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Animated Images Can Liven Up Your Presentations

Do you want to make a top notch presentation? Looking to impress your bosses with something along these lines? Then the MS PowerPoint program is the ideal tool for keeping it lively and creative. Moving animations for PowerPoint presentations can really help you get more attention. Plus moving animations for PowerPoint will allow your viewers […]

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Updating The Distribution List In Microsoft Outlook

If you are a novice to the Microsoft Outlook application, you would probably be typing the contact details of the recipient every time you send an email. Well, there are many way, by which you can simplify the Outlook operations and make your email correspondence easy. One of them is creating a distribution list. Distribution […]

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Tips To Use The Formulas In Excel

In the Microsoft Excel, plenty of valuable time can be saved by making use of the Excel formulas. According to the user’s choice, the formulas can be used whenever required. Though the formulas can be used effortlessly in the Microsoft Excel, many users may do not know its importance and moreover do not even know […]

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Closing Apps On A Surface Tablet

A good and fair reception for Microsoft Surface tablets have been received and this is really favorable for the Redmond giant, as the tablet market has been dominated by market leaders and customers now seem to have one more option to choose from. The main competitors are the Nexus from Google, IPad from Apple and […]

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Microsoft Working On PC Support For Xbox One Controller

Microsoft’s gaming consoles like Xbox One has not caused the decline of demand for PC support games. Looking at the recent trends among gamers preferring gaming consoles to PC games signal an imminent end to PC gaming. However, it is rumoured that Microsoft has serious plans now to integrate its Xbox One gaming controller with […]

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About The Fill Handle Feature In Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used by anyone who makes use of figures and facts to present it in an organized manner, store it to be used for future and manipulate for further changes. The data can be organized into rows and columns for readable presentation. For making mathematical calculations you […]

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Steps To Send, Save Or Play A Voice Clip In Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a very good platform to stay connected to your old friends and to make new ones. The Windows Live Messenger not only allows you to send instant messages to your contacts, but also you will be able to send, play, or save the voice clips from and to your contacts list. […]

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Wireless Networking On Vaio Laptops

The Sony Vaio laptop comes with a built in wireless LAN adapter, which lets the device connect to any wireless access point. Sony Vaio laptop support for Wi-Fi can be activated without any additional application just by making some changes in the device’s Wi-Fi settings. Using the proprietary software and hardware on the laptop and […]

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Making Use Of Formulas Provided In Microsoft Excel

Having a good hand at math is quite difficult and everybody knows it. Well with the Microsoft Excel, you are given a slew of formulas so you do not have to be an expert with maths and you can just make use of the formulas that are given. To successfully make use of the formulas […]

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