How To Fix Slow Bootup Speed In XP

Fix slow computer

How to fix slow computer

Usually under normal conditions, Windows XP takes less than 30 seconds to start up. It will not be the same always since many factors affect the booting speed. Installation of programs and hardware affects the booting speed in Windows XP. Over a period, you may find that your Windows XP computer takes much time to boot. In fact, it could bring in a series of errors in your computer. It necessitates you to fix slow computer issues at the earliest before it tangles your job. Slow booting can cause performance glitches while opening of programs and so on.

Wondering how to fix slow computer issues? Read on to find some solutions on improving slow bootup speed in a Windows XP computer.


  • You can adjust the BIOS settings in Windows XP. Shut down the computer system first. Now turn on the computer. Wait for a while for the initial text boot screen. Check the instructions on loading the BIOS settings. You can use the Delete and F1 keys to implement the same.
  • You need to find the Boot menu within the BIOS screen. Using the arrow keys, you can navigate accordingly. You can find Quick boot or Memory check from the options. Click Enter. You need to choose either Quick Boot or Memory check depending upon the options within your BIOS settings.
  • Now, come to the main Boot menu by selecting the Esc key. You can find the Boot Sequence option. Click Enter to select the same. Move on to the First device by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Scroll through the list and choose hard drive. Hit the Enter key.
  • Click on Esc key again, whenever you need to return to the main Boot menu. Again, click Esc to close the BIOS settings.

Tweaks for configuring Windows XP

  • Navigate to the bottom left hand side of the screen and locate the Start button. You need to choose Run from the menu. Then enter msconfig and press the Enter key.
  • Now, choose the Start up tab and then remove the check mark beside the unused programs that run while you start up the computer.

    Installation of programs

    performance glitches in slow computer

  • Choose the Services tab. Put a check mark beside the box that says Hide all Microsoft services. Uncheck the box beside the Windows services that you need not require while booting your Windows XP computer.
  • Exit the System configuration utility. Restart the computer to see the changes.

Adopt the simple tweaks given above to fix slow computer issues in Windows XP.

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