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Create Your Own Jeopardy Games On PowerPoint

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How to create jeopardy games in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best software for making and presenting office presentations. It has many functions, which makes the presentation good and interesting. Using PowerPoint, you can even make some puzzling games, which makes your presentation more interesting.

You can download a free template from PowerPoint help and make Jeopardy games easily. After downloading the template, you can add questions and answers to modify the template. You can also add different colors and graphics to make the game visually attractive. You can also create a jeopardy game from scratch if you want.

If you want to make a jeopardy game for your PowerPoint presentation, try the following steps provided by PowerPoint help.

Steps to follow

  • Open PowerPoint on your computer and choose a blank presentation. Then choose the blank presentation in the Auto Layout box and click OK.
  • Navigate to view menu and choose Master and then slide master. Then choose a background color from the format menu and click apply to all option.
  • If you want, you can change the font size and type.
  • Choose slide from the view menu. Navigate to insert menu and select Table. Take as many columns and rows that you need.
  • Enter the name of each category in the top row of each column.
  • Choose all the text in the table, navigate to Format menu, and click Paragraph. Then, make the justification to Centered.
  • Select a new slide from the insert menu and add a question on this slide, you can also add pictures if you want.
  • You can add the picture by clicking on the insert menu, and then choose a picture and after that you can change the size of the image.
  • Select the arrow from the new slide and navigate to the insert menu, then select Hyperlink. From the popup menu, choose the ‘place in this document’ option. Then choose the first slide as the place for the document and click OK.
  • Navigate to the first page and enter the mark that is given for this question in the right place.

    PowerPoint presentation

    Make your presentation interesting

  • Again, select the Hyperlink from the insert menu and then choose Place this document. In the popup menu, choose the slide you just created now and click OK.
  • Add all the questions and their marks in the similar way.
  • After adding all the questions, select the view menu and choose Slideshow.
  • Make a test on the game and if necessary, make some adjustments.

Follow these steps to make your PowerPoint presentations interesting and attractive.

Guide To Import Contacts From Excel To CRM

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How to import contacts from Excel to CRM?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs that has a wide array of applications. Not only can you perform calculations and financial forecasts, but you can also use this program for organizing information, especially contacts. You can quickly move your contacts from Excel into your Customer relationship management (CRM) program as Excel allows you to convert data into multiple formats.

How to import contacts from Excel to CRM?

You can get the help of the Microsoft Excel tech support team to guide you with the process, but try doing it on your own. Given below are the steps to import contacts from Excel to CRM.

  • In Microsoft Excel, open the file that contains all your contacts. Ensure that your contacts are entered in a file that has a header row, as it will contain the value meaning for all your information. For instance, the row at the top of your contacts spreadsheet can be named First name, Last name, Telephone, Email address, Address, City, etc. To enable your CRM program to understand the context of all your data, this header row is essential.
  • From the main menu, select File and then choose Save As. Determine a location on your computer where you wish to save your exported contacts. Choose Comma separated Values (.csv) from the Format drop down menu and select OK.
  • Open the CRM program and choose Import either from the main menu or from the Contacts section. Select Comma Separated values as the importing file type.

    Excel to CRM

    Managing contact information using Excel

  • Locate the CSV file you exported from Excel using Browse and select OK. You will be asked to match the fields from the header row in the Excel file with the respective field in your CRM program.
  • A new file for each of your contacts will be automatically created by your CRM program and the data from your Excel CSV file will be used to fill the fields.

While organizing your contacts in Excel, it would be a good idea to break your contact data into a number of fields. Break a person’s name into first name and last name instead of entering the full name. This way, controlling each piece of data while exporting from Excel and importing into Excel is made easier. If you have any doubts, you can always get the help of Microsoft Excel tech support team.

How To Link Multiple Workbooks In Microsoft Excel

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Get Microsoft support for Excel troubleshooting

Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. This comes bundled with other applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and a few others in the Microsoft Office suite.

Let’s come down to the topic here. We are going to discuss a few things about using Microsoft Excel application which I’m sure you will find interesting. Those who use Excel may sometimes stumble upon certain features while using it.

One such feature is linking data to multiple spreadsheets. This can save a lot of time and effort as any change made to one spreadsheet will reflect on the other without you needing to manually key-in the data separately on different spreadsheets.

A link in Excel means a formula that helps you to fetch data from a cell in another workbook. Thus, when you have links set in workbooks and you open one of them, Microsoft Excel reads in the latest or updated data from the source workbook. Excel tech support and help is made available by Microsoft for those who seek assistance in the most efficient way.

