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There is nothing unusual in encountering problems while working on the Excel platform. If you are carrying on the Microsoft Excel program 2007, you may be facing situations where you get stuck at a particular point while operating the program. However, there are number of features in the excel program itself to pull you out of the difficulties. All you need is to know how to access the Help With Excel support from the Microsoft Excel.

How to use Help with Excel facility?

Excel 2007 program includes the help utility and it contains and enormous database worth of information with instructions and discussions for a number of queries asked by the users. The help feature in Excel uses the F1 key. Now, a help box will open up with a search box at the top right hand side of your screen. Suppose, you need to get information regarding margins and page layouts, you can type in the same in the box provided. The MS office help will give you a list of possible solutions.

You can also access the Microsoft Online help service from the help dialog box for getting further remedies to check the specific problems faced by you.

MS Excel

Microsoft excel 2007

In case you did not find any help from the Microsoft’s website or from the help utility, seek the help from those sites that are engaged in assisting the Excel 2007 programs. Check for websites that are offering free help service by reviewing the information related to your problems. This will allow you to figure out your issues while working on the Excel 2007 program. Certain websites are offering free tutorials for different software programs. In such cases, they will display a list of categories and from them you can find the help you need. The instructions will be provided with the help of graphics to facilitate easy user understanding. There are also many websites showing videos on performing various tasks in MS Excel.

Sometimes, working all the way through these websites will not give you the desired solution. In such cases, you can rely on paid sites to figure out your problem. Log in to various websites so that you can ask your queries to experts by paying a nominal amount. The prices for such service will vary from sites to sites.

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