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Direction For Troubleshooting Host Issues In Google Chrome?

how to fix Google Chrome

fix Google Chrome issues

Google Chrome has emerged as the most popular web browser out there. It is popular across all platforms, both desktop and mobile. Faster browsing experience and simple user interface are the two major features that make people attracted to Google Chrome. Furthermore, the browser enjoys better tech support. Users can quickly find forums on how to fix Google Chrome issues and find guidelines to fix specific problems with the browser.

Google Chrome allows you to customize your browser so that it works efficiently in accordance with your needs. The areas that you can modify include visual themes, privacy preferences, Flash and plug-ins. While using Chrome, the user is allowed to modify the aspects of the program or application in use. However, you may come across unwanted issues after you make so many changes in the Chrome settings. Restoring Chrome back to the default settings would fix all the issues in an instant.

How to know if personalized Chrome settings is the cause of problems

Before restoring Chrome back to the default settings, it is good to verify whether the current issues you are facing are actually resulting from the any changes in the Chrome configuration. If you receive the error message “Resolving Host”, it is sign that some of changes in configuration are the cause of the problem. You can fix this problem by disabling the DNS prefetching service in Chrome. Follow the below instructions for the same.


  • Open Chrome and navigate to the wrench icon which is located at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Preferences or Options from the resulting menu.
  • This will open a new screen. In the new screen, navigate to the tab labeled Under the Hood. This will open another window.
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to Use DNS prefetching to improve page load performance is unselected. You can find this checkbox in the section titled Privacy in the screen. Remember that this option is given by different names in some Chrome versions.
    personalized Chrome settings

    Google Chrome web browser

    If you don’t find the option, look for the tab titled Predict network actions to improve page load performance. Unselect the checkbox before the option to proceed.

  • Exit Chrome settings and browser.
  • Restart the application now and check if the issue persists. Try to load a few new web pages and see if the issue has really been fixed.

You have seen how to fix Google Chrome issues. Keep your browser updated to avoid frequent crashing or similar issues.

Fixing The ‘Aw, Snap!’ Error In Google Chrome

How To Fix Google Chrome,

Fixing Chrome Errors

The ‘Aw, Snap!’ error message appears when Google Chrome is unable to load the contents of a web page. If the issue is not something critical, you would be able to access the page by just refreshing the page. The common causes for this error are many, including malware infection, corrupt extensions and user profiles, etc. Given below are some guidelines on how to fix this error in Google Chrome.

Refresh the page

Press on the F5 button on the keyboard to fix the current page that is open as suggested by the error message. Alternatively, you may also click on the Refresh button seen near the address bar. If this does not work, press the Ctrl + F5 buttons in the keyboard simultaneously, which does a hard refresh of the current page by bypassing its local cache.

Malware scan

The most common reason for a web browser crash is malware attack. Download and install any reputed anti-malware software, if you already do not have one, and run a complete scan. Remove any infections that are detected.

Anti-virus programs

Some security software block the working of certain web browsers. To check if your anti-virus program is causing the issue, you may disable it temporarily and try reloading the web page. If the web page loads up, you need to create an exception for Google Chrome web browser. Check the Help section of the security software to understand how to do this.

Incognito mode

Certain extensions can cause the blocking of the web page. To check for this, open Chrome in Incognito mode by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut, which disables all extensions. If the page loads up, it means that one of the extensions is causing the problem. Remove extensions one by one to check which one should be reinstalled or removed.

New User Profile

Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome Easy Fix

Sometimes, a corrupted User Profile in Chrome may be the culprit. To create a new user profile, exit the Chrome browser, open Windows Explorer, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ in the Address bar and press Enter. Now, rename the Default folder shown in the directory with any name. Lastly, create a new User Profile by restarting Chrome. If the page can be accessed now, it means that your old User Profile was corrupted.

The issue can also be caused due to lack of sufficient system resources. To test the same, close any running programs, software, or games, and check if that does the job.

Tips For Avoiding Certificate Error Messages In Your Browser

how to fix certificate error

Website Certificate Error

Internet users often come across certificate error messages. What causes a certificate error? Most web browsers are integrated with certain security standards. This is to ensure that the websites you visit are not malicious ones. If one of the websites that you happen to visit does not comply with the security standards recommended by your default web browser, it will generate a certificate error. Remember that this is to safeguard your web browsing and to help you avoid visiting malicious websites by any means.

