Making A Picture Spin On Its Axis In PowerPoint

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

Animations For PowerPoint

As almost every person who has ever used the Windows Office Suite may know, PowerPoint is a slide-show presentation software developed by Microsoft. Since PowerPoint claims 95% of the market share, you can be sure that almost every digital presentation you have ever seen has been created in Microsoft PowerPoint. Launched in 1990, it is installed in at least one billion computers.

How to create beautiful and effective PowerPoint presentations is a required skill set for almost every individual whose work has anything to do with Computers. Such presentations consist of a number of individual slides displayed one after the other. PowerPoint is designed in such a way that each slide can contain text, images, audio, or videos, which may be arranged in anyway according to the user’s wish.

An effective presentation should be able to portray what the author wants to present in the most effective way. The current generation is more habituated to viewing colorful graphics. Not only can Microsoft PowerPoint import images and videos, it can even import animated videos. In fact, you can even search online for moving animations for PowerPoint and download them for free!

While sitting for a long and grueling presentation session, some viewers may lose concentration. An effective way to regain attention would be to spice up the presentation by animating few pictures. Be careful not to overdo it or it may seem childish and even more distracting! Here’s how you can give the images you import a spin.


Spinning Images For PowerPoint


  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint from the Start menu, which is normally found in the lower left corner of your screen, and wait for it to load.
  • Once PowerPoint loads, open the slide-show presentation you want to edit and import images into it.
  • Select the slide you want to upload the new images into and then click on Insert to display the Insert drop-down menu.
  • Click on Picture and select the option From File. A new window displaying the file explorer will pop up on the screen. Navigate to the location where the image lies and select it. Once you have selected the image, click OK.
  • Select Add Effect once the image is imported and then click on Emphasis and after that Spin.
  • You can choose to select the duration for which the image should spin. Right-click the spin effect icon and then adjust the duration by selecting the Timing option.
  • Click OK to accept these changes to your presentation.

Moving animations for PowerPoint is really simple once you know how to. We hope this tutorial was able to help you!

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