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Steps To Insert Speech Bubbles In Microsoft Word

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How to insert Word Bubbles in Microsoft Word

Speech bubbles also referred to as text bubbles or word bubbles are labels that are used to display emotions of a character in an illustration in the form of text. Word bubbles are a good way to help your document deliver its message without creating any confusions. Business presentations use word bubbles to draw attention of listeners to a focal point and generally referred as Callouts. Meanwhile the focal point can be a word, sentence or instructions in spreadsheets and presentations.

You would be surprised at just how easy it is to make a text bubble in Word. You just have to insert the predefined bubble shape into your spreadsheet or presentations and customize it according to your wish.


  • Click on windows Start button, click All programs and further click Microsoft Office and select Microsoft Office Word to launch the application.
  • Once the application is launched, navigate to the top menu bar and then click File option and select Open from the drop down list. Use the file browser to locate the file on which you wish to add the word bubble shape. If you want to create a new document, then click New option from the file menu.
  • Now again navigate back to the top menu bar and click on Insert tab. Now move to the Illustrations group and choose Shapes from it.
  • Now move to the Shapes context menu and select the Callouts option that will list out the thumbnail images of the word bubble illustration. Have a look at various thumbnails and select one that will suit your presentation. You can download customized shapes from the Microsoft Word help forums.
  • Now hit the Shape thumbnail to insert the selected word bubble into the document. Users also have the provision to customize the inserted shape the way they want. You can use your cursor and drag across the image to set the shape to the size you want.

    Word bubbles

    How to customize word bubbles in Word

  • To write inside the speech bubble, highlight the shape by clicking on it. Now double click inside the speech bubble until you see the blinking cursor. Type the text that you want to include in your presentation document.

You can refer Microsoft Word help library for more interesting techniques to add word bubble into your Word presentation document. Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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