Instructions To Copy A Custom Animation In PowerPoint 2007

Animations for PowerPoint

How To Copy A Custom Animation In PowerPoint 2007?

You can make your PowerPoint presentation more interesting and exciting for the audience, including your teachers. Apart from presenting a good seminar using your PowerPoint 2007, you can also draw more attention with your PowerPoint presentation using custom animations for PowerPoint. Most of your colleagues may be using simple static images and text. But, you can do it a different way with custom animation.

The audience will feel a sense of life in your presentation and enjoy the drama that you have incorporated with the animated objects. But, you must make sure that the animations for PowerPoint should be able to fade in, zoom around or even swivel out. Through this method, you may score more marks in the seminar. Read on the article to learn how to copy a custom animation in your PowerPoint 2007.

How to copy custom animation?

  • Open your PowerPoint 2007. Click the tab that reads “Animation” on the ribbon. Select “Custom Animation.” If you look to the right-hand side of the slide, you will see a pane containing all the objects that you would need to animate.
  • Now, select the object to be animated and make a copy of it from the list. The object may be either a text box or simply a graphic object. In order to copy the object, follow the simple steps of copying items from your keyboard onto your computer i.e. press “Ctrl+C” simultaneously

    Static images and text

    Animations For PowerPoint

  • Then, in order to paste the object, first press “Ctrl+M” simultaneously which will create a new slide and then “Ctrl+V” to paste the object. In this way, you can copy and paste any number of objects you want to animate on the selected slide. If you are not satisfied with the current text you are using, you can change it by clicking and editing the text. You can also change the picture by simply navigating to the tab on the ribbon that reads “Picture tools: Formatting.” Now, click on the “Change picture” button and select the new picture you want for animation.

These are just simple instructions to perform a copy-paste of custom animations for PowerPoint 2007. If you want to learn more about custom animation in PowerPoint, visit the “Animations for PowerPoint” website and read the related topics or articles. After you have mastered this field, you can help out your brother/sister or your friends in presenting a good seminar with custom animation.

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