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Direction For Troubleshooting Host Issues In Google Chrome?

how to fix Google Chrome

fix Google Chrome issues

Google Chrome has emerged as the most popular web browser out there. It is popular across all platforms, both desktop and mobile. Faster browsing experience and simple user interface are the two major features that make people attracted to Google Chrome. Furthermore, the browser enjoys better tech support. Users can quickly find forums on how to fix Google Chrome issues and find guidelines to fix specific problems with the browser.

Google Chrome allows you to customize your browser so that it works efficiently in accordance with your needs. The areas that you can modify include visual themes, privacy preferences, Flash and plug-ins. While using Chrome, the user is allowed to modify the aspects of the program or application in use. However, you may come across unwanted issues after you make so many changes in the Chrome settings. Restoring Chrome back to the default settings would fix all the issues in an instant.

How to know if personalized Chrome settings is the cause of problems

Before restoring Chrome back to the default settings, it is good to verify whether the current issues you are facing are actually resulting from the any changes in the Chrome configuration. If you receive the error message “Resolving Host”, it is sign that some of changes in configuration are the cause of the problem. You can fix this problem by disabling the DNS prefetching service in Chrome. Follow the below instructions for the same.


  • Open Chrome and navigate to the wrench icon which is located at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select Preferences or Options from the resulting menu.
  • This will open a new screen. In the new screen, navigate to the tab labeled Under the Hood. This will open another window.
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to Use DNS prefetching to improve page load performance is unselected. You can find this checkbox in the section titled Privacy in the screen. Remember that this option is given by different names in some Chrome versions.
    personalized Chrome settings

    Google Chrome web browser

    If you don’t find the option, look for the tab titled Predict network actions to improve page load performance. Unselect the checkbox before the option to proceed.

  • Exit Chrome settings and browser.
  • Restart the application now and check if the issue persists. Try to load a few new web pages and see if the issue has really been fixed.

You have seen how to fix Google Chrome issues. Keep your browser updated to avoid frequent crashing or similar issues.

Fixing The ‘Aw, Snap!’ Error In Google Chrome

How To Fix Google Chrome,

Fixing Chrome Errors

The ‘Aw, Snap!’ error message appears when Google Chrome is unable to load the contents of a web page. If the issue is not something critical, you would be able to access the page by just refreshing the page. The common causes for this error are many, including malware infection, corrupt extensions and user profiles, etc. Given below are some guidelines on how to fix this error in Google Chrome.

Refresh the page

Press on the F5 button on the keyboard to fix the current page that is open as suggested by the error message. Alternatively, you may also click on the Refresh button seen near the address bar. If this does not work, press the Ctrl + F5 buttons in the keyboard simultaneously, which does a hard refresh of the current page by bypassing its local cache.

Malware scan

The most common reason for a web browser crash is malware attack. Download and install any reputed anti-malware software, if you already do not have one, and run a complete scan. Remove any infections that are detected.

Anti-virus programs

Some security software block the working of certain web browsers. To check if your anti-virus program is causing the issue, you may disable it temporarily and try reloading the web page. If the web page loads up, you need to create an exception for Google Chrome web browser. Check the Help section of the security software to understand how to do this.

Incognito mode

Certain extensions can cause the blocking of the web page. To check for this, open Chrome in Incognito mode by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut, which disables all extensions. If the page loads up, it means that one of the extensions is causing the problem. Remove extensions one by one to check which one should be reinstalled or removed.

New User Profile

Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome Easy Fix

Sometimes, a corrupted User Profile in Chrome may be the culprit. To create a new user profile, exit the Chrome browser, open Windows Explorer, type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ in the Address bar and press Enter. Now, rename the Default folder shown in the directory with any name. Lastly, create a new User Profile by restarting Chrome. If the page can be accessed now, it means that your old User Profile was corrupted.

The issue can also be caused due to lack of sufficient system resources. To test the same, close any running programs, software, or games, and check if that does the job.