Instructions for linking data or cells of one spreadsheet to another

  • Launch Microsoft Excel. Open the two spreadsheet files you want to associate.
  • From the source spreadsheet, select the cells you want to link. Any changes made to these cells in the source data will automatically be updated in the destination spreadsheet.
  • Now go to the “Formula” bar and enter the following values. Type the equal symbol (=), the worksheet name and the cell address that you are using. By entering these values, you are importing the cell values from the source worksheet.

    Linking data

    How to get Excel tech support

  • So by providing the formula you are linking two spreadsheets together.

Creating links come in handy when you want to maintain updated data/information in a single workbook but at the same time want to use that information in different workbooks.

Take for example the case where you have some products whose prices change frequently. You need to update the price every time when you make purchase orders, inventory valuations or sales estimates. You will be using separate workbooks for each of these calculations. By using a master price list and creating links to this list from other workbooks, you can make sure that you use the latest price for any such calculations.

You still have doubts on this? Get in touch with the Excel tech support team who can provide you with more information on how you can successfully create links to multiple workbooks.

Fix .Net Runtime Error In Windows

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft .NET Framework

Runtime errors are caused in a computer system using the Windows operating system. These errors are caused after you install or upgrade a new program in the system and the computer fails to recognize the program. Slowing down the computer system or not able to run programs are the main symptoms of runtime errors.

Runtime errors can be both hardware and software errors and they are displayed in the form of a message box that will contain a code and a related explanation. A .Net runtime error is the most common error noticed in a system that causes system stalling and error in program installation in the computer system.

A computer programmer uses the Microsoft .NET Framework to develop applications and it contains a built-in library to repair programming issues. The runtime errors are a common happening in this framework and immediate runtime error troubleshoot is needed to fix and continue using the system.

There are many ways to fix a .Net runtime error and the Microsoft Solution center will provide you the necessary guide steps to do so. Here you will find a simplified and expanded version of the explanation from the center.

Steps to Follow

  • Click on the Start button located on the bottom of the screen or directly hit the Windows key on the Keyboard. Select Run and type in msiexec/unregister in the space field to un-register the Windows Installer and click OK. To re-register the Windows Installer, go to Run again following the earlier steps and type in msiexec/regserver in the space field.

    Microsoft Solution Center

    Runtime Error and Microsoft Solution

  • Go to Start and then Run and type in cmd in the Run field box. Click on OK and this will open the Command Window. Into the Command Window, copy-paste or type in %InstallationPath%\dotnetfx.exe /t:%temp% /c:”msiexec.exe /fvecms %temp%\netfx.msi and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This will instruct the Windows to execute a repair installation.
  • Go to the Windows Live official website and download the .NET Framework cleanup tool by clicking on its download link. Launch the file by double-clicking on it. The program will start to scan the system and locate any .NET runtime errors present and then fix the errors.

Following these steps shared under Microsoft solution center will help you to locate and fix any runtime error that might exist in your system. You can also contact Microsoft service executives if further issues arise while dealing with .Net runtime errors.

Steps To Retrieve Lost Excel 2007 Document

Excel tech support

Recover lost Excel 2007 data

There could be scenarios where you will lose your Excel file which you were currently working upon due to an abrupt restart of your PC or other various reasons. So in order to save your effort, there is a wonderful tool available inside MS Excel 2007 which will automatically keep saving your Excel sheet by creating restore points at regular interval of time. In this article, we will be dealing with certain Excel tech support guidelines to use the Document Recovery Pane as well as to activate the AutoRecover option so that you won’t lose your important documents anymore!

Steps to Activate AutoRecover option:

  • First, launch the Microsoft Excel application from the Windows Start menu option.
  • Locate the Microsoft Office button at the top left of the screen and click on it to open up the drop down menu.
  • Now open the dialog window for Excel Options by clicking the Excel Options button located at the bottom of the drop down menu.
  • Navigate to the left pane and click on the Save link, which in turn will open up a dialog window for Save Workbooks.
  • Enable Save AutoRecover Information Every [ ] Minutes by marking the check box adjacent to it. Also enter the number of minutes in order to set the time interval at which you require the AutoRecover function to happen. Finally click Ok button to save your settings!

Steps to use the Document Recovery pane:

Activate AutoRecover

MS Excel

  • Launch the Microsoft Excel application. You will receive the Document Recovery task pane over the left pane of the application window. You will probably receive various versions of your Excel worksheet.
  • Choose the appropriate one, right click on it and select any of the three options which are Open, Save As and Delete. Choose Open command if you require to review your document before saving it. Choose the Save As command if you want to rename the documents or save the file in a different location. Finally select Delete command, if you want to delete the document.
  • You need to choose Open or Save As to recover the version of your Excel document.

