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About The Computer Repair And Support Services Offered Online

We depend on computers for a variety of tasks and instead of papers and files; we create, share and store all information on computers. This electronic device has been an integral part of our lives for more than a decade and it is quite natural to occasionally encounter problems with the same. Just like other […]

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Rectifying Any Of The Webcam Errors With MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger is a chat application from Microsoft used in many of the Windows Operating Systems, as well as in Microsoft Products like the Xbox gaming console. This was also used for Microsoft Help Chat in some of the Microsoft products, where the Microsoft tech professional would use the MSN chat service to get in […]

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How to Import Excel Files into QuickBooks

As you know, QuickBooks is one of the most popular software that makes accounting for small businesses easy. You can enter the details and values of you business directly into the software and it will help in organizing, calculating and other accounting details as per the instructions assigned to it. To make your work easier, […]

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Help With Microsoft Excel Online Learning

Microsoft Excel is a part of Microsoft Office suite developed by Microsoft and it comes with the Windows operating systems. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used to manage and handle data and files in charts, graphs, numbered rows and columns, etc. This spreadsheet program makes the data manipulation and handling easier and […]

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Enable The Solver Add-In For Excel

Have you ever felt it difficult to perform calculations in Excel? Well, it is very easy and excel has many good features that enables you to do the mathematical calculations easily. You can even handle complex financial calculations easily by using just the many features of the application. However, sometimes a few issues might prevent […]

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Tips To Change Shortcut Icons In Windows 7

Whenever you install a program in your computer, you will find an icon for the program on your desktop. With the help of the icon, you can launch the program from the desktop without navigating to the folder where it is installed. Now, if you wish, you can change the icons of these programs to […]

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How To Fix The Problems With You Microsoft Cordless Mouse

Microsoft is best known for their operating systems and other supporting software. However, the software giant, not only provides software solutions but also some special hardware devices as well. The Microsoft cordless mouse is one of most popular hardware devices that they launched. However, these devices also are not without their share of trouble like […]

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How To Fix The Problems With MS Project

A number of software are available in the market to plan and schedule projects. Project managers make use of these so called project planning software to make their work easier. Microsoft Project is one such application which is widely used by managers especially in the fields of architecture and engineering. This program has a number […]

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How To Enable The Autorecover Option In Excel

Every week I used to document the week’s work to keep as a record and for future reference. The sheer volume of processes that needs documentation makes this is an unenviable job. I use Microsoft Excel for this purpose. Last week, while I was doing my work, the program crashed and closed automatically. I lost […]

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Adding A Watermark In Ms Word

Microsoft Word is great application for creating and modifying documents. You can use MS Word for making reports, project papers and books. MS Word is also powered with tons of other features like clip art, images and an extensive variety of fonts and styles. Does Microsoft Word help you add watermarks in your MS Word […]

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