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In the Microsoft Excel, plenty of valuable time can be saved by making use of the Excel formulas. According to the user’s choice, the formulas can be used whenever required. Though the formulas can be used effortlessly in the Microsoft Excel, many users may do not know its importance and moreover do not even know how to even make use of it. To be an expert and make use of the formulas effectively in Excel, the below given instructions have to be followed.

Steps to follow

  • To make use of the formulas in the Microsoft Excel, first, the Microsoft Excel program should be installed and opened in your system.
  • The method of writing formulas in Excel is very much different from the normal mathematics formulas that you use on paper. “= 5 + 3″ is how an Excel formula is written and not as “5 + 3 =”.
  • When making use of formulas, the cell references have to be used. The cell address is termed as the cell reference. If cells A1 and B1 contain the digits 5 and 3 and if you have to add them, it should be represented as “= A1 + B1″.
  • In the formulas, mathematical operators can be used. For the multiplication operation, the asterisk symbol (*) is used, for the subtraction operation, minus sign (-) is used, for the addition operation, the plus sign (+) is used, for the for the exponent operation, caret symbol (^) is used and for the division operation, forward slash (/) is used.

    formulas in Excel

    formulas in Microsoft Excel

  • If many mathematical operators are required to be used, the formulas have to be arranged by making use of BEDMAS. For those who do not know what BEDMAS means, BEDMAS stands for Brackets, Exponentials, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. If many operators are involved, the BEDMAS rule is used by the Microsoft Excel.
  • To display the formula that was used, the cell that contains the final result should be clicked. At top of the column heading, the formula bar can be seen and in it, the formula will be displayed.

By following the above mentioned instructions, the formulas can be effectively made use of in the Microsoft Excel for performing your mathematical functions. If you require professional help with Excel formulas, you may contact our customer support center. The best help with Excel formulas and troubleshooting tips can be availed by contacting our customer support center.

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