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Microsoft Office suite consists of a group of highly useful applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Probably, MS Excel would be the most popular application in the Office suite due to its powerful features. The primary feature of Excel is that it allows you to create spreadsheets. Most companies and organizations use it as their preferred application for making spreadsheets.

Well, if you have thought that its operations are limited as you can only make spreadsheets with it, wait for a second. Creating an inclusive spreadsheet is not going to be easy unless you have a powerful application for it. Excel, with its superior features, helps you make spreadsheets easily. The amount of time you can save and the efficiency you can expect from the use of Excel is great. The following points will tell you how to use Time in Formulas in Excel. More information on this can be obtained from the Excel formula help section.


  • Open Excel and enter the data in time format.
  • Select the cells where you have entered the time stamps and right-click on them.
  • Choose Format Cells from the dropdown menu and select any of the given time formats (AM or PM).
  • Add a time formula to the new cell. If the Cell titled A1 is given 3.00 AM and B1 4.30, the new time formula you should enter is ‘=B1-A1’
  • Ensure that the cells where you have entered the formula are set for formatting. It will enable Excel to answer with the number of hours and minutes.
  • Again, choose Format Cells and right-click it. From the custom list of formats, choose “h:mm.’ This will enable Excel to return to you with answers in hours and minutes.
  • Follow the above steps to add time formats to input cells.

    Time In Formulas

    Microsoft Excel

  • If you have to include time periods spanning beyond midnight, you should enable Excel to understand it. Use the same formula you have created using the above steps for this. For instance “=B1-A1+IF(A1>B1, 1)”.
  • After that, ensure that the new formats are set to custom format. Make sure that the hours are put in brackets. If you wish to get your answers in the hours and minutes format, choose “h:mm” as the format.

The above steps must have helped you to use Time in Formulas in your Excel spreadsheet. You can use multiple types of formulas in Excel. Refer to the Excel formula help page for further information.

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