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Quick Way To Deal With Security Certificate Warning

How To Fix Certificate Error

Security Certificate Error

The certificate error pops up when you attempt to visit a non-secure website from your default web browser in a Windows computer. If you receive a certificate error message, you should understand that the website you are about to visit has not passed the security parameters put forth by your browser. The users can either ignore security certificate error message and continue surfing the website, or consider it as a warning and verify the security of the website before proceeding.

Knowing whether a website has passed the security parameters is essential while visiting online shopping sites or online banking sites. Nevertheless, sometimes you will receive security certificate error message for genuine websites as well. This can happen due to multiple reasons. The following guidelines on how to fix certificate error will help you block security certificate error messages for genuine websites.


  • Check whether the date and time set for computer is correct. Incorrect date and time can generate certificate error messages when you visit certain websites. The time and date set for the computer should match with the same of the website you are visiting. After correcting the time, reload the website. If the issue was caused by incorrect date and time, it should be fixed now. If the issue persists, go to the next step.
  • Go to the padlock-like icon located next to the address bar of your website and review the information given in the dialogue box. You can verify the security remarks about the website here. If you trust the website, and sure that it will not lead to any security risks, select the link that says View Certificates. Move to the bottom of the resulting dialogue box and click the button that says Install Certificates. You will be alerted with a security warning now and be prompted to click Yes if you wish to continue.

    Ignore Security Certificate Error

    Block Certificate Error Message

Reviewing the security certificate of unknown websites is essential to avoid online security related issues. It is observed that many users disable the security certificate for websites from the Windows settings. But remember that this will lead to serious online related security issues.

If you have got any further questions on security certificate for websites or how to fix certificate error, visit a few forums that deal with the issue. Also, make sure that you have got an active antivirus program capable of protecting you from online security issues.

How To Troubleshoot Targus Wireless Presenter

PowerPoint Troubleshooting

PowerPoint Troubleshooting Tips

Targus Wireless Presenter is a combination of mouse and laser pointers to be used during a presentation. People mainly make use of these devices when working on a PowerPoint presentation for changing slides. Even though the presenter provides easy locomotion, there is a constraint, it does not work if the mouse or pointing device is over 50 feet away from the receiver. Here we discuss some simple tips for troubleshooting the presenter so that you can show your presentation without any issues.


  • One of the main reasons for the malfunctioning of the Targus Wireless Presenter is a dead or low charge battery. So the first thing that you must do before PowerPoint troubleshooting is to check if the batteries are good or not. Usually the issue will be fixed when you replace the AAA battery with a new one.
  • Another reason that gives rise to issues with the wireless presenter is due to interference from other channels. Changing the channel that you use would be the best option to fix the issue. For changing the channel, press the connection button on the presenter within ten seconds of pressing the connection button on the receiver.
  • If the distance with the receiver is more than fifty feet, you will have to reduce it, as the presenter does not work over 50 feet. Move closer to the receiver to see if the issue was the distance.

    Troubleshooting The Presenter

    Troubleshooting Wireless Presenter

  • PowerPoint troubleshooting tips posted in the Windows help website advice that it will be better if you switch off all the other wireless devices in the vicinity and the signal might interfere with the signal of Wireless Presenter, making it perform faulty.
  • Since there is a chance of interference from the PC to the receiver, only connect the receiver to the PC using a USB cable. Also, make sure that there is some distance between the PC and the receiver.
  • If all the troubleshooting tips provided above fail, try reinstalling the software that came with the presenter. The reason for the malfunctioning of the presenter might be due to software issues and so reinstalling the device software might fix the issue. It is also advised to install latest drivers for the device if the problem persists.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to troubleshoot issues with Targus Wireless Presenter.

