How To Add Animation To The Slides In PowerPoint

Animations for PowerPoint

Different animations for PowerPoint

You might be familiar with the different office applications from Microsoft. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the office application included in Microsoft Office Suite. It helps you present your reports and projects in an attractive way. The different themes, colors and slide transitions give a real treat to the viewer. The data that you prepare for presentation is consolidated and presented in slides, which make it easy to understand. You can even insert pictures or images in to these slides.

You can even add animations for PowerPoint and this makes the slideshow even more attractive. Let us check the different steps needed to add animations in PowerPoint.


  • Open a PPT slide in PowerPoint and select the Animations tab.
  • Below Animations tab, you will find a group of icons that indicate the various designs and arrows. These are the different type of transition styles, which can be applied to slides and animation videos.
  • It is possible to insert sounds for each such slide transitions. You can give different sounds depending upon the slide that you choose. You just need to select the arrow that you find next to Transition Sound and this will open the dropdown menu. Select the appropriate sound.
  • The speed of each slide transition can be chosen by selecting Transition Speed and you get three options to choose from. This depends on your presentation and the mood that it requires. You can try giving different voices for each transition and the right speed for the transition.

    Transition Speed

    Various animations for PowerPoint

  • You might have some added effects for the text on each slide and the animation effect that you choose should be more or less similar to it. You can implement this if you have used bullets on your slide, which can be highlighted using the animation effect. Initially you need to highlight the text that you wish to animate and select the Custom Animation tab that you would find on right and select the Add Effect button. You will find plenty of options to choose from and you can experiment with different styles and check, which one looks more attractive.
  • After selecting these effects, select the Start arrow. And, if you have enabled On Click for your mouse input, you will have to click your mouse to implement the effect on each slide.

The animations for PowerPoint can be done by following the above-mentioned steps. Hope you found this article useful.

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