Nevertheless, sometimes even trusted websites are blocked by web browsers. You will get a certificate error message when a website is blocked. When you receive a certificate error, take necessary precautions that you don’t share your personal information on the website in the first place. Do some research to find out if the website’s security has been threatened by hackers recently. If you are pretty sure that visiting the website is safe, you can avoid the error message and continue browsing the said website. Here are some tips on how to fix certificate error and continue your browsing uninterrupted.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start
  • Choose Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • Select Classic View from the left pane of the screen.
  • Locate and double-click the icon titled Internet Options.
  • In the Internet Options dialogue box, select the tab labelled Advanced.
  • Scroll down the options list till you locate the sub-heading titled Security.
  • In the security options, you should see the checkbox titled Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.
  • Make sure that the checkbox is cleared. Click on the checkbox to clear the selection.
  • Following that, click the OK button followed by Apply. This will allow the changes made in the Internet Options settings to take effect immediately. Be sure to restart your browser now. You would no longer see the Certificate error message.

    certificate error messages

    Troubleshoot Certificate Error

You have seen the steps on how to fix certificate error by disabling certificate-checking for websites by your web browsers. Remember that keeping this option enabled is always recommended to avoid accidental visit to malicious websites. Therefore, once you are done with your job, go back to the Internet Options settings and cancel the changes. In the opinion of experts, a large number of internet related security issues can be prevented or put under control by enabling your browser to perform frequent server certificate checks.

Saving A PowerPoint File As PDF

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software tool, which comes as a part of the Office Suite from Microsoft. It gives you a wide range of options to use in creating visual presentations that convey the relevant data. People often convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations so they can have the information ready quickly. But, if you have presentations of large file size, you could still convert these to PDF too. There is also the benefit of being able to shrink the information enough to mail it easily.

When you convert PDF to PowerPoint you’re allowing changes to be made to the presentation file. PDF files are more consistent, which is another major advantage of saving your presentation in the PDF format. There’s now an add-in from Microsoft, which lets you do this easily. It works with MS Office, and logically also with PowerPoint presentations.

How to convert

  • Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program.
  • See that you have the correct add-in, and then, hit the Office button at the top-left. For Office 2007 and higher versions, this is what’s there instead of the File button.
  • From the menu, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. If you can’t find the latter option, choose the Find add-ins for other file formats option.
  • Navigate to the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS link. Select the language you want it in, and hit the Download button. This will download the add-in, and then you open the executable file and install. It should not take long, since the file is of relatively small size, and so is the add-in it installs.

    MS Office

    Saving PowerPoint Presentations

  • Go back to PowerPoint and make a new presentation document. Get it to a point that you want to save it in, because changes can’t be made to the PDF file, once it’s created. You could, of course, repeatedly save it as PDF. The next step is how.
  • Hit the Office button at the top-left corner again, and just like you did before getting the add-on, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. You’ll be prompted to save the file, so give it a preferred name for that. After saving it, hit the Publish button. Your PowerPoint presentation has now been saved as a PDF file.

This was on how to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file so as to get a smaller, more easily mailable file. Call us, if you want help with this procedure.

Good Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Help

PowerPoint Help Information

Giving a good presentation is a herculean task involving various factors. Presentations are a powerful way to communicate ideas, information and your message to your audience. It is really important to engage them while you deliver your presentation. Only then your presentation will be effective and successful. No matter how you create a presentation, whether they are made using a tool such as PowerPoint, other applications or your own artwork, they are a wonderful way to support a speech, visualize complex concepts or direct attention to a topic or subject you wish to present.

However, a horrendous presentation has the potential to achieve the worst. If your presentation consists of badly designed slides, horribly placed images, graphics and content, then you cannot expect to convey much about anything. Actually, you will be irritating and annoying your audience. This PowerPoint help guide will assist you with avoiding some of the common mistakes that most people commit while preparing and presenting a PowerPoint presentation. Below mentioned are some useful PowerPoint help tips.

Maintain a Natural Style

Too much complexity and things that are not pleasing to your eyes should not be used and trying odd combination can sometimes be counterproductive. It is best to keep things simple and natural. A quality presentation aims at providing ease and comfort at learning new information, not amaze or complicate them. Use simple, elegant and eye-pleasing slides.

Don’t allow PowerPoint to dictate things for you

The software giant has provided lot of exciting features in its presentation tool- PowerPoint. Having the features does not mean it is necessary to use them all. It is best to avoid some common PPT features such as action sounds; instead use PPT themes that complement your presentation. Choose the features that suit the needs of your presentation, to make it more effective.

PowerPoint Presentation

Help With PowerPoint Presentation


Whatever you do in your presentation should be consistent. If you have chosen certain styles, designs, patterns and features for one slide, the other slides should also have some or all the things. The font and colors should be consistent. Poor choice of colors, font and other factors can shatter a presentation.

