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animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint animations

For promotion of their products and services, most of the companies are relying on PowerPoint animations. Animations in PowerPoint support the advertisement campaign as it is easier to convey the product message to the minds of millions of potential customers.

Benefits of employing animations in PowerPoint

You will find animations for PowerPoint to your advantage in a number of occasions during your slide presentations to show the different stages of your business and of course, to showcase the details of your products and services.

How to employ animations in PowerPoint?

Let’s find out how to include some animations and graphic designs in your slides to facilitate the advertising and endorsement of your business products.

  • Open your Microsoft PowerPoint file and then choose the object you wish to give the special effects.
  • Locate the animations tab under the ribbon. In the Animate, you have the option of previewing the graphic effects while you point to each of the sections in the slides.
  • Tick on the Custom Animation and you can find the Task pane on the right side and this will permit you to use the animation for the chosen object. You can choose from the options of Entrance, Emphasis, Exits and Motion paths to access different animation effects
  • Choose the More effects option to add effects like Basic, Subtle and the so on.

You can also provide sound effects and other effects to give importance to highlight the point under consideration while explaining a number of facts. Modifying the custom animation is too easy by choosing the drop down menu by the side of the start, Speed and direction sections. Also, you can set the time for the display of a particular item including its initiation on the screen.

Things to remember

Sometimes animations for name sake will not give the desired results as this will completely end up in a total disastrous show. Too much of graphic effects will not do good either. So, striking a perfect balance between the both conditions is necessary to convey the message.

Microsoft PowerPoint

creating animations in slide show

Similarly, while giving the sound effects you need to choose the best that will match with the topic under consideration. Animations are intended to add the perfect final touch to your presentations. So, you need to take care of your slides and their arrangements primarily.

Once it is all done, preview your animation effects to see that they are incorporated to give the best results. Make sure that you are not using any unrelated effects as this will spoil the entire presentation.

So, try to focus on the above mentioned aspects while going for animations in PowerPoint.

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