Quick Way To Deal With Security Certificate Warning

How To Fix Certificate Error

Security Certificate Error

The certificate error pops up when you attempt to visit a non-secure website from your default web browser in a Windows computer. If you receive a certificate error message, you should understand that the website you are about to visit has not passed the security parameters put forth by your browser. The users can either ignore security certificate error message and continue surfing the website, or consider it as a warning and verify the security of the website before proceeding.

Knowing whether a website has passed the security parameters is essential while visiting online shopping sites or online banking sites. Nevertheless, sometimes you will receive security certificate error message for genuine websites as well. This can happen due to multiple reasons. The following guidelines on how to fix certificate error will help you block security certificate error messages for genuine websites.


  • Check whether the date and time set for computer is correct. Incorrect date and time can generate certificate error messages when you visit certain websites. The time and date set for the computer should match with the same of the website you are visiting. After correcting the time, reload the website. If the issue was caused by incorrect date and time, it should be fixed now. If the issue persists, go to the next step.
  • Go to the padlock-like icon located next to the address bar of your website and review the information given in the dialogue box. You can verify the security remarks about the website here. If you trust the website, and sure that it will not lead to any security risks, select the link that says View Certificates. Move to the bottom of the resulting dialogue box and click the button that says Install Certificates. You will be alerted with a security warning now and be prompted to click Yes if you wish to continue.

    Ignore Security Certificate Error

    Block Certificate Error Message

Reviewing the security certificate of unknown websites is essential to avoid online security related issues. It is observed that many users disable the security certificate for websites from the Windows settings. But remember that this will lead to serious online related security issues.

If you have got any further questions on security certificate for websites or how to fix certificate error, visit a few forums that deal with the issue. Also, make sure that you have got an active antivirus program capable of protecting you from online security issues.

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