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Outlook Express Failing To Forward Emails With Image Attachments

Outlook Express email problems

Fix emails with image attachments in Outlook Express

Outlook Express is Microsoft’s primary email client and personal information manager (PIM) software that lets you store, manage, send and receive email messages. This multipurpose application also includes calendars, to-do list and Groupware functions. With Outlook Express, users can forward messages from the software to other accounts. But sometimes, email messages that contain picture attachments fail to forward due to certain issues. Read on to find out more if you are facing similar Outlook Express email problems and wondering how to fix it. In this article we have listed out step by step instructions to tweak your Outlook Express in such a way that it sends emails with image attachments.


  • Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. A faulty internet connection will prevent you from sending email messages. So if you find that your internet connection is not working, contact your internet service provider and get it fixed and see if you can forward emails with images.
  • Try sending a test email with a single picture attachment. If it has been received successfully at the other end, the problem might be due to the images attached into your original message. The images attached might be taking up too much space to send as an attachment. Try sending those images individually and see if it works. Your server and email client may not allow you forward messages sometimes, even if your system allowed you to receive it.

    Personal information manager

    How to troubleshoot Outlook Express issues

  • Check if the picture attachment has any virus infections. You can verify it by marking the checkbox that is located next to the images and checking whether the virus scanner has detected any virus with the images. Outlook Express will not let you send the pictures to another email account if it is already infected with a virus. You can make use of third party anti-virus applications to remove the infection.
  • You can try opening a new email window and saving the pictures on your computer. Attach each picture separately and send the new message, instead of forwarding all the images together. Most users find this method working.

We hope the above instructions have helped you fix the issue. If it does not work out, try contacting a support technician to get further assistance. Contact Outlook support for more troubleshooting tips on Outlook Express email problems.

How To Add Animation To The Slides In PowerPoint

Animations for PowerPoint

Different animations for PowerPoint

You might be familiar with the different office applications from Microsoft. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the office application included in Microsoft Office Suite. It helps you present your reports and projects in an attractive way. The different themes, colors and slide transitions give a real treat to the viewer. The data that you prepare for presentation is consolidated and presented in slides, which make it easy to understand. You can even insert pictures or images in to these slides.

You can even add animations for PowerPoint and this makes the slideshow even more attractive. Let us check the different steps needed to add animations in PowerPoint.


  • Open a PPT slide in PowerPoint and select the Animations tab.
  • Below Animations tab, you will find a group of icons that indicate the various designs and arrows. These are the different type of transition styles, which can be applied to slides and animation videos.
  • It is possible to insert sounds for each such slide transitions. You can give different sounds depending upon the slide that you choose. You just need to select the arrow that you find next to Transition Sound and this will open the dropdown menu. Select the appropriate sound.
  • The speed of each slide transition can be chosen by selecting Transition Speed and you get three options to choose from. This depends on your presentation and the mood that it requires. You can try giving different voices for each transition and the right speed for the transition.

    Transition Speed

    Various animations for PowerPoint

  • You might have some added effects for the text on each slide and the animation effect that you choose should be more or less similar to it. You can implement this if you have used bullets on your slide, which can be highlighted using the animation effect. Initially you need to highlight the text that you wish to animate and select the Custom Animation tab that you would find on right and select the Add Effect button. You will find plenty of options to choose from and you can experiment with different styles and check, which one looks more attractive.
  • After selecting these effects, select the Start arrow. And, if you have enabled On Click for your mouse input, you will have to click your mouse to implement the effect on each slide.

The animations for PowerPoint can be done by following the above-mentioned steps. Hope you found this article useful.

The Procedure To Put The Hyperlinks In PowerPoint

Help with PowerPoint

PowerPoint support

The PowerPoint is the best software for business and paper presentations. By using the PowerPoint, you can take your presentations in a best possible way. There are number of options and features in PowerPoint, which will help you to improve the appearance of your slides and to make the presentations in a better way. You can even add images, videos and links into the PowerPoint to make the presentation more interesting. If you insert relevant images and videos into PowerPoint presentation, you can easily convey the message to the viewers. You can add the reference websites on the last page of the slide. This will help the viewers to refer the pages again.

Since the Microsoft provides help with PowerPoint, It is easy to add hyperlinks in the PowerPoint presentations. You just need to follow the instructions below.

Steps To Follow

  • First create your PowerPoint presentation by creating different slides and enter the data that you want to convey through the presentation.
  • You can add the hypertext to an existing PowerPoint or a new PowerPoint presentation that is made from scratch.
  • Choose the link that you want to add to the slide. Make sure that you copy a correct link address before adding it to the slide. Since the missing of a single letter from the link can make your link wrong. you have to test it before you add the link to the slide.
  • Once the link is ready, select the image or text that you want to get hyperlinked.
  • From the insert menu in PowerPoint, select the Hyperlink option.

