Tips To Rotate Animations In PowerPoint

Animations For PowerPoint

Effects Of Animations For PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint program allows you to use a number of effects in your presentation slide. The program features Graphic interchange Format files along with Flash animation options. Animations for PowerPoint can make a presentation interesting and induces the active participation of the audience as well. All you require is to fine-tune the animation needs if you want to conduct the presentation successfully.

Steps Involved

  • Launch Microsoft PowerPoint Program. Choose your presentation slide. Select the animation. While you choose, you will see the white dots along the side of the animation with a green dot over it. Choose and hold the green dot. Now, you can drag the mouse to either the left or the right of the screen for rotating the animation.
  • Open Format Picture menu for rotating the animation with much accuracy. Click twice over the green dot seen above the animation.
  • Tap on the Size tab within the Format Picture menu. Choose the field adjacent to the Rotation heading to give the precise orientation for the animation.
  • Tap the Picture tool bar to rotate your animation in 90-degree increments. For accessing Picture Tool bar, you can go to View and then Toolbars and choose Picture. Select your animation and then choose the Rotate left 90-degree button seen within the Picture toolbar.
  • Now, choose the Reset Picture Button. You can access the Reset Picture button form the extreme right end of the Picture Tool bar. This will help you go back to the original animation.

    Graphic Interchange Format

    Benefits Of Animations For PowerPoint

  • You can choose More Rotate Options if you do not need to use any one of the rotation alternatives on the menu. While tapping the More Rotate options, you will get a window displaying the Size and Position. You can provide the degrees with which you need to start the rotation in the animation. Enter by typing, the number in the field that is near the Rotation option. Finally choose OK to finish the process.
  • Choose Save to incorporate the changes within your PowerPoint presentation slide.

Animations for PowerPoint help enhance the appeal and effectiveness of the message you need to convey. Moreover, ideas explained by way of pictures help you reduce your jobs. Explaining facts by means of pictures takes the audience to a better understanding of the topic under consideration. All you have to do is to perform the simple steps and make way for a successful presentation!

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