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Microsoft PowerPoint is a famous application released by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is often used by business professionals and students for making slides for their presentations. In fact, it makes the presentation a little more easier than normal. However, there are some animations for PowerPoint called Custom animation, which makes the slides beautiful and attractive. Now, let us look at it in detail.

Entrance Effect

How the item will appear in the presentation is determined by the entrance effect. Normally, all the items including images and graphs will be seen in the PowerPoint slide by default but you will not be able to control the appearance of these items. Therefore, by using the entrance effect, one can easily change the appearance and the timing of the items in the slides. Moreover, this also gives the option for the users to show the graphics items even after the presentation of the slides.

Emphasis Effect

Sometimes, there is an instance in which, you need to change the image that is once included in the slide. These changes will be done to set it to fade, object grow, change colors, shrink, and making transparent or changing fonts. This will help the users to point out certain things while presenting the slides before the audiences and will make your presentation interactive.

Instructions for applying custom animation

  • Click the button called Custom Animation from the tab called Animations.
  • Next, you need to select the button called Add Effect.
  • Select the option called Entrance Effect to create an effect when the object or text comes in the presentation.

    Motion Path effect

    Using animations in PowerPoint

  • Select the option called Emphasis Effect to create an effect to the object or text that is included in the slide.
  • Select the option Exit Effect, if you need to include an effect when the items like object or text leaves the slide.
  • Select the option called Motion Path effect to allow the object to move in a specified pattern.
  • You can use the buttons called reorder to reorder the animations in PowerPoint.
  • Click the button labeled Play, to get a preview of the animations that you are included in the slide. This will help you to make some modifications, if necessary.

Thus, you can use these animations for PowerPoint to make the presentation more interesting and interactive.

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