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Creating A Concept Map In Microsoft Word

Microsoft word help

Concept maps in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is very useful for performing documentation jobs. The applications are verdant and it is very useful to acquire skills in Microsoft Word documenting works by practice. Here I summarize a procedure for creating a concept map using Microsoft Word.


  • First of all you need to open the Microsoft word application. Then you have to click on the Insert tab and select the Shapes in the Illustrations group. Now you have to click on the New Drawing Canvas.
  • Now you should choose the Insert tab again and click on Shapes option. Select the Oval button under the Basic Shapes section. Now you can click and hold your mouse and then drag the mouse in order to adjust the size according to your wish. You have to press the Shift key in order to keep your shape as a circle. The size can be easily adjusted by clicking and dragging from the edges.
  • On right clicking the circle or oval shape that you have created, an option Add Text comes. You can select this and enter your concepts inside by typing.
  • You have to repeat this process again and place the next circle having the next concept near the first circle. You can use varied size of circles depending upon the amount of content that you are going to place inside them.
  • Then you need to link your concepts using arrows found in a flow chart. In order to use an arrow, you should click on Shapes button and choose the type of line you want to use. You have the proper selections from the Lines section.
  • For connecting the shapes together you have to click on the first shape and then on the second shape. After that, you have to draw the line. You can do it by clicking on the Line Button image and then drag it in the desired locations. Now the shapes will get connected.

    Concept map using Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word help and support

  • You can also adjust the lengths of any arrows or lines by clicking and dragging on them.
  • Repeat the same process for building the entire concept map. After finishing, save the document.

Working with Word is very easy. The user interface as well as the various Microsoft Word help tools is so user-friendly that even a beginner can quickly learn and work on it. Learn skills in Word and start enjoying your documenting works.

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