Know your audience

Don’t be silly and decide things before knowing your audience. If you are giving a presentation you would have a fair idea about your target audience and what they prefer and expect. Whatever you do in your presentation should be able to draw the attention, covey the message you wished to, using your presentation.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind before preparing your presentation.

What To Do When Outlook Express Is Not Receiving Attachments

Outlook Express Problems

Outlook Setting

Versions of the Windows operating system that were launched prior to the release of the Windows Vista OS included Outlook Express as a part of the Internet Explorer web browser. Even though Windows mail replaced the program’s functions in the newer systems, users of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 98 operating systems can still use the Outlook Express program to receive and reply to the email messages. If you are unable to open the email attachments in the Outlook Express account, the problem will be caused by the threat management system of the program. The users of the program will be able to manually disable this system.

This error will be accompanied by the “OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments” message appearing while trying to open the attachments in an affected email message. This is very common among all the Outlook Express problems and the steps to fix this problem are discussed below in this article.


  • Open the Outlook Express program. Click on the Tools menu, and then select Options.
  • Select the Security tab and in the Virus Protection area, uncheck the box named Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. If you do not remember manually checking this box, you may have installed either Windows XP SP1 or Internet Explorer PS1. Both of these will enable this feature by default.
  • You can then open the email attachments by clicking on the Paper clip icon that is located in the upper right corner of an email message that includes an attachment. Choose either a filename that opens the attachment or the Save Attachments button to place the attached files in the hard drive of your PC.

    Threat Management System

    Outlook Express

These are the steps to open attachments that fail to open in the Outlook Express program. While the Outlook Express program often blocks the attachments that are unsafe, it also prevents the users from opening actual threats. With the attachment protection feature turned off, you will have to use additional discretion while opening email attachments to prevent viruses from infecting your PC. Only open those email attachments whose contents are safe and if the email message came from a known and trusted source.

If you wish to know more on the troubleshooting steps to fix Outlook Express problems, you can contact the Outlook help and support team. They will be able to provide you more guidance on the steps.

Three Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer

Windows XP Speed Up

Speed Up Windows XP

Windows XP is the most successful operating system of Microsoft and it is still being used in many organizations, companies and businesses. With time, the Windows XP computer can become slow due to various reasons and it will be very frustrating to work in a slow Windows XP computer. However, this can be solved very easily if you follow the below given Windows XP speed up tips.

It is possible to increase the speed of your Windows XP computer in three different ways. They are,

  • Defragment
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Hard Disc Space

You can choose any one of these methods to solve a slow down issue. Now, let’s look on to these things in detail.


One of the operations that you need to do regularly in any computer or laptop is Defragmentation. Defragmenting your computer will help to streamline the files that exist in your computer’s hard disk and the data will be stored in the form of blocks. When you delete a file from your hard disk, it will possibly leave an empty block. Therefore, performing defragmentation will help to increase the performance of your system by cleaning up the storage space.

You can defragment your computer by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking the option labeled Disk Defragment. Thus, this is the best option that you can consider to speed up your XP or any versions of Windows computers.

Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is the important part that stores all your data regarding the hardware and software. As time passes, your Windows registry can become full and will contain a lot of files that are unwanted. Moreover, viruses and malwares attacking your system will also hide in the Windows Registry making your registry overloaded.

Microsoft Tech Support

Instructions To Speed Up XP

Such an overloaded registry will make your system work slow and sluggish. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you need to run software named Registry Cleaner, which will help you to remove the unwanted files from the Windows registry.

Hard Disk space

Hard disk space is another reason for your Windows XP computer to become slow. An over loaded hard disk will definitely affect the functioning of the system and therefore, it is always better to delete unwanted files from your hard disk so that enough space will be available for the system to work fine.

These Windows XP speed up tips will help your Windows XP computer to run effectively and without any slow down issues. For more assistance regarding Windows XP speed up tips, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

An Overview Of Custom Animation In Microsoft PowerPoint

animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint tips

Microsoft PowerPoint is a famous application released by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is often used by business professionals and students for making slides for their presentations. In fact, it makes the presentation a little more easier than normal. However, there are some animations for PowerPoint called Custom animation, which makes the slides beautiful and attractive. Now, let us look at it in detail.

Entrance Effect

How the item will appear in the presentation is determined by the entrance effect. Normally, all the items including images and graphs will be seen in the PowerPoint slide by default but you will not be able to control the appearance of these items. Therefore, by using the entrance effect, one can easily change the appearance and the timing of the items in the slides. Moreover, this also gives the option for the users to show the graphics items even after the presentation of the slides.