Fixing Alignment Issues In Hp Printer D1660

Hp Printer Tech Support

Hp Printer Issues

If you are using a HP Deskjet D1660 printer, you can get access to many advanced options such as generating documents at the speed of up to 20 pages per minute. This color inkjet printer is said to have a maximum resolution of 4,800 by 1,200 dots per inch, and also provides support for borderless photo printing. For any issues regarding the printer, you can always seek assistance from the Hp printer tech support team.

Sometimes, while using this printer, you may see that the cartridges used are out of alignment. This can lead to the occurrence of blurred and malformed printouts. The cartridges used in D1660 are of two types – a black and a tricolored one. If you get such kinds of issues while using the D1660 printer, you can use the function enabled in the printer’s software.

You can use the following instructions provided by the hp printer tech support team to align the HP printer D1660:

  • First, you need to press the power button, which you can find in the lower left corner of the printer’s front panel. Pull out all the paper guides on the input tray and instead load the tray with plain paper. Make sure you slide the paper guides inward until you see both guides touch the stack of paper.
  • Now, you can log in to your computer and click on the Windows Start menu. Next, you need to click on All Programs followed by the HP option. Now, you can click on HP Solution Center.
  • In the next step, you need to click on Open Toolbox and then on the Align the Print Cartridges option. Here, you will be able to see the Align button. Once you click on this button, your Deskjet printer will be able to perform the alignment and calibration process. Now, wait until your printer is able to generate a test page.

    Printer’s Software

    Hp Printer Updates

  • According to the hp printer tech support team, once the test page is generated, you can thoroughly check it and see if the alignment issues still occur. After this, some instructions will appear on your computer screen, which you need to follow. Once the alignment process is finished, you can click on the Done button.

These instructions will help you to align your hp printer D1660 and fix the issues that were associated with the cartridges. However, if you are still not able to fix it, feel free to dial our 24/7 technical support number.

Animated Images Can Liven Up Your Presentations

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

Implementing Animations In Your Office Presentations

Do you want to make a top notch presentation? Looking to impress your bosses with something along these lines? Then the MS PowerPoint program is the ideal tool for keeping it lively and creative. Moving animations for PowerPoint presentations can really help you get more attention. Plus moving animations for PowerPoint will allow your viewers to grasp knowledge faster, if it’s done in a neat and well organized manner. PowerPoint has tools that allow you to tinker about with a host of animation features. The simplest one is enlarging or shrinking any object.

How to shrink or enlarge animations for PowerPoint Presentations

  1. You can shrink and enlarge objects in your presentations. A slide will have one title box and the other box for typing in content. If you use a moving animation on both the title slide and the content the title slide will appear first. The remaining content will appear also in moving animation format. You could choose different types of motion for each.
  2. Access the Animations tab and select the Custom animation option from the Animations panel.
  3. Click on the down arrow right next Add Effect in the Custom Animation dialog box that appears on your screens.
  4. Now go over to the Emphasis section. Click on Grow/Shrink. You will find that the Custom Animation dialog box has a
    MS PowerPoint

    Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Exciting

    pane that shows the emphasis used upon the selected text. It should read: 1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title. This shows that the title text will be the first animation that will show the grow/shrink effect.

  5. Now double click 1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title. A dialog box labeled as Grow/Shrink will appear. This box allows users to change the properties of the grow/shrink effect.
  6. Now place a tick mark beside the Auto-reverse option in the Effect tab. Press OK. This let the text grow or shrink.

Such animations in your PowerPoint presentations can really liven up the discussion. If you are a teacher then your students will be more eager if they see such a colorful animated presentation. The visual cues present in the presentations will make learning much easier and more fun.

This could also leave a better impression with your boss and help you make the presentation easier to understand and fun to watch. But remember not to overdo it when making presentations at the office. Use these animations in a manner that makes the presentation a delight to watch.

