How To Add Members To A Distribution List In Outlook

Outlook Distribution List

How to add a member directly From Your contact List

Do you always have to pick up each address individually from the Outlook address book to send an e-mail to multiple contacts? We know how frustrating it could be! But there is a solution called Outlook Distribution List, which allows user to create a list of multiple contacts with specific addresses, so that the user can forward an email to all those in the list by just clicking once. Users are also allowed to add or delete members by editing the list. Let’s go through the steps to create or add members to your distribution list.

How To Add Members Already On Your Contact List

  • Start Outlook application and click Go menu and then select Contacts. On the new window, Click File and then select New and choose Distribution List to create a new list. You can also select an existing list to add or delete members.
  • Now you will receive a contact card where you need to select the Members tab and then press Select Members to add new members.
  • From the list you must highlight the members you wish to add to the Distribution List. Use Shift key to select multiple members.
  • Once you are done with the selection, click Ok and new Distribution List will be created.

How To Add E-mail Addresses Outside Your Contact List

Add email

how to add email addresses to9 your distribution list

  • Start Outlook application and click Go menu and then select Contacts. Now you have to select an already existing Distribution list where you wish to add members or create a new one.
  • From the contact card click on the Members tab and then select Add New button to add a new member.
  • Now you need  to type in the display name if you want to identify  a member.
  • Next, type in the e-mail address you wish to add. You can also add the same member to your contact list by putting a check on Add to Contacts adjacent to each contact list.
  • Press the Ok button to save your settings. Repeat the steps to add each contact to your Outlook Distribution List.

Distribution lists can turn real handy when you need to send emails to multiple people frequently. We hope you understood the steps to create a new Distribution list and add multiple members to it. Thank you for visiting and have a good day!

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