Customize Motion Paths In Your PowerPoint Presentation

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

Animated PowerPoint Presentation

Motion paths are moving animations for PowerPoint presentations that appear on the slides. Most people customize their PowerPoint presentations by using arcs and lines. Besides that, you can also make use of simple lines instead of going for complex designs. The below mentioned set of instructions will tell you how to create moving animations for PowerPoint presentations.

Moving animations

  • You can get started by selecting the object or text on which you would like to apply the animation effect.
  • Select your preferred type of animation that you will be able to find under Motion inside the animations tab.
  • Click on Play for previewing the complete set of animations that you will be able to view under the Preview option.
  • Click on the particular portion of the slide where you would like to start applying the motion path.
  • Move your cursor along the line and click on the portion where you prefer to include the curve apex for the motion path.
  • You can double click on any point in order to stop the drawing of the motion path.
  • Create a freeform motion path with straight lines.
  • Move your curser in a specific direction for drawing a straight line.
  • Click on a point where you intend to create a corner.
  • Select the slide that has the animation effect that you want to change. You can find the slide inside the navigation pane.
  • You can view that every motion path is represented by a number on the PowerPoint presentation.

    Font Size

    Create Animations For PowerPoint

  • You can create a numbered stack for playing two animations at the same time on the slide.
  • In order to choose a particular animation effect, you will have to view the entire list of animations. The list is available under the animations options.
  • Drag the edit points on slide for adjusting the shape.
  • You can also customize the motion paths by creating exits, entrances and altering the font size and colors.
  • Transitions can also be used for adding more visual effects to the PowerPoint presentations.
  • You can use multiple animation effects for the same object to make it look more appealing to the viewers.
  • More animations can be viewed when you click on the animation effect.

Finally, click on Play that you will be able to view under the Preview option, to view the changes you have applied to your PowerPoint presentation.

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