About The Fill Handle Feature In Excel Spreadsheet

Excel support

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used by anyone who makes use of figures and facts to present it in an organized manner, store it to be used for future and manipulate for further changes. The data can be organized into rows and columns for readable presentation. For making mathematical calculations you can make use of it as it is easy and accurate. Those who have been using Windows will have some background knowledge of Windows excel. The Excel screen is divided into a number of cells arranged, horizontally and vertically. The data that a cell can hold include numbers, text or formulae. Excel spreadsheets include a number of preset formulae used for common computations.

The Fill Handle in Excel is an auto fill feature. It is a tool to help you work faster and more efficiently. The Fill Handle is for filling information relating to the data in respective columns and rows, with the help of Excel support functions.

Where to find the Fill Handle option?

The Fill Handle option is seen, at the bottom right corner of an active cell as a small black square on clicking the cell.

How to use the Fill Handle option

You can make use of various choices and ways to use the Fill Handle. Excel support page says that you can auto fill a cell, copy it, fill series of cells, do fill formatting, do fill without formatting and fill with days, etc using this option.

How it works with words

electronic spreadsheet

MS Excel

With words, to use it in an active cell, type in a word that can be used as representative of the kind of information you would like to fill. When you type the word ‘Sunday’, hit the Fill Handle and drag it down. You can drag the Fill Handle as far as you want to fill the name of the days.

How it works with numbers

Start typing set of numbers in some sequence you want, either rows or columns. Type in a column of four cells ‘3, 6, 9, 12’ or ‘4, 8, 12, 16’. Select those cells then hit and drag the Fill Handle down as far as you need. Excel support function will bring out the sequence automatically.

How to turn off the Auto Fill feature?

If at any time you desire to turn off the Auto Fill feature, you may do it with the help of these instructions. Navigate to the ‘Options’ under the ‘Tools’ menu from there to ‘Edit’. Uncheck ‘Enable Auto complete’.

You would find using MS Excel easier after reading this article.

Wireless Networking On Vaio Laptops

Sony Vaio Laptop Support

Sony Vaio’s LAN Switch

The Sony Vaio laptop comes with a built in wireless LAN adapter, which lets the device connect to any wireless access point. Sony Vaio laptop support for Wi-Fi can be activated without any additional application just by making some changes in the device’s Wi-Fi settings. Using the proprietary software and hardware on the laptop and internet connection options that come with Windows you can make the laptop connect to any wireless point.

How to enable Wi-Fi without LAN switch?

There is a switch located just below the screen with a label Wireless. By sliding this switch into the ON position you activate your laptop’s Wi-Fi features.

Enable Wi-Fi in Vaio Smart Network

Once the Wi-Fi has been successfully enabled using the LAN switch you must also enable Wi-Fi using the laptop’s wireless connection software. The software called Vaio Smart Network. Access this by first clicking the Start button on your taskbar and select All Programs option. Now choose the VAIO Smart Network option and launch the program. You can also click on the Vaio Smart Network icon in the taskbar. This icon is a green button with two white arrows on it. Click on the switch to the right of the label Wi-Fi and toggle it into the ON position.

Wireless LAN Adapter

How To Activate Wireless Networking On Vaio

Now let Windows connect to a network using the Connect to a Network feature that comes inclusive to the Windows operating system. Select the network icon in the task bar and bring out the list of wireless networks. This icon is in the shape of a computer and an Ether net cable in case you are not already connected to the network. In case you are connected to a network then this shape changes to signal bars. Choose the network to connect to from the menu and click on Connect. If the network is password protected, type in its password.

In case the wireless network does not appear then you must connect manually. Click on the network icon and choose Open Network and Sharing Center. Select Manage wireless networks followed by the Add option. Select manually create a network profile, and type the network’s information in the spaces provided. Place a checkmark next to Start this connection automatically and choose the Next button.

If you encounter any trouble with the network run a network diagnostics to find and fix the bug. If the problem is with the machine like the LAN switch contact Sony Vaio laptop support. Officials at the Sony Vaio laptop support center can help you troubleshoot problems faster.

