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The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Office Live Meeting

You would be familiar with chat programs and using the instant messenger programs, you could connect with our dear ones within seconds. However, have you heard about the Live meetings conducted by corporate giants? Well Microsoft Office Live meeting is actually a software that is meant for conducting web conferences. The same should be installed […]

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Tips To Use Fixed Reference In Microsoft Excel

Using Excel, you can create your own formulas, whether simple or complex, depending on your skill and knowledge. However, if a formula has been created by default, then relative cell references would be found in your formula. Thus, copying a formula to other cells will allow the cell references to adjust themselves corresponding to the […]

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Troubleshooting Windows Home Server Connector

Microsoft Windows Home Server Connector is mainly used for numerous useful purposes. It can be used for connecting your home connector to the Windows Home Server. One of the major advantages of the software is that, at night, your home computer gets an automatic backup. You do not have to worry about the performance and […]

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What Needs To Be Done When Sony VAIO Does Not Burn CDs

The sub brand for Sony’s range of computers goes by the name, VAIO. They bring out notebooks, subnotebooks, media centers and desktops. The VAIO brand is carried over to the network solutions of Sony as well. As of now, VAIO notebooks are shipped with Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8. Featured in Sony VAIO laptops […]

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Know About Features Of Microsoft Office Licensing

Many a times, we hear the phrase “Software license” while trying to install or purchase a software. This can be defined as a license that determines how a user can use a software he has purchased, and on how many machines that software can be installed. Now, if you are trying to purchase Microsoft Office […]

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More On Rulers Option In MS Word

As you all know MS Word is the word processing software released by the software giant Microsoft Incorporation. It is one of the most liked applications ever released by Microsoft. The factors people like the most about MS Word is its performance capabilities and trouble free operation. As it may look like a simple application, […]

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