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Know About Features Of Microsoft Office Licensing

Many a times, we hear the phrase “Software license” while trying to install or purchase a software. This can be defined as a license that determines how a user can use a software he has purchased, and on how many machines that software can be installed. Now, if you are trying to purchase Microsoft Office […]

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3 Factors To Keep In Mind While Migrating To A Newer Version Of Microsoft Office

With many recent innovative options from Microsoft like the launch of Office 2013 and Windows 8; Surface or Windows Phone and the movement to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, it is only natural that many companies are thinking about implementing these latest solutions. When migrating to a newer version of Microsoft Office, some critical […]

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Easing Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Solutions Provider

The key to success for an organization lies on the efficient management of its potential customers. After purchase services and customer care are two important aspects that modern marketing strategies are deriving their roots. The new generation business and marketing trends are employing very dynamic paradigms for achieving success and demand for  services providing tools […]

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How to Update Microsoft Word and Other Applications

Microsoft Office allows its applications to be updated with the latest features from the Microsoft website. Applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook or any such application can be updated from Microsoft’s official website. By equipping with the latest updates, Microsoft applications not only perform better but at the same time become […]

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Fix MS Word problems with Office Diagnostic tool

In Microsoft Word FAQ, a lot many users inquire about the MS Word’s vulnerability to external events. Numerous reasons can cause a damaged MS Word document, such as, abrupt shutdown, virus attack, hard disk error, network breakdown, etc. MS Word data remains under a constant threat Due to these reasons. Windows 7 OS was the […]

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How to Get a Free Version of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office has long been accepted as the most sought out Office suite by most of us. This Office suite comes power-packed with a set of applications that does simple to the most complicated tasks like breeze. This takes away much of human effort and brings in more accuracy and precision to one’s job. Microsoft […]

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Enjoying Microsoft Services

Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful and popular word processing applications from the Microsoft family and indeed, it is one of the most versatile programs in the world today! IT has come a long way from merely being a tool for documenting businesses and personal affairs and now is used for a variety […]

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FAQs on Microsoft Excel

We all use Microsoft Office on a daily basis and the benefits of Microsoft Excel are beyond words. The applications that are provided by Microsoft are helpful for all office works especially Microsoft Word and Excel. The calculations can be done pretty easily and you can sort and arrange data in a neat way. You […]

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Upgrading Microsoft Office Home

To upgrade Microsoft Office Home is quite different from upgrading most software applications in many terms. Microsoft allows upgrade only for its most recently released Office products. Microsoft Office customers can upgrade Microsoft Office Home, as of September 2010, only if they have a qualifying product and may only upgrade to the newest version. Also […]

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Instructions for deleting a Blank Page Break in a Word Template

Microsoft word is basically a component of Microsoft office software system and included in Microsoft Works suite. If you are a person using Word for creating documents that require some specialized formatting, but the content of the document is different, then you can save a considerable amount of time if you create word template as […]

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