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Know About Features Of Microsoft Office Licensing

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Many a times, we hear the phrase “Software license” while trying to install or purchase a software. This can be defined as a license that determines how a user can use a software he has purchased, and on how many machines that software can be installed. Now, if you are trying to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 for your PC, you would need to adhere to certain regulations in the Microsoft Software license. The Microsoft FAQ section in Microsoft’s official website provides information about the procedures involved behind the purchase of Software license.

However, you can also use the following points to understand Microsoft software licensing.

  • As the first step, you need to search for your product key, which is a 25-character code for your copy of Microsoft Office 2007. You would be able to find the product key on the box, if you have purchased it from a retail store.
  • Now, if you have downloaded your copy of Microsoft Office, you would find the product key on the receipt.
  • Now, you need to select the type and the version of the software you own, as well as the license terms which apply to you. And you would find a three-letter license code from Microsoft alongside the product key.
  • Check said code in detail. If it reads FPP, it means you have a Retail License for your software. If the code reads OEM, you have OEM Licensing, whereas if the code reads MLK, it’s only a Media-less License that you have.
  • These licenses would allow you to successfully install the software in the computer. For more information, you can always refer to the Microsoft FAQ section.

    FPP versions

             Microsoft helpline

  • However, you can install the software on other machines later, because most of the FPP versions can be sold or transferred to other users. However, OEM licenses are cannot be transferred in such a way.
  • Compared to the other two types, MLK licenses are often given for promotional or academic-priced software, and are more difficult, to install and for sale/transfer to other devices. Hence, determination of the type of software license before installing the product, is important.

Through these steps, you would be able to understand the Microsoft Software licensing. If you have more queries or want to get more information regarding software licensing, feel free to contact our technical support team.

3 Factors To Keep In Mind While Migrating To A Newer Version Of Microsoft Office

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Factors to be consider when migrating to a newer MS Office

With many recent innovative options from Microsoft like the launch of Office 2013 and Windows 8; Surface or Windows Phone and the movement to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, it is only natural that many companies are thinking about implementing these latest solutions.

When migrating to a newer version of Microsoft Office, some critical details should be considered. Microsoft Office FAQ will definitely be a great help for those who are planning a migration. Given below are some of the common issues that a company might face throughout the migration procedure and some points that should be kept in mind.

Things to remember

  1. The most common problems that can make things difficult are the interlinked document or links as they are more commonly called. The file extension’s name is different in the new version of Microsoft Office, which is very different from the previous ones. So file links will be broken in the upgraded MS Office as there has been a change in file name by the new extension file.

    Compatibility Mode

    Migrating to a newer version of MS Office

  2. Another important issue that should be kept in mind is the security. For document security, Microsoft Office utilizes the Trust Center; therefore, its settings must be taken into account as part of the migration. To secure Access applications, Workgroup Security (.MSW) was available prior to Office 2007. Planning and implementing of the security model has become a must in every deployment process as the upgraded versions of Microsoft Office (native mode) are not supporting Workgroup security.
  3. Often, enterprises tend to use Compatibility Mode. But often the limits that this approach has are forgotten. A lack of new features in compatibility mode or co-existence offered by the newest version of Office may be the most important limitation. In this way, the benefits of the newest version are actually denied to its users.

There are a number of issues that should be examined carefully before engaging into the newest version of Microsoft Office, the above three being the most common among them. A migration must be customized according to the requirements of each company and hence there is no one single right approach. You can go through the online Microsoft Office FAQ while planning a migration.

Easing Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Solutions Provider

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have nice customer relations

The key to success for an organization lies on the efficient management of its potential customers. After purchase services and customer care are two important aspects that modern marketing strategies are deriving their roots. The new generation business and marketing trends are employing very dynamic paradigms for achieving success and demand for  services providing tools for gaining this goal is also rising. We all know acquiring a good customer pool is indeed very difficult in business, but it is more difficult and important maintaining these customers. So we have to deal with the matter by paying more attention to the details.

The ultimate aim is to obtain maximum economic and organizational growth. In this regard the science of customer relationship management proves to be very pivotal one. It deals with creating and managing customers through effective strategies, methodologies and technologies. At this point with a handful of featured tools Microsoft Solutions provider comes to your help. The power tools offered can help the organizations to enhance the marketing values, sales and customer service and support in a great extent. The management support offered by Microsoft Solutions always goes beyond the provisions of a simple holistic solution to drive organizational strategies, instead it helps to manage the customer relationship management software. It is very helpful in finding new customers and establishing relationships with them keeping the already existing customers satisfied, further improving their relationship continually for the success of the organization.

customer relationship management

Microsoft solutions provider

Helping with information exchange

For any organization we need valuable and time-relevant information. Only then the planning can be done properly. Nowadays it is one of the major difficulties that is commonly associated with  every  organization. Here Microsoft support can provide you with very effective solutions, by providing crucial organized information which is very helpful in the process of decision making. This service can organize customer data according to your need at quick times.

