Tips For Avoiding Certificate Error Messages In Your Browser

how to fix certificate error

Website Certificate Error

Internet users often come across certificate error messages. What causes a certificate error? Most web browsers are integrated with certain security standards. This is to ensure that the websites you visit are not malicious ones. If one of the websites that you happen to visit does not comply with the security standards recommended by your default web browser, it will generate a certificate error. Remember that this is to safeguard your web browsing and to help you avoid visiting malicious websites by any means.

Nevertheless, sometimes even trusted websites are blocked by web browsers. You will get a certificate error message when a website is blocked. When you receive a certificate error, take necessary precautions that you don’t share your personal information on the website in the first place. Do some research to find out if the website’s security has been threatened by hackers recently. If you are pretty sure that visiting the website is safe, you can avoid the error message and continue browsing the said website. Here are some tips on how to fix certificate error and continue your browsing uninterrupted.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start
  • Choose Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • Select Classic View from the left pane of the screen.
  • Locate and double-click the icon titled Internet Options.
  • In the Internet Options dialogue box, select the tab labelled Advanced.
  • Scroll down the options list till you locate the sub-heading titled Security.
  • In the security options, you should see the checkbox titled Check for publisher’s certificate revocation.
  • Make sure that the checkbox is cleared. Click on the checkbox to clear the selection.
  • Following that, click the OK button followed by Apply. This will allow the changes made in the Internet Options settings to take effect immediately. Be sure to restart your browser now. You would no longer see the Certificate error message.

    certificate error messages

    Troubleshoot Certificate Error

You have seen the steps on how to fix certificate error by disabling certificate-checking for websites by your web browsers. Remember that keeping this option enabled is always recommended to avoid accidental visit to malicious websites. Therefore, once you are done with your job, go back to the Internet Options settings and cancel the changes. In the opinion of experts, a large number of internet related security issues can be prevented or put under control by enabling your browser to perform frequent server certificate checks.

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