    Hyperlinks in the PowerPoint

    PowerPoint help and support

  • Then a pop up window opens on which you can insert the Hyperlink.
  • Then navigate to the text box which says, Type the File or Webpage Name. Type the link that you need to show as hyperlink in the box.
  • After inserting the hyperlink into the box, click OK to insert the hyperlink into the slide.
  • Run the slideshow and test whether the hyperlink is working on your computer. Make sure that it navigates to the correct website by clicking the link.
  • If it works well, save the PowerPoint and you are ready for the show.

The above instructions will help you to insert the hyperlinks in the PowerPoint. Make use of this option and make your PowerPoint better. For any other help with PowerPoint, visit the PowerPoint help website.

Problem With Sending Email In Outlook

Outlook Express Email Problems

Problems with Outlook Express

The Outlook Express is an email platform developed by Microsoft to allow users to send and receive emails through the internet. The Outlook Express started with Windows operating systems like Windows 98 and is now present in newer versions such as Windows XP, Vista and now in 7 too! With the use of Outlook Express, users can avail email services with the facility to keep a personal contact database. The most common Outlook Express email problems are with regard to sending emails. It is a common issue where a user can receive emails but cannot reply or send a new mail. The reasons for this problem maybe because of some problem with the installation or files may be corrupted in the Outlook program.

Here are three measures you can try to fix the problems with sending mails.

Remove Internet Files

  • Launch the Internet Explorer and Outlook Express on your computer.
  • Click on the Internet Options app window in Internet Explorer by going to Tools.
  • Go to Temporary Internet files and click on the Delete Files button to delete the files. Beside Remove all offline files, check the box and click OK. This will fix any errors that are caused as a result of temporary files.
  • Restart the computer.

Fixing File Folders for Outlook Express

  • Click and go to the File menu located on the Outlook screen and click on Work Offline.
  • Double-click on the Outlook Express located in the left-hand column folder to close any folders that are open. Click on the X sign to close the folder column.
    Sending Mails

    Email Issues in Outlook

  • Go to the top of the Outlook Express and click on File. Select Folder and from the drop-down options, click on Compact All Folders. Don’t open any program while this process is running on the computer. Microsoft recommends regular compacting of folders in Outlook Express as it will prevent any chance of formation of glitches that may cause the error.

Register and Set Outlook Express as Default Email Program

  • Go to Start menu and select Run.
  • To re-register Outlook Express in Window Registry, type in msimn /reg into the Run space field and click OK.
  • Go to Internet Explored Options app window and click on the tab marked as Programs to open its detail panel.
  • Clicking on Set Programs will set Outlook Express as the default email Program.

These steps will solve most of the Outlook Express email problems. You can find more answers to related issues by visiting Outlook Express official site.

3 Factors To Keep In Mind While Migrating To A Newer Version Of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office FAQ

Factors to be consider when migrating to a newer MS Office

With many recent innovative options from Microsoft like the launch of Office 2013 and Windows 8; Surface or Windows Phone and the movement to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, it is only natural that many companies are thinking about implementing these latest solutions.

When migrating to a newer version of Microsoft Office, some critical details should be considered. Microsoft Office FAQ will definitely be a great help for those who are planning a migration. Given below are some of the common issues that a company might face throughout the migration procedure and some points that should be kept in mind.

Things to remember

  1. The most common problems that can make things difficult are the interlinked document or links as they are more commonly called. The file extension’s name is different in the new version of Microsoft Office, which is very different from the previous ones. So file links will be broken in the upgraded MS Office as there has been a change in file name by the new extension file.

    Compatibility Mode

    Migrating to a newer version of MS Office

  2. Another important issue that should be kept in mind is the security. For document security, Microsoft Office utilizes the Trust Center; therefore, its settings must be taken into account as part of the migration. To secure Access applications, Workgroup Security (.MSW) was available prior to Office 2007. Planning and implementing of the security model has become a must in every deployment process as the upgraded versions of Microsoft Office (native mode) are not supporting Workgroup security.
  3. Often, enterprises tend to use Compatibility Mode. But often the limits that this approach has are forgotten. A lack of new features in compatibility mode or co-existence offered by the newest version of Office may be the most important limitation. In this way, the benefits of the newest version are actually denied to its users.

There are a number of issues that should be examined carefully before engaging into the newest version of Microsoft Office, the above three being the most common among them. A migration must be customized according to the requirements of each company and hence there is no one single right approach. You can go through the online Microsoft Office FAQ while planning a migration.

Steps To Change Letter Spacing In PowerPoint

MS power point help

How to change letter spacing in Power Point

If you are going to address a client group or venturing to present a seminar, then a PowerPoint documentation of the topic will just be the icing on the cake. It offers very helpful ways of customizing the slide shows and presentations very impressively. Working with PowerPoint is quite easy just as every Microsoft product, and MS Power Point help is just a Google search away!

