix such Excel problems. Read on to find out more.


  • Once you have encountered an error, try to create the Pivot Table report again. You should click on the Options button on the Pivot Table wizard.
  • Then select the Optimize Memory check box. Click on the OK button to return to the Options menu.
  • You have to click on the Layout instead of Options. You should select the page format by dragging fields to the Page area.
  • Now you have to right click on a data field in the Layout and point to the Order, which is there in the shortcut menu. You can use the command structure on the Order menu for reordering the fields.
  • You must check for sheet protection. If you are unable to make changes to the PivotTable, you need to check whether the worksheet is protected.
  • In addition, you have to check the preserve settings to save formatting automatically which is not an automatic feature with PivotTable reports. You have to click on the PivotTable on the PivotTable tool bar and select Options. Then check the Preserve Formatting check box.

    fixing excel problems

    Fixing Microsoft Excel problems

  • You will be able to get rid of the PivotTable is invalid message by clicking the Refresh Data button image, especially after updating an external data source.

Often, fixing Excel problems that we usually encounter is not a big task. Microsoft help desk webpage offers great help in this regard. While tabulating or organizing very large amounts of data, it is quite natural to have something going erroneous. It may be because of overloading or due to some kind of software anomaly.

To keep the functionality of the program at its best, you should opt for timely software updates and security upgrades. You can get further assistance from Microsoft support pages and help forums available online.

Applying Animations To PowerPoint

moving animations for PowerPoint

Enjoy moving animations for PowerPoint

Microsoft has provided us with different office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, and others. These are the most commonly used office applications of the Microsoft Office Suite. We can prepare wonderful presentation slides using one of the above applications from Microsoft: PowerPoint. This presentation application from Microsoft helps us to prepare slides that we can use during a meeting, or to teach students at class, or for other purposes.

If you are new to Microsoft PowerPoint, when you open the PowerPoint window, you will find a white slide where you can enter the title, insert pictures, and enter text into a text box. Whatever you give in this slide can be moved according to your wish. There are several custom options that present the text and pictures in different directions. They make the text fly, vanish, dissolve and offer a number of other options which you will definitely love to see. It is possible to insert an animated graphic into these slides, and the moving animations for PowerPoint will be more attractive.

How to apply animation to PowerPoint?

When you open Microsoft PowerPoint, you will find only a single slide. To add animation to the current one, you can click the File tab on the top and select Open. You can browse to find the presentation and open it. Now the presentation will appear on the screen. You can move to the slide and add the animated graphic to it.

animated graphic

Moving animations for PowerPoint presentation

You will find the Insert tab on top. Click on it and click Picture. Now you can navigate to the animated graphic. This will have a GIF extension. You can double click this and it will be added to the presentation slide. You can place it in the desired location by dragging and dropping.

If you wish to add more animations to the current slide, just like a movie clip, you can click the Insert tab on the top and select the Video button. Now select Video from File. You will find the animated video, and you can choose the suitable one from among them, and add that to the current presentation. To insert it to the current slide, you just need to double click the file. The video will be shown as a black rectangle on the side of the workspace and you can play it with the slideshow.

You will definitely enjoy being able to convey more effectively, with moving animations for PowerPoint. These can be used for presentations of almost any kind.

Some Informative Tips To Tackle Microsoft Office Problems

Microsoft solutions

Microsoft MS Office

The office suit form Microsoft has become pretty much a handy tool to carry out most of the tasks that we need to perform in the office. Things could go a little off road when we come across some functionalities not used so far in MS Office 2007. For instance, some have no clue about how to change measurements from default metrics to feet and inches. They might even ask if MS Office 2007 offers only metric measurements. The answer would simply be no. Along with metric measurements, Office 2007 offers imperial measurements too. It’s just that it’s not that commonly used, so the way to change the setting is not readily apparent. There are plenty of Microsoft solutions available to overcome these simple problems. You can follow the following procedure to change these default options.

Changing the measurements from default metrics

  1. Click and open the “Office” button that is provided in the upper-left corner, and then the “Word Options” that you’ll see after.
  2. Click on the “Advanced” button given on the left column, and scroll it down to the “Display” section.
  3. Search for the option that is labeled “Show measurements in units of” and then alter the default measurements to the ones that you would like: either to inches or feet.
  4. Click “OK” and the ruler would start showing measurements in feet or inches, instead of the default metres measurements.
MS Office 2007

Microsoft Office features

When using word format, some words do not get saved in the dictionary. Whenever this happens, we add a new word to the dictionary. Later on, when we type the word, the word format can right away locate the word that we saved. Sometimes the case might be that we misspelled a word in the dictionary and we do not know how to delete it from the dictionary. If asked, the answer you get from Microsoft solutions centre would be that it’s easily done. Follow the simple steps that are explained below to have your misspelled word edited in the dictionary.

  1. Click on “Tools” and then select “Options”.
  2. Open the “Spelling & Grammar” tab and then click “Custom Dictionaries”. Now click on “Modify” option to see the list of added words.
  3. Find the word that you wish to delete. Highlight the same and then click the delete button.

This article lists out the ways in which two of the common problems in Microsoft Word can be fixed.


