Do You Know How To Merge Right Tab Stop In MS Power point?

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how to insert a right tab stop in PowerPoint

Microsoft office suites are apparently having solutions for all the office activities of a human. Power point is an application that comes bundled with the MS Office suite that allows Windows users to craft up presentations. PowerPoint allows users to shape up presentations with text data’s that can be merged with various kinds of graphics, motion and animations. A flawlessly aligned slide will be more appealing, interesting and will be easier to read with a professional perspective. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has been designed with tools that will allow users to align texts for charts, graphs and other presentations. It’s pretty effortless to attach a tab stop to align text on the right side as well as various other animations for PowerPoint presentation. Tag along the following instructions to learn more about how exactly the Microsoft power point works!


  • Launch the PowerPoint application and click on the “Start” tab and bring on the PowerPoint presentation that requires right tabs.
  • Tag along the “Slide” tab and turn it to the “Normal View” mode as the Tabs can’t be edited in the “Notes Page View” or “Slide Sorter” view.

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

    steps to merge right tab stop in PowerPoint

  • Hit on the “View” tab on the ribbon and then trigger the “Ruler” tab that lies inside the “Show/Hide” pane.
  • Pick out the small white square and click on it to get to the right tab stop arrow that is usually represented by a left-facing arrow.
  • Pick out the texts in which you are looking to set the right tab using your mouse cursor.
  • Go to the ruler tab to enable a tab stop before shifting the left-facing arrow to various areas of the presentation until you pick out a properly aligned spot for your text to end.
  • Go to the left side of your text and place the arrow right next to it before triggering the “Tab” button which will allow you to choose on various types. Now your text is entitled to end up in the right hand side.
  • You can release the tab stop by shifting it from the ruler using your optical mouse.

We hope you are clear with the instructions. For more tips regarding various types of animations for PowerPoint, contact the Microsoft support team. Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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