How to change letter spacing in Power Point

  • First you need to launch the Microsoft Power Point and open up the slide show that you want.
  • If you want to change any text you should highlight it. When you employ changes in spacing they will be applied to these highlighted texts. Otherwise, the changes will go to the next text that you type in.
  • Now you should click on the Home tab that is present at the top of the screen. Then select the option Character Spacing beneath the Font heading. You will be able to select a spacing type ranging from Very Tight to Very Loose.
  • If you want to have more spacing options, you need to select the More Spacing button. There are options labeled Normal, Expanded and Condensed spacing which appear in the Font window. You can also adjust the spacing manually. For this you should use the arrows next to the option labeled By.
  • Kerning for Fonts is another option that you can check or uncheck as desired. When this option is checked, this setting will automatically adjust the spacing between certain fonts. After making the necessary changes you have to click on the OK button.

    Working with PowerPoint

    Help and support for Power Point issues

Your ideas are best conveyed to the audience if you use the visual and audio impacts that are well employed in PowerPoint creations. However while preparing slide shows you need to know certain customization options which are best fit to the topic. If you are going to present your work before your client, it should be impressive in all respects. So care has to be taken while working with PowerPoint presentations. What I have described above is a simple procedure to accomplish changes in spacing.

There are several such facilities in the application and the very best help in this regard can be obtained from MS Power Point help pages available online. Just work around with the features in PowerPoint and make your presentations visually appealing.

Guide To Troubleshoot Outlook Express Outgoing Mail

Outlook Express email problems

Outlook Express problems

Are you having trouble with your outgoing mails in Microsoft Outlook Express? Then please read on. This article gives you some ways in which you can troubleshoot Outlook Express email problems, especially issues with your outgoing mail.

How to troubleshoot Outlook Express Outgoing mail?

Given below are the steps to help you troubleshoot Outlook Express outgoing mail issues-

  1. In case you had opened the email when it was in the Outbox and it did not get sent, then change the status of the email in your Outbox. If you had opened as well as closed the mail in your Outbox and if it is not in bold anymore, then the status has been changed and it might not send. To resend the email, open it again and then click Send.
  2. Check if your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) is correctly set and does not have any typos. If you are uncertain about how your SMTP settings should be, then enquire with your email provider. Verify your settings by first selecting Tools and then clicking Account Settings. Now highlight the account and then select Change. Next, review your SMTP settings.
  3. If you are unable to send as well as receive emails, then check if you have a network connection. To confirm that you are connected to the internet, start your Internet Browser.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Issues with Outlook Express outgoing mails

  4. Make sure that you are not working in offline mode. To check your status, click on File. In case the Work Offline button has a checkmark against it, then click on it t change the Work Offline mode. Alternatively, if the notification area which is located at the lower right hand corner of the task bar displays the Outlook icon with an ‘X’ on it, then you are offline.
  5. Check if you have provided the correct settings for your Outbox. Select Tools and then Options followed by the Mail Setup tab. Make sure that there is a checkmark against the Send immediately when connected option.

These are the basic steps to troubleshoot Outlook Express outgoing mail issues. But if you find these steps difficult to follow, you can always contact the Outlook support team for expert assistance. They will be more than happy to help you resolve not just outgoing mail issues, but just about any kind of Outlook Express email problems that you might be facing.

Entrance And Exit Effects In PowerPoint

Animations for PowerPoint

Animation effects in PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Suite comes bundled with various programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher, which help users in various assignments. Be it preparing charts, accounting sheets, text documenting, or business presentations, Microsoft Office pack has the best programs to help you in the required concern.

Microsoft PowerPoint is such a useful program in the Microsoft Office bundle that helps users to prepare presentations. It is used widely across the globe, mostly in business firms and educational institutions. The animations for PowerPoint application allow the texts, images, and objects in a presentation to slide and move, which attracts the onlookers. The different tools offered by PowerPoint also help to remove the items accordingly. These animation effects provide an influence on the matter and enhance the perception over the matter.

The first set of animation tools in the Microsoft PowerPoint application is Entrance Effects and the second set is Exit Effects. These basic tools help to animate the objects in a presentation and thus have a better impact on the viewers. Here are the instructions to use the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Steps to follow

  • Go to the desktop on your screen, and click on the Start button to access the Start menu. Expand the All Programs link, and click on the Microsoft Office option.
  • Select Microsoft Office PowerPoint link in the resulting menu to launch the application.
  • Go to the File button on the top right corner of the Microsoft PowerPoint window and click Open link to open the presentation you want to edit.