Moreover the software enables centralized information exchange by making provisions for distributing it in diverse divisions of the organization. So different sections of the establishment can use the valuable information aiding the decision making process. Ultimately it offers instant access to relevant information. The solutions help to identify the customer trends and pace which can further help in planning. The offered data security is also remarkable. Another important feature of this tool is the ultimate flexibility so that it can be modelled  and customized to all business environments.

How to Update Microsoft Word and Other Applications

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Downloading the updates

Microsoft Office allows its applications to be updated with the latest features from the Microsoft website. Applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook or any such application can be updated from Microsoft’s official website. By equipping with the latest updates, Microsoft applications not only perform better but at the same time become more reliable and secure. Microsoft suggests all its applications to be updated at regular intervals so as to give you best user experience and work results. You may find similar interesting topics on Microsoft FAQ forums.

Here we will discuss about how to update Microsoft Word on your computer.

How to Update MS Word

  • In order to update your MS word, you need to visit the Microsoft Office Official website which is
  • Click on the Microsoft Word link you see on the home page.
  • To check for updates, click on Check for Microsoft Updates button.
  • When the Microsoft Update page opens, you can see two options namely Express and Custom installations.
  • If you just need only the high-priority updates, click on Express. If you need all possible Microsoft Office updates, choose Custom. The default suggestion from Microsoft is to choose Express.
  • Once you click on either of these update options, it will start a scan on your computer to check what all updates are required. The scanning might take several seconds to several minutes depending upon the amount of updates needed. If you haven’t done any recent updates it will take long while the scanning completes quickly if you had performed any recent updates on your system.
  • Once the scanning is complete, you will get a page which displays all the high-priority updates that your system needs (in case of
    Recent updates

    Latest update installation


  • To start the update, click on Install Updates. This will start downloading the latest updates and will get installed into your system.
  • After the updates are downloaded and installed, you must restart your system for the newly installed updates to take effect. You may either click Close to finish the update or click Restart Now to complete the update. As soon as the system is rebooted, Microsoft Office will be installed with new updates.

From this page, you can also find updates for your other MS Office applications. You can follow the same procedure to install the updates for other Microsoft applications too. Any queries or doubts on this can be cleared by going to Microsoft FAQ forums or Microsoft Support Center.

I hope you find this article helpful.


Fix MS Word problems with Office Diagnostic tool

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Fix MS Word problems

In Microsoft Word FAQ, a lot many users inquire about the MS Word’s vulnerability to external events. Numerous reasons can cause a damaged MS Word document, such as, abrupt shutdown, virus attack, hard disk error, network breakdown, etc. MS Word data remains under a constant threat Due to these reasons. Windows 7 OS was the first to come up with a solution for this. For repairing the Office 2007 based programs, it had an Office Diagnostic Tool having the potential to repair Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Word files and other Office 2007 based documents can be repaired using some individual diagnostic tests. Various diagnostics which can be referred are;

  • Setup Diagnostic: The intensity of corruption in the files & folders is analyzed by this diagnostic procedure. The exact cause of the data disaster i.e. improper installation, virus attack and disk failure are determined by this procedure. Scanning the system takes about 15 to 20 minutes with the Setup diagnostic procedure.
  • Disk Diagnostic: The root cause of a problem is determined with Disk Diagnostics. For verifying the magnitude of a problem, it reads the event log and SMART Technology.
  • Memory Diagnostic: Any damage to the RAM of a computer is analyzed with this method.
  • Update Diagnostic: This determines if your system is up to date or not. It lists the crucial updates missing on your computer.
  • Compatibility Diagnostic: Compatibility issues in the computer is spotted. It also Check for known solutions diagnostic: with this test, the data corruptions in Office 2007 can be viewed. For delivering an appropriate solution, it connects the system with Microsoft site.

Instructions to run Office diagnostics to repair Word file

Before running the Office Diagnostics Program, close all other running programs. Go to Microsoft Office>> Click Word Options>>

Microsoft Word FAQ

Fix MS Word problems

Resources>> Diagnose>> Continue>> and Start Diagnostics. From Start Menu, run Office Diagnostics if any Office files are not working. Go to Start for this, select all programs, choose Microsoft Office Tools and select Microsoft Office Diagnostics. If this did not help, use the Recovery FIX to repair Word files. Word files damaged because of Corruption in the storage media, Viruses attack, Improper file format, abrupt system shut down or damage to the file structure, improperly existing MS Word while etc. can be restored by this software. So, that clears the Microsoft Word FAQ on Office Diagnostic tool. Thank you!



