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A good and fair reception for Microsoft Surface tablets have been received and this is really favorable for the Redmond giant, as the tablet market has been dominated by market leaders and customers now seem to have one more option to choose from. The main competitors are the Nexus from Google, IPad from Apple and the Kindle from Amazon. The looks and design of the Surface tablets are simply outstanding and even reviewers and experts are praising the overall design.

The IPad had won hearts over its design and performance and the sleek and trendy appearance of the Surface tablets has caught the eyes of many. Microsoft has always tried to land in a new territory and this time it has made it absolutely correct with the tablet range called Surface. The market leader Apple whose sensational product – the IPad, has set the sales charts and captured reviewers and customers hearts with its outstanding battery life, slim design and a bulk of features. Microsoft Surface help can be accessed by contacting the customer support center.

With the release of the Surface range, Microsoft raises its bar in the technology sector and is now a worthy opponent for its competitors. Earlier, people used to chant only for iPad. Now this trend would definitely change. Well the Surface range is quite different from the iPads and the Nexus. Users will have to be a little patient and study the functioning of the apps, Wi-Fi configuration etc properly.

Battery life can be vastly increased by terminating apps and then opening the next one. Well some users may forget the task of closing apps or may not even know how to do the process. To effectively do this, users may follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • For closing apps, at the app screen’s border, a simple tap is required. Then to the end of the screen, you have to do the process of dragging it. Closing of the app takes place

    Nexus from Google

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  • Keyboard shortcuts can also be used for closing apps. To use keyboard shortcuts, execute the task of pressing the Play/Pause button and hit the Alt + Fn key. The closing of the app will take place.
  • Alt + F4 combination can also be used for closing other apps.

By understanding these methods for closing apps on the Microsoft Surface tablets, users will have an efficient time working with the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface help may be availed by contacting Microsoft support center. Microsoft Surface help can be availed for all relevant queries.

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