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Having a good hand at math is quite difficult and everybody knows it. Well with the Microsoft Excel, you are given a slew of formulas so you do not have to be an expert with maths and you can just make use of the formulas that are given. To successfully make use of the formulas given in the Microsoft Excel easily and successfully, the below given guidelines should be followed.


  • Your system should be powered on by pressing the power button located in the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the booting process will be initiated. The desktop will be seen in a short while. Open the Microsoft Excel installed in your system. To open it, the desktop shortcut icon should be Double clicked or from the Start menu, the Microsoft Excel can be launched. To access the Start menu, the Start button should be clicked. It is located in the extreme left of the taskbar.
  • An alternate way to make the Start menu appear is by hitting the Windows key present in the keyboard. The Windows key is represented by the Windows logo so it should be easy to locate it.
  • When the Excel window opens, the file that requires to be changed should be accessed.
  • The cell where the total should appear should be clicked.
  • The Insert menu should be accessed and Function should be selected. The dialog box of Paste Function will be displayed on screen.

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  • From the dialog box, the Function category should be chosen. In the function name list, a function should be chosen. In the dialog box at the lower part, some details concerning the function will be shown. Also will be listed the function’s arguments.
  • The OK button should be clicked.
  • Once you have chosen the formula, you can enter the names for the cells, which you would like to use for the chosen formula, in the box that appears. According to the formula, number of cells will be required.
  • To select the formula, the OK button should be clicked.

By following the above mentioned guidelines, the formulas can be used with ease. If you have any doubts with the formulas and require help with Excel formulas, you may contact our customer support center. Our customer support center will provide the best help with Excel formulas and working with Excel will be easier than ever.

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