Entrance And Exit Effects In PowerPoint

Animations for PowerPoint

Animation effects in PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Suite comes bundled with various programs like Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Groove, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher, which help users in various assignments. Be it preparing charts, accounting sheets, text documenting, or business presentations, Microsoft Office pack has the best programs to help you in the required concern.

Microsoft PowerPoint is such a useful program in the Microsoft Office bundle that helps users to prepare presentations. It is used widely across the globe, mostly in business firms and educational institutions. The animations for PowerPoint application allow the texts, images, and objects in a presentation to slide and move, which attracts the onlookers. The different tools offered by PowerPoint also help to remove the items accordingly. These animation effects provide an influence on the matter and enhance the perception over the matter.

The first set of animation tools in the Microsoft PowerPoint application is Entrance Effects and the second set is Exit Effects. These basic tools help to animate the objects in a presentation and thus have a better impact on the viewers. Here are the instructions to use the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Steps to follow

  • Go to the desktop on your screen, and click on the Start button to access the Start menu. Expand the All Programs link, and click on the Microsoft Office option.
  • Select Microsoft Office PowerPoint link in the resulting menu to launch the application.
  • Go to the File button on the top right corner of the Microsoft PowerPoint window and click Open link to open the presentation you want to edit.

    Microsoft Office Word

    Microsoft PowerPoint application

  • Select Animation tab and move on to Custom Animation link found under the Animations section.
  • Select the image or text that you want to animate and click on the Add Effect link in the Custom Animation box.
  • Select Entrance and pick any of the desired effects.
  • Select Add Effect once again, and click Exit to set a departing animation. Pick the desired animation that matches the Entrance effects, so that the animations provide a sense of continuity in the slideshow.
  • Select the arrow against Exit effects link and click After Previous to set the animation automatically. You can also choose On Mouse Click to allow the effects to take place on mouse click.

There are numerous animation effects in the application that you can try, and decide on the most appealing one according to your context. For more assistance on animations for PowerPoint, contact the Microsoft help center or press F1 while in the application window for help.

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