How To Make Snowflakes Effect In Your PowerPoint Presentation

pwerpoint presetnation

how to create snow effect on power point

It does not matter if you are creating a presentation for a personal or a business purpose; adding special effects can help you to perk up your presentation, as well as add emphasis and visual appeal to it. With the help of in-built auto shapes and tools, you can come up with cool animations for PowerPoint presentations. To bring in some seasonal theming, try adding snow. In this article, we will teach you how to add a cool snowflake effect to your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Launch the PowerPoint application and open the presentation to which you need add the snow effect. Hit the Format option, and select Background. You should choose a background color for your presentation from the drop down swatch. Choose dark colors such as black or blue. Click Apply to confirm your selection.
  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Insert, select Shapes, and then pick the oval auto shape from the list. Click anywhere on the background to create a small circle, which will be where your first snowflake shows. You can hold down the shift key and click on multiple spots. Now double click on any circle and press Fill and further click Gradient Fill.
  • Set the Color options to white. Also open the Direction drop-down box, and choose a color, which is bright at the center and lighter towards edges. From the left pane, click Line Color and then select No Line. Hit Ok to save your changes.
  • You can use the copy paste functions from your keyboard (CTRL+C and then CTRL+V) to create snowflakes all over your presentation, rather than doing it individually. Try to distribute them evenly across your presentation.

    Animation Painter

    how to use Animation Painter on PowerPoint

  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Animations, and select Advanced animations. Choose Fly Out from the list of animations for PowerPoint. You can set the duration and speed of your snowflakes by tweaking the Timing section.
  • After setting up the Fly Out and Timing option, click on the Animation Painter option. You need to select all the snowflakes that you have created, and apply a common animation rule to all the items selected. Now your snowflake effect is set for display, and you can check it by hitting the Preview button from the View option.

This is one cool idea to make your PowerPoint presentation impressive. Keep watching this space for more fun ideas, to help you customize your powerpoint presentations.

Calendar Problems In Microsoft Outlook

problems with outlook

fixing calendar problems in Outlook

Working with Outlook is quite simple and interesting as it brings a convenient interface for dealing with your emails. Even while at its peak performance, it may develop errors. Don’t worry, the issue is not so serious and with a few clicks you can easily get rid of such troubles. Among the common problems with outlook, you are more likely to encounter calendar problems in the application. Outlook has a provision to set appointments and reminders in it, and the occurrence of any malfunction would mess this all up. Before seeking help to mitigate such an issue, you need to be familiar with the common Outlook calendar problems.

  • Duplicate items: If you are attempting to run Outlook when Exchange folders are being synchronized and restored, sometimes it may cause duplicate appointments to be recorded in the calendar. Usually this occurs when you try this many number of times. You just need to find the Outlook.exe files and remove it until only one is left so that all other duplicate items are deleted.
  • Missing appointments: This type of calendar problem occurs when appointments are deleted. Usually the calendar displays appointments for dates before and after the recent syncing process but does not show anything in between. The default setting in the sync software removes old appointments to save space. Once the items are deleted while syncing, then it is lost permanently. So it is better to use the Auto Archiving feature to free up space and remove appointments.

    outlook calendar problems

    troubleshooting Outlook

  • Resurfacing Reminders: Another trouble with outlook is that users continue to receive reminders even after they were disabled earlier. Old reminders stay on the list and you need to work again to dismiss them. This irritating problem occurs in Windows Mobile 6, Windows XP and Outlook 2003 users. Microsoft Support mentions that disabled reminders will be appearing if the Active Sync service is enabled.
  • Damaged folders: Sometimes the calendar entries won’t be appearing as scheduled when the reminder folder is damaged. You need to verify whether Outlook is running and the reminders are saved to the primary calendar. If it is not resuming properly then the folder can be marked as damaged. Now you have to clean the reminder folders.

All these are some common problems with outlook calendar. Fortunately there is excellent support available online from Microsoft tech support team.

The Best Software To Help Small Business Owners

Microsoft business solutions

business supporting software

There are a number of small business firms in our country and these companies need a lot of support for proper growth. They can find the best help from software technologies. A number of software developers provide solutions for small scale businesses. Some of the most popular companies among those are Intellisoft, Everest software, intuit etc. Microsoft business solutions also provide help for the blooming businesses.


This business software includes many features which helps the small businesses to grow. The best thing about this software is that, it can be customized according to your needs. The other features include finance and accounting solution, supply chain management solution, Client Record Management or CRM software solutions. Since this is a flexible software, it can be used to solve the problems in multiple fields. The software has got a particular workstation and it needs some requirements for the server and remote connectivity. If you want to watch or try out a demo of the software, you can find it on their website.


No matter how big or small your business is a good website is an absolute necessity for your venture. The main service that Intuit provides its users is website service. They will provide you more than 2000 templates; from these templates you can choose the website style that you want. Then you can make the appropriate changes in the website to customize it according to your needs. These changes include adding information, images about your company and choosing the page’s colors.

online business

software help for your business

Everest Software

This software provides three types of products to help the small business owners- the Everest Advanced Edition, Everest Retail Edition and the Everest eStorefront Professional. In the advanced version of Everest, a number of options which are not available in the other versions are included which are helpful in running your business. You can do a number of things such as accounting, sales, inventory, purchase, payroll and a lot more things. The Everest eStorefront software provides the best solutions for you if you are running an online business.

Microsoft Office 2010

This software includes a number of products that are helpful for the small business owners. The various products of this software include Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint etc. Microsoft business solutions have included several features in these programs to improve your business.

Make use of the software programs explained above and there is no doubt that this will help you to improve your business. It must be noted however that the solutions that you adopt should conform to your business needs as otherwise, the plan to use a software may backfire!