We hope you are clear with the instructions to retrieve lost Excel 2007 document from an unsaved worksheet! Contact Excel tech support team for further assistance regarding the same matter!

Using Animated Characters In Powerpoint

Moving animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint with Moving Animation

The PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to handle documents and files with slides and animated characters. This application is different from other software in the suite such as Microsoft Word in the aspect that it can handle words combined with images and moving slides. This makes the presentation with a better and a more detail manner as a user can share the information in graphical method. The moving animations for PowerPoint is made possible as PowerPoint supports incorporating photos, audio, video and animated characters.

A file known as animated Graphics Interchange Format makes it possible to display the animated characters. To allow the use of animated images in PowerPoint more efficient, many types of animated GIFs are included in the Microsoft ClipArt collection from the company and has been integrated with the Office Suite.

If you are a first time user of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily develop a presentation with animated slides by following the steps shared hereon.

Steps in Developing PowerPoint Presentation with Moving Animated Characters

  • Select and start the PowerPoint presentation where you wish to add the animated character or characters. On the top of the page, locate and click on the Insert option and then Movie. Select Movie from Clip Organizer by clicking on it and PowerPoint will start the Clip Art sidebar.

    Graphics Interchange Format

    Add Animation in PowerPoint

  • To add the specific image, type in the search term of the animated GIF and click GO. A list of search results will be displayed and you can select your image from it. To find the most suitable image for your presentation, try varying search terms of the image and select accordingly.
  • A list of relate keyword search will be displayed in the search results. Locate and select the image that you wish to include in the presentation by double-clicking on it.
  • To resize the image, you can drag the handles located on the corners of the image and drag the sized image around the slides to place it at the desired location.
  • To preview the animation that you are about to create, press the F5 key and the slide will start.

These steps will help you to customize and learn to add moving animations for PowerPoint presentation. The Microsoft office support site can provide you with additional tips if further problems arise while following these steps.

How To Recover The Unsaved Excel Worksheet

Excel problems

Troubleshoot Excel

Have you ever experienced a program crashing down when your work was almost complete? In such a situation, you may get very upset as a few files would have gone missing due to the abrupt crash. Similar to other excel problems solutions provided by the Excel support team, this too comes with a troubleshooting mechanism. However, you have to follow a set of procedures to recover the unsaved files. Also, make sure that you try to recover the files as soon as possible. The following instructions might help you to recover your unsaved work.

Instructions to Follow

For Files That Were Never Saved

  • Open Microsoft Excel again on your computer. For that, click on the Excel icon that you can find in the desktop or in the Start menu. If you cannot find the icon in either of these locations, open the Start menu and click All Programs. From the list of programs, open Microsoft Office folder and then select Microsoft Excel from the list of options. Then the program opens on your computer.
  • Once the program opens, click File to open the File menu. You can find the File button on the top left portion of the application window.
  • From the File menu, select Recent.
  • Then select Recover Unsaved Workbooks from the menu. Now a list of all the spreadsheets that you worked and not saved will appear on the screen.
  • From that list, find the spreadsheet that you want to recover. Since the Excel keeps the record of all the files that you created in it, it is easy to find the file simply by checking the time at which you create your file.
  • Once you find the file from the list, click on that file to recover the file.
  • Now click the Save As option in the file menu and type the name of the file in the respective field provided for it.
  • Once you enter the file name, click Save.

    Excel support

    Fix Excel problems

Files Previously Saved

  • Open Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  • Select files that you can see on the upper left portion of the menu bar.
  • Now select Info from the file menu.
  • Beneath the Versions, you can see a version labeled as when I closed without saving. Select that version.
  • After you select the version, click Restore.

In most cases, the above instructions are helpful for you to restore the Excel sheets that are not saved. For getting assistance on any other Excel problems, you can contact the Excel support phone number.

Customize Display In MS Excel 2007

Excel Problems

Fix Problem with Excel Display

Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to handle office and personal data as a spreadsheet. The basic focus of MS Excel is to handle documents in tables that include numbered rows and columns. MS Excel is one of the best programs to handle data, records of observations and manipulating it on the spreadsheet for easier and better understanding.

Excel is a frequently used program and a change of display in MS Excel from the normal view will be quite annoying to a user. This may lead to difficulty in managing data and files.

If such display issue is noticed in the MS Excel program, it should be fixed at the earliest so that the normal working is not affected. MS Excel comes with default setting options to change the way it looks and you can follow any setting steps shared below to fix the existing Excel problems.