    Microsoft Office Word

    Microsoft PowerPoint application

  • Select Animation tab and move on to Custom Animation link found under the Animations section.
  • Select the image or text that you want to animate and click on the Add Effect link in the Custom Animation box.
  • Select Entrance and pick any of the desired effects.
  • Select Add Effect once again, and click Exit to set a departing animation. Pick the desired animation that matches the Entrance effects, so that the animations provide a sense of continuity in the slideshow.
  • Select the arrow against Exit effects link and click After Previous to set the animation automatically. You can also choose On Mouse Click to allow the effects to take place on mouse click.

There are numerous animation effects in the application that you can try, and decide on the most appealing one according to your context. For more assistance on animations for PowerPoint, contact the Microsoft help center or press F1 while in the application window for help.

How To Change Form ‘Sum’ To ‘Count’ In A Pivot Table Report?

Excel tech support

Excel tech support team

Are you wondering how to change the default settings in a Pivot Table report in an Excel application from ‘sum’ to ‘count’? Then please read on. You probably will find this article an interesting read.

The Microsoft Excel application allows you to incorporate a Pivot Table report which is an excellent way to combine as well as compare huge data quantities. The calculations in your report are summarized in the data field of the Pivot Table. By default, the numeric data to be summarized in the report is set at ‘sum.’ If instead you want to summarize the text data, then use the field settings to change the default settings to ‘count.’ Changing the default settings from ‘sum to ‘count’ is not all that difficult and can be done in a few simple steps. Both Excel 2003 as well as Excel 2007 follows the same procedure to do this.

How to change from ‘sum’ to ‘count’ in a Pivot table?

Given below are the steps recommended by the Excel tech support team to change the default settings from ‘sum’ to ‘count’ in a Pivot Table report-

  1. To start with, select the Start from the left side of the task bar on the bottom of your desk top and from the resulting drop down menu, select Programs and then Microsoft Office. From the list of applications, select Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open your Microsoft Excel application and take the Pivot table report in it. Highlight any cell in the data area by clicking on it.

    Microsoft Excel

    Excel tech support team

  3. From the Pivot Table toolbar, select the Field Settings option. In the Pivot Table Field dialog box, the Sum option will be selected by default.
  4. Next, from the Summarize by box, select the Count option. Instead of Sum, the data will now be summarized by Count.
  5. To alter any other field settings like including a custom calculation, select the Options button.
  6. To save all your changes, select the OK button in the Pivot Field dialog box.

These are the basic steps to change the default settings from ‘sum’ to ‘count’ in a Pivot Table report. If you have any doubts regarding the process, simply contact the Excel tech support team to obtain professional help. They will be more than happy to offer you their services.

Convert Large .PDF Files To Excel Abode 9 Pro

Excel support

Support from Excel

You can have Acrobat files including tables from which data can be extracted. It is generally believed that PDF files are not editable and data cannot be converted to any other format through cut and paste. The instructions given below in this article are going to shatter these beliefs.

Excel Support Instructions

In order to convert large .pdf files into Excel Adobe 9 Pro, you need to follow the 3 set of instructions as given below:

  • Getting Tabular Data Out by Text Selection
  • Exporting Text Files
  • Exporting PDF Forms to Excel

Getting Tabular Data Out by Text Selection

  • First open the concerned PDF file.
  • Select the tool which is named as “Text Selection” from the toolbar.
  • Now select the table. Press “Ctrl+C” to copy the text.
  • Then open a Notepad file. You must paste the copied text into the Notepad file by pressing “Ctrl+V”. The text will be separated by tabs. You need to save the text file.
  • Now open the Excel program. In the excel program you need to open the text file that you created in Notepad. While opening it, Excel will ask you whether your file is tab delimited or comma delimited. Here you must select the option “tab delimited”.
  • Now you can see the table within Excel.

Exporting Text Files

  • First open your PDF file in Acrobat.
  • Then go to the “File” menu. From the list of options available under the file menu, you must select the option which is given as “Save as Text”. This will separate all the text in the file and it will convert the table into tab delimited text.
  • Now you must open the text file in Notepad. Then you must copy the tab delimited text into the new Notepad file. You can even delete the unwanted portion of the text.
  • Save the text file.

    Export forms to spreadsheet

    Excel support option

  • Now open the saved text file in Excel. You need to open it in “tab delimited file” format.

Exporting PDF Forms to Excel

  • First open the PDF file in Acrobat Professional.
  • From the “Advanced” menu, you must select the option which is labeled as “Forms”.
  • Now select the option which is given as “Export Forms to Spreadsheet”.
  • From the displayed dialog box, you must select the forms to export to Excel spreadsheet. Then press “Export” button.

These are the simple steps you can follow in order to convert certain PDF files to Excel. You can contact excel support team for further instructions. Try it out.