Sony VAIO Internet Connectivity Issues

Sony VAIO Laptop Support

Sony VAIO Laptop Support Steps

Sony VAIO is one of the leading laptop computers that deliver optimal performance with high-speed internet connectivity. At the same time, there can be times when you might come across system issues with a Sony VAIO laptop. Such an issue occurs when the status of your laptop shows that you are connected to the internet, but you are not able to go online even though the status says that your system is connected with the net. You can rectify this problem using Sony VAIO laptop support and the below mentioned set of instructions.

Sony VAIO laptop support steps

  • Restarting your system will be the first troubleshooting step. The status of your laptop might still show that your system is connected to the internet. On the other hand, it might have lost the connectivity. You can confirm the actual status when the system is restarted. If your laptop is still not being connected, then it might be a technical problem with your internet connectivity. Try to restart your modem along with the router and check whether the issue is resolved. You can contact your internet service provider if you cannot connect to the internet.
  • Proceed by right clicking on Internet connection if you still see that your system is connected to the internet though you are not able to access it. Click on Disable followed by clicking on Enable. This step is to be done to enable your internet connection.
  • With Sony VAIO laptop support, you can navigate to another website on the internet. Perhaps it could be the very site that you are trying to access that might not be working. That does not mean that the internet connectivity is lost. Therefore, you can try random sites and confirm the availability of internet connectivity.

    Optimal Performance

    Laptop Troubleshooting Steps

  • Besides just trying the Sony VAIO laptop support, you can also check out Sony VAIO tech support from the forums listed. This way, you will be able to get authentic help from Sony certified professionals. They will ensure that the technical problems will be resolved at the earliest. The best part is that the troubleshooting procedure will be more specific.

The above-mentioned troubleshooting steps will help you to fix the internet connectivity issues of your laptop. Henceforth, you will be able to use the system without having troubles logging on to the internet.

How Can I Install Outlook Express In My Computer?

Outlook Express email problems

How to install Outlook Express email

Microsoft provides an important email client known as Outlook Express that is used all over the world for many different purposes. Even though Microsoft does not develop this application anymore, many users still use this tool for accessing their mails. This software is made available free to its users. However, it is not possible to download it separately. Until and unless you download the latest version of Internet Explorer and install it in your system, downloading the program cannot be achieved.

Many unexpected Outlook Express email problems may arise while trying to install the application. In such an event, contact the Microsoft Outlook Express professionals. Read the following instructions to learn how to install Outlook Express in your system without encountering any issues.

Instructions to install Outlook Express Email

  • Open your Internet Explorer homepage. Click “Download now” in order to download the latest version of the installation file. Scroll your mouse to the left side of your computer screen and select the link that is most appropriate for your operating system.
  • You can save the installation file in any of your folders in your computer by first browsing through the folders and then clicking the “Save” button.
  • Now, open the folder where you have saved the file. Double-clicking the file will open up a small window where you are required to click the “Run” button.
  • Make sure that you click the radio button that reads “I choose not to participate right now.” Then, click “Next” to go to next step.

    Internet explorer homepage

    Why is it necessary to download the latest version of Outlook Express?

  • In the new page, click “Accept” and then the “Next” button. Now, the installation process will begin.
  • After the installation process completes, restart your system by clicking the “Restart now” button.
  • After your system restarts, open the Windows “Start” menu and click “Programs.” Select “Outlook Express.” Since the Windows Mail has replaced your Outlook Express, you will see this program rather than the Outlook Express.

Thus, you have just learnt how to install Outlook Express client. Let me remind you one more time not to forget to download and then install the latest versions of the Internet Explorer first if you really want to perform the installing of Outlook Express email on your system. After you have installed the application, you can configure your Outlook Express to receive/send emails from your email account. To know more about Outlook Express email problems, visit the Outlook express website and read the FAQs or the related articles over the internet.

