Animated Images Can Liven Up Your Presentations

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

Implementing Animations In Your Office Presentations

Do you want to make a top notch presentation? Looking to impress your bosses with something along these lines? Then the MS PowerPoint program is the ideal tool for keeping it lively and creative. Moving animations for PowerPoint presentations can really help you get more attention. Plus moving animations for PowerPoint will allow your viewers to grasp knowledge faster, if it’s done in a neat and well organized manner. PowerPoint has tools that allow you to tinker about with a host of animation features. The simplest one is enlarging or shrinking any object.

How to shrink or enlarge animations for PowerPoint Presentations

  1. You can shrink and enlarge objects in your presentations. A slide will have one title box and the other box for typing in content. If you use a moving animation on both the title slide and the content the title slide will appear first. The remaining content will appear also in moving animation format. You could choose different types of motion for each.
  2. Access the Animations tab and select the Custom animation option from the Animations panel.
  3. Click on the down arrow right next Add Effect in the Custom Animation dialog box that appears on your screens.
  4. Now go over to the Emphasis section. Click on Grow/Shrink. You will find that the Custom Animation dialog box has a
    MS PowerPoint

    Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Exciting

    pane that shows the emphasis used upon the selected text. It should read: 1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title. This shows that the title text will be the first animation that will show the grow/shrink effect.

  5. Now double click 1 [picture of the mouse] [grow/shrink icon] Title 1: Test title. A dialog box labeled as Grow/Shrink will appear. This box allows users to change the properties of the grow/shrink effect.
  6. Now place a tick mark beside the Auto-reverse option in the Effect tab. Press OK. This let the text grow or shrink.

Such animations in your PowerPoint presentations can really liven up the discussion. If you are a teacher then your students will be more eager if they see such a colorful animated presentation. The visual cues present in the presentations will make learning much easier and more fun.

This could also leave a better impression with your boss and help you make the presentation easier to understand and fun to watch. But remember not to overdo it when making presentations at the office. Use these animations in a manner that makes the presentation a delight to watch.

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