How to Get a Free Version of Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft Office has long been accepted as the most sought out Office suite by most of us. This Office suite comes power-packed with a set of applications that does simple to the most complicated tasks like breeze. This takes away much of human effort and brings in more accuracy and precision to one’s job. Microsoft Word is widely accepted as the most popular data documenting application by both home and business users. But if you think of buying a premium version of Word is a bit expensive, you can consider having the free versions of it. For any Microsoft FAQ on Word, you may visit Microsoft Forums and Support Center to get more information.

Here are a few options for you where you can use Microsoft Word without even spending a penny for it.

  • For those who can’t buy the paid version, they can try the online version of Microsoft Office for free. This works similar to Google Docs. You can access Word, Excel or PowerPoint in Microsoft Office Web Apps if you have a Windows Live ID. But don’t expect to have all the features that you get on a paid version. But definitely you can work with Office in a web browser free of cost.
  • Do you want to get a feel of the full version of Microsoft Word for free? It is possible as you can download a free trial from the Microsoft Website for 30 days. Remember that after this limited period trial, you will lose your access to it.
  • If you just want to read other people’s document, you don’t have to install a full-fledged Word application. Instead you can install Microsoft Word Viewer which is available as a free download. Note that you cannot edit or create new documents using
    Microsoft Word

    Online version of Microsoft Word


  • Sometimes you may get an added benefit when you buy a used computer. It might include a copy of Microsoft Office that can be used for your purpose. Some people offer to include such programs as an added selling point.
  • You may also consider buying the student version of Microsoft Word. This is definitely not free but you can get it at a discounted price which makes it a favorite one for those who don’t want to pay more on such suites. It’s a good idea to check with your school or the university as they have the provision to offer students a copy of Microsoft Office for use in class.

I hope this article provides some insight on how and where to get a free copy of Microsoft Word. You may also find similar topics on Microsoft FAQ forums. So explore it. Thank you!

Enjoying Microsoft Services

Microsoft word FAQ

good experience with Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful and popular word processing applications from the Microsoft family and indeed, it is one of the most versatile programs in the world today! IT has come a long way from merely being a tool for documenting businesses and personal affairs and now is used for a variety of applications.

The excellence lies in the after purchase care and services that Microsoft offers to its huge client pool spread across the world. Nowadays, the after-sales services have come online and available 24/7. Services from qualified technicians are now always ready at the help desk. Now, help is always at hand. Whenever you encounter with a problem in any of Microsoft utility, the very first thing which I recommend, is to go for such online customer support.

Very recently I have had some technical difficulties regarding creation of check boxes in MS Word. My search for proper solution ended up in Microsoft Word FAQ online. Simply pose your questions here and have good technical advice rendered in quick time. Here, I am bringing the helpful instructions which will enable you to create checkboxes in Word.

Creating Check mark in MS Word

  • First of all you should open the document in Microsoft word. Word offers a choice for inserting the check box in your document. So you need to select the insertion point where you have to place the check box. It can be done by just left clicking on the mouse once.
  • Now you need to click on the Insert tab.  This tab is located at the top left side of the Word window.
  • At the right end of the window there is menu.  Then you have to select the Symbol button on this menu.
  • Now a More Symbols option will appear on the drop down menu. You should click on this. You need to ensure that Symbols
    Microsoft services

    good experience with Word

    is selected from the tabs at the top of the window.

  • There is Font menu and select the Wingdings.
  • Now you can scroll to the bottom of characters. Using the scroll bar on the right side of the box you can find the box with check mark in it.
  • After selecting the marked checkbox symbol you should click Insert.
  • Finally click on the Close button. The symbol will appear on the point where you have placed the insertion point.

I think in almost all sorts of technical issues regarding Word, Microsoft Word FAQ will be very helpful. Have a nice working experience with Word!

FAQs on Microsoft Excel

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Features of Excel

We all use Microsoft Office on a daily basis and the benefits of Microsoft Excel are beyond words. The applications that are provided by Microsoft are helpful for all office works especially Microsoft Word and Excel. The calculations can be done pretty easily and you can sort and arrange data in a neat way. You can prepare graphs, charts and other tables using Microsoft Excel. You just need to get introduced with the different functions and features of Microsoft Excel. The Microsoft FAQ is quite useful if you are new to the features of Microsoft Excel.

Let us get to some features of Microsoft Excel


You can add formula to one cell. To add a formula you can give the symbol = which will start a formula. To add numbers you can give the formula =sum () and you can include the numbers that you need to add or select the cells that contain the values. If the formula is =sum (B1, B2), it will add the sum of number s in the cells B1 and B2.  You can click on Enter after giving formula.