Emphasis Effect

Sometimes, there is an instance in which, you need to change the image that is once included in the slide. These changes will be done to set it to fade, object grow, change colors, shrink, and making transparent or changing fonts. This will help the users to point out certain things while presenting the slides before the audiences and will make your presentation interactive.

Instructions for applying custom animation

  • Click the button called Custom Animation from the tab called Animations.
  • Next, you need to select the button called Add Effect.
  • Select the option called Entrance Effect to create an effect when the object or text comes in the presentation.

    Motion Path effect

    Using animations in PowerPoint

  • Select the option called Emphasis Effect to create an effect to the object or text that is included in the slide.
  • Select the option Exit Effect, if you need to include an effect when the items like object or text leaves the slide.
  • Select the option called Motion Path effect to allow the object to move in a specified pattern.
  • You can use the buttons called reorder to reorder the animations in PowerPoint.
  • Click the button labeled Play, to get a preview of the animations that you are included in the slide. This will help you to make some modifications, if necessary.

Thus, you can use these animations for PowerPoint to make the presentation more interesting and interactive.

Hewlett Packard Recalls Laptop Cords

Laptop Support

Laptop Care

Hewlett-Packard has been one of the leaders in the market of laptop manufacturers. Their laptops are much reliable and provide good value for money. HP recently announced a voluntary recall of up to six million AC power cords that were provided with Compaq and HP notebooks, some of the docking stations and mini notebooks that were sold between Sep 2010 and June 2012. On 26th August, HP issued a statement that some of the power cords for these computers may have the potential to overheat. This can pose a fire and burn hazard to the users of the laptop. This information was confirmed after contacting the laptop support team of HP.

As per the company, “HP believes that certain power cords shipped with notebook PC products and AC adapter accessories may pose a risk of a fire and burn hazard to customers.” One of the HP administrators said in a post on the company’s support forum page that the voluntary recall is only for those cords that connect the wall socket to the power pack of the laptop that is marked with the part number LS-15. This number will be molded into the connector that plugs into the AC adapter. As per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, HP had received 29 reports of power cords overheating and charring or melting. This has resulted in 2 claims of minor burning and 13 claims of minor damage to property.

Fire And Burn Hazard

Laptop Support Technician

As per the recall notice of CPSC, “Customers should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled power cords and contact Hewlett-Packard to order a free replacement. Consumers can continue to use the computer on battery power.” CPSC says that HP shipped almost 5.6 million power cord units in US and 446,700 in Canada.

However, HP said that not all of these units were affected by the fault of overheating. “Not all HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook PCs were sold with an affected power cord. Please validate the power cord shipped with your notebook PC or purchased with an accessory, or as a spare,” the company said.

HP added that those users who are affected by the voluntary recall would be eligible to get a free replacement for the verified AC power cord that is recalled. If you wish to know more on the procedure to get the faulty power cord of your HP laptop recalled, you can contact the laptop support team of HP. The laptop support team will let you know more on the procedure to be followed for replacement.

Support And Services For HP Printers

HP Printers Support

HP Printers And Drivers

One of the largest IT companies that have the capacity to provide software and hardware solutions to its customers is HP. One of the highlights of their IT support program is the HP printers support services. This is a very useful support for people, who own a HP printer, in case they have a question or query about using these printers. They make sure to render support equally to both office users and home users.

The tech services provided by the company dates back to 1939 and have been the leading PC brand since then. They have also been one of the best manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing printers including the service provided for the same. HP has always made it a point that they provide services for all the products they manufacture especially the printers. HP printers support is for every customer but people whose warrantee period is over will not be able to avail this service for free. Anyways there are alternative methods for the same.

When the device is out of the warranty period, the only way to get help is with the online knowledge base articles available on the website. Nevertheless, most of the people find this difficult when these articles make use of complex terms that they have never heard of. Moreover, it would be difficult for the user to narrow down on the right article to fix the issue. It needs some technical knowledge to figure out the issue and find the right fix.

Tech Support

HP Computers

However, there are other ways to you can get expert tech support to solve the issues with the printer you use. Look for a technician in your locality and approach him or her to solve issues with the printer. This might cost a little but totally worth giving a shot. The best thing is that unlike customer care support on toll free numbers you need not wait over the phone. You just need to call the technician, where upon he or she would come to your home and fix the issue at the time fixed.

Even if HP printers support is available only to customers, who have a printer with the warranty period, they have an alternate method, where in you will have to pay for the support, which is free in the other case. This comes with several packages like an annual contract, which is charged accordingly. This is the best tech support that you can get for HP printers.