Importance Of Using Animations In PowerPoint Slides

animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint animations

We can see that the use of animations for PowerPoint presentations has a great significance. These animations make a presentation catchy to the audience. The message can be effectively conveyed to the targeted audience. Read ahead to know more about the importance of animations in PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint animations

PowerPoint animations can make a presentation lively and more informative. The most popular types of effects in animations for PowerPointhave exits and entrances. You can also give sound effects to the animations to make it more impressive. There are special Smart Art graphics, with which you can customize the animations for PowerPoint.

Many corporate companies make use of PowerPoint presentations to conduct their important meetings and conferences. Besides that, we can use these presentations to launch products in the market. Therefore, we can see that a PowerPoint presentation has an integral role to play in the corporate business world. There are chances for technical errors to occur during such a presentation. To avoid such situations you can take some precautionary measures.

motion path

Advanced PowerPoint animations

Tips to make appropriate rectifications

One of the best ways is to select the slide that you think needs the rectification and you can make appropriate changes on it. You can click on a particular animation to shift it to a different location and make sure it is being displayed in the correct format during the presentation. This can be done by clicking on the Animations tab. You will find the Advanced Animation and Timing option on the right hand side of the Animations tab. This option can be used to make all types of slide correction. One is known as Quick Adjustment. Quick Adjustment enables you to auto correct the order of a selected animation. The other option is known as More Details Needed. This option enables you to reveal the complete list of the animated objects pertaining to the PowerPoint presentation.

You will also be able to find the Re-Order button below the Animation pane to make an animated object appear early or later in the Presentation as per your preference. There is a way, with which you can make alteration in the complete motion path. This is done by moving the pointer towards a four-way arrow icon. Drag the motion path to the location where you want it to be placed.

Besides that, you can also press on Shift + F 5 for viewing the current slide inside the slide show view. This will enable you to ensure that your slide show is ready for the final PowerPoint presentation.

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