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Animating Pictures In PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the apps in the Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is an effective communication tool that helps in creating interactive and informative corporate presentations. To support the statements delivered by the speaker, the slides include content, images and all other forms of media. Like the saying goes, “action speaks louder than words”, […]

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Significance Of Spyware Removal

With the advent of World Wide Web services, information is available on your fingertips. It saves time and you will get the right information at once. Technology is developing, and so are the risks involved. Even though it makes your life easier, ignorance on tackling the inherent risks may cause you more harm than good. […]

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Enhance The Speed Of Your Computer

Working on a slow and sluggish computer can definitely frustrate anyone. Schedules, targets and projects would be waiting to be completed and if your computer is simply blinking before each step, that may affect your work. You might sometimes wonder about how this electronic device turns quite sluggish. Various reasons contribute towards slow computer problems. […]

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Steps To Convert PDF File To PowerPoint File

You might have all received many email attachments from different firms about various documents. For instance, many banks now send statements to the customers through email. Now, when you download these attachments, you will find that these attachments will have an extension .pdf. This means the file is created in PDF format and could be […]

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Directions On Using Time With Formulas In Excel

Microsoft Office suite consists of a group of highly useful applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Probably, MS Excel would be the most popular application in the Office suite due to its powerful features. The primary feature of Excel is that it allows you to create spreadsheets. Most companies and organizations […]

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Making A Picture Spin On Its Axis In PowerPoint

As almost every person who has ever used the Windows Office Suite may know, PowerPoint is a slide-show presentation software developed by Microsoft. Since PowerPoint claims 95% of the market share, you can be sure that almost every digital presentation you have ever seen has been created in Microsoft PowerPoint. Launched in 1990, it is […]

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Creating A Distribution List In Outlook 2007

A distribution list is a group of contacts that allow you to send emails to a group of people at once. The advantage of a distribution list is that you do not have to add individual names every time. This reduces the risk of missing out somebody and saves time because it avoids the need […]

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