Troubleshooting Typing Delay In PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint troubleshooting

Issues In PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint program designed for facilitating presentations by slideshow provides state of the art features. It makes your presentation look professional while providing numerous entertainment aspects. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 allows you to incorporate graphics, animations and multimedia in presentations, apart from texts. PowerPoint 2007 has an array of features that would help make your presentation lively. By customizing your presentation, you can provide infotainment for audience of all ages.

While implementing the utility software, they might interfere with the PowerPoint environment, and cause blatant delay in inputting texts. However, you can implement PowerPoint troubleshooting under such circumstances.

Steps in troubleshooting PowerPoint

  • As a first step, you need to update the drivers relating to the graphics hardware. More often than not, the delay is due to the compatibility issues with the program, the software supporting graphics, and the operating system. The delay becomes apparent when you see that the time gap widens between the input and its appearance. Follow the graphics hardware manufacturer’s instructions for downloading the latest drivers. Or else you can contact the manufacturer to get the updates done successfully.
  • Make sure that you have updated the printer drivers installed in the operating system. When PowerPoint 2007 interferes with the printer drivers installed in the operating system, you are sure to face delay. You need to get in touch with the manufacturer of the printer for updating the printer divers. Make sure that it is installed as per the instructions laid out by the manufacturer.

    Presentations by slideshow

    PowerPoint 2007 Input Latency

  • Also, check the interactions with the PowerPoint 2007and the antivirus support installed on your computer. When you install an application-oriented module in the Microsoft Office Suite, it is likely that in case of virus detection, these antivirus programs interfere with the PowerPoint 2007 application. It is possible for you to disable the antivirus support temporarily to check if this is the reason for delays in PowerPoint 2007 program. In addition to this, make sure that you have updated the antivirus from the manufacturer.
  • You need to verify the presentation for object linking and embedding images. It is common that the images and graphics incorporated in the PowerPoint software links to the original application, and this induces lags in the PowerPoint 2007. To avoid this conflict, you can add images through the Ribbon menu by selecting the Insert tab.

You can implement PowerPoint troubleshooting by adopting the above steps. If the problems persist, you can get the aid from professional technical support to restore the functions.

Tips To Update Microsoft Word Program

images (15)

Help for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popularly used programs all over the world. This particular program forms the part of Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft had released several versions of the Office suite. Along with each version the Word program comes with more and more advent features including the ones meant for enhancing the security. In order to avail the benefits of the latest version of the Microsoft Word program, you need to upgrade your version. You can easily upgrade your Word program by following the Microsoft Word help instructions mentioned below.

Upgrade Microsoft Word

As it is mentioned in the previous statement it is always better to install the latest updates for the Microsoft Word program in your system. With each upgrade version, your Word program will become well equipped with newest possible features. The upgrade process will take only minutes or so and moreover it can provide more security and reliability to the Word program. The Microsoft Word updates for Word 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007 are available to you over the internet.

Microsoft Word Help Instructions to Follow

In order to update the Microsoft Word program, you need to follow the instructions as given below:

  • First go to the website of Microsoft Office.
  • In that window, you must select the tab which is labeled as “Downloads”.
  • Then click on the button which is labeled as “Check for Microsoft Updates”.
  • Now a new Microsoft updates page will be displayed on the screen. On that page you can see the options such as “Express” and “Custom” installations.
  • Here you must select “Express” installation option. It enables you to have all the high-priority updates. If you want to view all possible updates, then you need to select “Custom” installation. Normally, it is better to go with “Express” installation option.

    Office Diagnostics

    Microsoft Word support

  • You must wait until the scanning of your system is completed in order to have Microsoft software updates. The scanning process can take several seconds, even minutes to complete. If you are with a habit of frequent updating the programs, then scanning can be much quicker.
  • You must assess all the high-priority updates which your system requires. Then click “Install Updates” button. After completing these downloads, you can see these installed updates in a pop-up window.
  • Then you can restart your system by selecting “Restart Now” option.

This is all about updating the Microsoft Word program. Try it out.