Workbooks and Worksheets

In a workbook, you will find different worksheets which are spreadsheets. It can include either one worksheet or more than one worksheet. You can give a name to your workbook and you will find the option to give individual names to different worksheets. This will help you to classify your work and calculations accordingly.

Adjusting Rows and Columns

Microsoft Excel

Techniques in Excel

You can make necessary changes to the size of the rows and columns just by dragging. It is possible to delete or insert columns and rows.


You can create charts that help you to compare data. You can give names for rows and columns and give data accordingly. After selecting the data in rows and columns, you can click on Insert and select Chart, you will find different kinds of charts and you can select the appropriate one.

Formatting of data

To format the data in the cells, you can select the cells and select Format and then Cells, and select the different options that you find. You can also do formatting by selecting the cells and upon right click you will find option to format cells.

There are different functions that you can perform in Microsoft Excel. If you have doubts you can have a look at Microsoft FAQ that is available on the website or you can seek the assistance of Help & Support team of Microsoft.

Upgrading Microsoft Office Home

Upgrading Microsoft Office

To upgrade Microsoft Office Home is quite different from upgrading most software applications in many terms. Microsoft allows upgrade only for its most recently released Office products. Microsoft Office customers can upgrade Microsoft Office Home, as of September 2010, only if they have a qualifying product and may only upgrade to the newest version. Also you must purchase the product during the time periods specified by Microsoft.

All these are Microsoft’s laid down rules to satisfy in order to upgrade your existing Microsoft product. Failing these, you will not qualify for an upgrade and will have to purchase the full new product.

The procedure and steps, Microsoft Office faq, you should consider and follow in order to update your existing Microsoft product are mentioned below.

  • First you have to verify that your MS Office Home product qualifies for an upgrade to the newest version.

If you have older versions of MS Office Home and MS Office Student, you can only upgrade to the newest release of MS Office Home and Student version only if you have the specified version purchased during the specified time period. There is no other option for an upgrade other than this.

Microsoft Office Products

  • Go to the MS Office upgrade website and click the Upgrade Now button to begin the desired upgrade process. On clicking the button, a page will load requesting some information about you and your Microsoft product. Fill out all required information with your 25-digit product ID on hand while filling out the information. Provide your email address to the Microsoft and also name the manufacturer of your computer to finish the filling of the form and click the Submit button upon completing to submit.
  • By following the instructions provided on the screen, download the MS Office Home and Student upgrade. For the process to both download and install the upgrade, Microsoft will provide prompts explaining the download and install and walk you through the entire process.
  • Microsoft will mail you the product key for your upgrade. Check your email to find the product key as you will need to enter this key to activate your upgrade once the installation is complete.

Hope this article is interesting and is helpful in your Microsoft Office faq. You can visit this site again for updates on similar issues. Regards!

Instructions for deleting a Blank Page Break in a Word Template

Microsoft word FAQ

Microsoft word is basically a component of Microsoft office software system and included in Microsoft Works suite. If you are a person using Word for creating documents that require some specialized formatting, but the content of the document is different, then you can save a considerable amount of time if you create word template as the basis for all such future documents. Basic layouts of the document such as placement of columns, margins and page breaks etc. can be easily fixed with the help of Microsoft word template.

How to delete a Blank page break is one of the common Microsoft FAQ; if you are searching for a solution to this issue, read more…




How to modify a word template?


  • First select open from the File menu. Go to the template you want to modify and then open it.
  • You can easily see the templates in the Word version 2003; it is kept by default in a folder named Templates. From the C drive you can easily select the Application data and then navigate to Microsoft.
  • Once you open the file document, the name of the template will be displayed on the title bar with the suffix .dot which indicates that the template is ready to be modified.
  • Find out the page break that you want to delete.
  • There is a paragraph-symbol button on the word toolbar and it is used to hide or show non-printing style marks that are otherwise invisible. By selecting this button you can view any hidden paragraph markers or page-break markers throughout the template. The page breaks appear as dotted line, while the paragraph marks appear as the paragraph symbol on the toolbar.
  • Select the style markers you wish to delete and click the delete button.
  • After deleting the style markers, if the page is still there, then place the cursor on top of the blank page and click delete.
  • After all the process, select the save button under file menu to get the template saved and close the window.
  • If you want to do all the layouts for templates using Styles, select the style option from the format menu in the Word.

If you want to know the solutions for the Microsoft FAQ, “how can I find out if a template is available?” Or “does it work on a vista operating system?” and so on, then you may better visit the help option available in the main menu bar.