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The mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart of the Stanford Research Institute in the year 1968. In subsequent years, what was a simple hand held device became a replacement for your fingers, allowing you to point and select files, folders and other programs. It also allows users to highlighting objects, making navigating through graphical user interfaces that much easier. In the current scenario with touch device gaining immense popularity, the mouse has been aptly replaced by the finger for all activities earlier done by the mouse alone.

This doesn’t mean that you still can’t use a mouse for these devices. A mouse is very helpful when using certain types of programs, and plays a huge role when it comes to computer gaming. Considering the fact the Microsoft Surface tablets can function only with a wireless mouse, you may often encounter Microsoft Surface problems with your mouse. The best way to fix any mouse related problems is to reset the device.

Instructions to reset the mouse

  • First locate the reset button for your mouse. You will find this either on the bottom of the mouse or right next to the batteries on the inside. You need to push this button.
  • This reset button is typically small in size, and you will probably need a small pointed object like the tip of a ball point pen or some other pointed object to press this button with. Push the button and then hold on to it for about three to five seconds. This will ensure that the reset button’s command is accepted.
  • Now this is ideal for a wired or connected mouse. In case you use a wireless mouse, you will have to reset the receiver as well. Only after resetting this receiver can you be certain that the wireless mouse will work smoothly, without glitches. After resetting the mouse find the reset button on the receiver, which will be located typically on the underside.

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  • Push this button also for close to three to five seconds using the pointed object that you had used earlier for the mouse.
  • Plug the receiver back into the computer, and press the reset button located on both the mouse and the receiver simultaneously. The device will connect properly with the computer properly.

The mouse has definitely undergone a huge transition in tenure. If you encounter any sort of Microsoft Surface problems, contact Microsoft tech support for additional advice. If your Microsoft Surface problems are only associated with your wireless mouse, then you should consider getting a new mouse for your Surface tablet device.

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