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Steps To Retrieve Lost Excel 2007 Document

There could be scenarios where you will lose your Excel file which you were currently working upon due to an abrupt restart of your PC or other various reasons. So in order to save your effort, there is a wonderful tool available inside MS Excel 2007 which will automatically keep saving your Excel sheet by [...]

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Microsoft Excel Problems In Macintosh Systems

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Excel- world’s most excepted spreadsheet application – used to create spreadsheets, documents etc. for various business needs, especially in the economic sector. It is compatible with the windows and Mac operating systems. The Excel tutorial given in the Help option is described in a simple manner, so even a beginner can [...]

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Repairing Damaged Excel Files

MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application that comes with MS Office suite. The popularity of this program is the result of its easy to use interface and its vast scope of applicability. Problems in Excel occur rarely, but you need to keep in mind that it’s not completely free from errors. While using the [...]

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Making a Histogram in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of those indispensable software that comes bundled with Microsoft Office. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet lets its users to tabulate data. The tabulated data can then be made use to perform several calculations using various simple formulas made available within Microsoft Excel. It also helps the user to generate different data charts [...]

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List of problems with Microsoft Excel Macros

Change in Macros were one of the main problems with excel that the users had issue with while using Microsoft Excel 2007. Macros are small programs which are coded using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that add extensive features to any spread sheet. Let’s discuss some of the basic issues in detail! Editor for VBA [...]

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Making Labels from Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make labels at home and in the workplace is an important skill to learn. Labels can be made simply and quickly by making use of the mail merged feature in Microsoft Word and data from a spreadsheet. The use of Mail Merge is an easy-to-learn and simple-to-adjust process and leads [...]

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Accessing Help function in MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is an application, program that uses programming language named Visual Basic for applications. And as such, the latest version of Microsoft Excel 2010 features a very wide and useful help utility designed by the Microsoft. You can rely on this help library while you are confused over running your Microsoft Excel program or [...]

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HELP WITH EXCEL-Excel for Project Management

Finding hard for you to organize multiple work projects? As you know, project management means organizing, planning, and managing the resources in order to bring about successful completion of the specific project goals and objectives. Without keeping the track of various efforts and resources, the projects will not reach a successful completion. Microsoft Office is [...]

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Get Help with Microsoft Excel for Using Excel Functions

Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes bundled with Microsoft Office suite. It is the most popular software program of its kind, used by millions of people around the globe. Getting started For getting started with using functions, you will have to click on the Excel cell where you want to get the answer. Then [...]

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The 3 Best Ways to get Help with MS Excel

Whether you are a new Excel user, an experienced data cruncher, or somewhere right in between, I would like to share with you my top three ways to help yourself when it comes to learning and familiarizing yourself with MS Excel. This section has help with Excel and contains important tips and tricks. And you [...]

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