Problems with Display in MS Excel

The view of the spreadsheet may have been changed due to a change in view settings. This can happen often when the user unknowing checks a box or presseses a function key when he had meant to do something else. It is quite rare that an error in the software will cause display issues.

Customize Display

All the Office programs are part of the Microsoft Office suite. So this feature in MS Office is used to customize the display in all the programs including MS Excel. In this article, we shall discuss a few ways by which we can resolve the issue in MS Office 2007.

Settings to Bring Default Display

When you use the Microsoft Excel application, you can set a default view option for the program. Applying this setting, you can have the same view every time you work with the program. If any change in the display is noticed, you can go to Office tab on the top of the window and clicking on Excel Options tab.

Display in MS Excel

Customize MS Excel View

Custom Display

This setting is used when you wish to have different view settings than the normal view. Under this custom view option, you can bring some additional change in the default settings view. This setting can be accessed from the View tab available on the program screen.

These are some of the settings you can utilize to maintain the Excel view according to your choice and fix the Excel problems. Microsoft Office support site can provide you with additional tips on using Excel.

How To Format Graphs In Microsoft Excel?

Problems with Excel

Format our graphs in Excel

Microsoft Excel allows its users to display a variety of information visually with the help of graphing tools. Unlike other mathematical data wherein you represent the answer using numbers, words and equations, graph problems enable you to display your answers in a visual format making it easier for the audience to grasp the data. Using the formatting options in Excel, users are allowed to customize these graphs according to their wish. The majority of the options is the same for all graph types except some formatting options which change according to the type of graph that is selected.

How to format Graph problems in Excel?

Most often, users wish to format the graphs as per their wish and problems with Excel graphs are also quite common. Here are some ways in which you can format graphs used in Microsoft Excel.

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet that has the graph data you want to format. In the instance where you have not yet created a graph from the information, highlight the required cells and click on the Insert tab of the Ribbon. From the Charts area, select the type of graph that is suitable for your data.
  • Now select your graph so as to open up the Charts Tools that includes the Layout, Design and Format tabs. In order to change the chart layout and color scheme, select the Design tab of the ribbon. From the Chart Styles option boxes, change the color scheme, shadow and dimension of the chart quickly

    Excel support team

    Formatting options in Excel

  • In order to change the individual colors, effects, fills, fonts and outlines, select the Format tab of the Ribbon. From the WordArt Styles area, add, remove or modify the WordArt on your chart. The Arrange and Size areas can be used to format the layout of the objects.
  • To alter a particular component of the graph, select the Current Selection drop down box. In order to open the object’s advanced formatting options, select the Format Selection button. Once you are done formatting, save your Excel worksheet.

These are some ways in which you can format problems with Excel graphs. In case of queries, look for online help and if that does not do much to resolve your doubts, then it would be a good idea to contact the Excel support team.

Guide To Add Custom Animations In PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint

Animations for PowerPoint

Available as part of the Microsoft office Suite, Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that is used by a large number of people for a variety of purposes. This application allows its users to include images, charts, tables, graphs and even other macros. Big businesses, training programs and even teachers make use this application to make their classes more interesting. You can make your presentation even more intriguing by including pictures, background music and even animations. Moving animations for PowerPoint are yet another way to make them even more fascinating.

How to add custom animations in PowerPoint 2007?

Adding animations to your PowerPoint is not all that difficult and can be done in a few simple steps. PowerPoint 2007 has a slightly different layout as compared to the older versions. All you have to do is find where the animations tools are located. Given below are the directions to help you do the same-

  1. In the PowerPoint toolbar, click on Animation.
  2. From the top left of the new Animation screen, click on Custom Animation.
  3. Now select the word, phrase, sentence or graphic that you want to animate and highlight it. Hold down your left mouse button and drag it over the texts and sentences that you want to highlight.

    Moving animations for PowerPoint

    Microsoft support team

  4. A new side bar will now appear on the right. Select Add Effect.
  5. From the options available, choose the type of animation that you want. You can include an animation near the entrance, exit or emphasis. To include moving animations for PowerPoint, you can also create motion paths for it to move along.
  6. Once you have selected an effect, you can make changes when the effect starts. The software defaults to On Click. Now when you click the mouse, the animation will start.
  7. You can also determine the speed. By default, the software is set at medium.
  8. Once you decide on the basic settings that you need, you can access the advanced animation options by using the drop down arrow next to the effect.

Follow these instructions in order to add custom animations in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint provided an inbuilt help to assist you whenever you run into doubts. For advanced help, contact the Microsoft support team for their expert services.