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Using The Distribution List Option In Outlook 2007

One of the most popular functionalities in Outlook derive from the distribution list feature, which lets you save specific lists of people to send emails to. With regards to the distribution list Outlook 2007 is very similar to older versions like 2003. The options and buttons are pretty much the same. Even if you have […]

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How To View Publisher Documents In PowerPoint Program

Microsoft Publisher is one of the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite package. This program helps users to create web based publications. It is also used for making print publications. Microsoft PowerPoint is another program in the Microsoft Office Suite. However, the function of Microsoft PowerPoint is to create slides for media presentations. Now, if […]

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Learn To Stop Office Live Pop-Ups

It is very frustrating when your work is interrupted by pop-ups. These messages pop-up not only when you browse the internet but also when you work on any of the Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint etc. The pop-ups that you get when you work on Office, invites you to start […]

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About ‘Scan To Outlook Email’ In Outlook Express

The most popular email application client released by the Redmond based Company Microsoft is Outlook Express. It is embedded with many features making it a popular one among both business and personal users. It is an application that helps in easy sending and receiving of email messages and provides many other features, which will come […]

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