How To Make Snowflakes Effect In Your PowerPoint Presentation

pwerpoint presetnation

how to create snow effect on power point

It does not matter if you are creating a presentation for a personal or a business purpose; adding special effects can help you to perk up your presentation, as well as add emphasis and visual appeal to it. With the help of in-built auto shapes and tools, you can come up with cool animations for PowerPoint presentations. To bring in some seasonal theming, try adding snow. In this article, we will teach you how to add a cool snowflake effect to your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Launch the PowerPoint application and open the presentation to which you need add the snow effect. Hit the Format option, and select Background. You should choose a background color for your presentation from the drop down swatch. Choose dark colors such as black or blue. Click Apply to confirm your selection.
  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Insert, select Shapes, and then pick the oval auto shape from the list. Click anywhere on the background to create a small circle, which will be where your first snowflake shows. You can hold down the shift key and click on multiple spots. Now double click on any circle and press Fill and further click Gradient Fill.
  • Set the Color options to white. Also open the Direction drop-down box, and choose a color, which is bright at the center and lighter towards edges. From the left pane, click Line Color and then select No Line. Hit Ok to save your changes.
  • You can use the copy paste functions from your keyboard (CTRL+C and then CTRL+V) to create snowflakes all over your presentation, rather than doing it individually. Try to distribute them evenly across your presentation.

    Animation Painter

    how to use Animation Painter on PowerPoint

  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Animations, and select Advanced animations. Choose Fly Out from the list of animations for PowerPoint. You can set the duration and speed of your snowflakes by tweaking the Timing section.
  • After setting up the Fly Out and Timing option, click on the Animation Painter option. You need to select all the snowflakes that you have created, and apply a common animation rule to all the items selected. Now your snowflake effect is set for display, and you can check it by hitting the Preview button from the View option.

This is one cool idea to make your PowerPoint presentation impressive. Keep watching this space for more fun ideas, to help you customize your powerpoint presentations.

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