Updating The Distribution List In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook distribution list

create distribution list in Outlook

If you are a novice to the Microsoft Outlook application, you would probably be typing the contact details of the recipient every time you send an email. Well, there are many way, by which you can simplify the Outlook operations and make your email correspondence easy. One of them is creating a distribution list. Distribution lists consist of a group of contacts. They help users to send messages to multiple recipients without having to enter the email address of each one. Microsoft has added the distribution lists features in Outlook application. Users need to group contact groups manually and update them in their Outlook distribution list in order to make it appear as such in the Outlook Address book so that they can be used easily while sending emails. Read the following instructions carefully and follow them.


  • Open Outlook by double-clicking on the Outlook icon in your desktop.
  • If you have not created an Outlook shortcut icon on the desktop, go to the Start button, select All programs and select Microsoft Office followed by Outlook.
  • Select the tab titled Contacts from the bottom left corner of the Outlook screen.
  • Select the folder titled Contacts to highlight it. You would find it at the left side of the screen.
  • The middle part of the screen will display the distribution lists as well as the contacts. The distribution lists can be identified with an icon consisting of three heads.
  • Locate the distribution list that you wish to update and double-click on it.
  • Click the button titled Update Now. This option would be found on the toolbar, which is located at the upper part of the screen.

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    update Outlook distribution list

  • Outlook will verify the contact details given in the distribution list. The contact details will be added to its database.
  • Following this, press the Save and Close option. This will save the changes you have made in the Outlook application.

You have successfully updated the Outlook distribution list. Now, send emails to your loved ones using the distribution list for entering the contact details in the address field. Visit the Outlook help forum to learn more about the different ways to customize your Outlook application and its features such as Address Book, calendar, etc. Get in touch with the Outlook tech expert for fixing any other problems in your Outlook application.

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