Copying The MS Excel Formula To Multiple Rows

Excel formula help

Copying Excel formulas

Microsoft has released several applications and software packages for helping the users. One such application that comes with every operating system is Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office suite of applications contains applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. These applications will help you in simplifying your work and will make the tasks very easy.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs and it is used to calculate values within the work cells by using different formulae. Within the cells, you need to enter the formula or equations and without formatting, you can easily copy these formulae to the other cells within the worksheet.

If both the source and destination rows use the same format, then by using your mouse, you can easily select the source row and selecting the Paste option by dragging the mouse through the destination row will help you to paste the formulae. To manually copy the formula to multiple rows, you can make use of simple menu in Excel or the mouse commands. Well, below given are some easy Excel formula help instructions for this.


  • Open Microsoft Excel application in your system and by using your mouse, you need to copy the formula that you wish to copy by clicking the cell. To ensure whether the formula is correct, you need to check the cell address bar seen on top of your Excel worksheet.
  • mouse commands

    Excel formula help for copying Excel formula

    To select a formula, from the edit menu, you need to click on the options Edit and Copy. Another way of selecting the formula is by clicking on the option called Copy after right clicking within the cell in Excel.

  • Next, by using your mouse, you need to select the destination cells. For this purpose, you need to click the first cell and start dragging the cursor through the rows where the formula needs to be copied.
  • To copy the formula that you need, from the edit menu, you need to click the option Paste. Formatting linked with this formula is also carried to the rows by doing this. Another method is moving your mouse pointer towards the destination cell, give a right click there and choose the option paste.

The above Excel formula help instructions would help you copy the Excel formula to more than one row. For further information regarding this, contact the Microsoft support center online.

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