Three Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer

Windows XP Speed Up

Speed Up Windows XP

Windows XP is the most successful operating system of Microsoft and it is still being used in many organizations, companies and businesses. With time, the Windows XP computer can become slow due to various reasons and it will be very frustrating to work in a slow Windows XP computer. However, this can be solved very easily if you follow the below given Windows XP speed up tips.

It is possible to increase the speed of your Windows XP computer in three different ways. They are,

  • Defragment
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Hard Disc Space

You can choose any one of these methods to solve a slow down issue. Now, let’s look on to these things in detail.


One of the operations that you need to do regularly in any computer or laptop is Defragmentation. Defragmenting your computer will help to streamline the files that exist in your computer’s hard disk and the data will be stored in the form of blocks. When you delete a file from your hard disk, it will possibly leave an empty block. Therefore, performing defragmentation will help to increase the performance of your system by cleaning up the storage space.

You can defragment your computer by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking the option labeled Disk Defragment. Thus, this is the best option that you can consider to speed up your XP or any versions of Windows computers.

Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is the important part that stores all your data regarding the hardware and software. As time passes, your Windows registry can become full and will contain a lot of files that are unwanted. Moreover, viruses and malwares attacking your system will also hide in the Windows Registry making your registry overloaded.

Microsoft Tech Support

Instructions To Speed Up XP

Such an overloaded registry will make your system work slow and sluggish. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you need to run software named Registry Cleaner, which will help you to remove the unwanted files from the Windows registry.

Hard Disk space

Hard disk space is another reason for your Windows XP computer to become slow. An over loaded hard disk will definitely affect the functioning of the system and therefore, it is always better to delete unwanted files from your hard disk so that enough space will be available for the system to work fine.

These Windows XP speed up tips will help your Windows XP computer to run effectively and without any slow down issues. For more assistance regarding Windows XP speed up tips, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

Customize Motion Paths In Your PowerPoint Presentation

Moving Animations For PowerPoint

Animated PowerPoint Presentation

Motion paths are moving animations for PowerPoint presentations that appear on the slides. Most people customize their PowerPoint presentations by using arcs and lines. Besides that, you can also make use of simple lines instead of going for complex designs. The below mentioned set of instructions will tell you how to create moving animations for PowerPoint presentations.

Moving animations

  • You can get started by selecting the object or text on which you would like to apply the animation effect.
  • Select your preferred type of animation that you will be able to find under Motion inside the animations tab.
  • Click on Play for previewing the complete set of animations that you will be able to view under the Preview option.
  • Click on the particular portion of the slide where you would like to start applying the motion path.
  • Move your cursor along the line and click on the portion where you prefer to include the curve apex for the motion path.
  • You can double click on any point in order to stop the drawing of the motion path.
  • Create a freeform motion path with straight lines.
  • Move your curser in a specific direction for drawing a straight line.
  • Click on a point where you intend to create a corner.
  • Select the slide that has the animation effect that you want to change. You can find the slide inside the navigation pane.
  • You can view that every motion path is represented by a number on the PowerPoint presentation.

    Font Size

    Create Animations For PowerPoint

  • You can create a numbered stack for playing two animations at the same time on the slide.
  • In order to choose a particular animation effect, you will have to view the entire list of animations. The list is available under the animations options.
  • Drag the edit points on slide for adjusting the shape.
  • You can also customize the motion paths by creating exits, entrances and altering the font size and colors.
  • Transitions can also be used for adding more visual effects to the PowerPoint presentations.
  • You can use multiple animation effects for the same object to make it look more appealing to the viewers.
  • More animations can be viewed when you click on the animation effect.

Finally, click on Play that you will be able to view under the Preview option, to view the changes you have applied to your PowerPoint presentation.

An Overview Of Custom Animation In Microsoft PowerPoint

animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint tips

Microsoft PowerPoint is a famous application released by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft Office suite. PowerPoint is often used by business professionals and students for making slides for their presentations. In fact, it makes the presentation a little more easier than normal. However, there are some animations for PowerPoint called Custom animation, which makes the slides beautiful and attractive. Now, let us look at it in detail.

Entrance Effect

How the item will appear in the presentation is determined by the entrance effect. Normally, all the items including images and graphs will be seen in the PowerPoint slide by default but you will not be able to control the appearance of these items. Therefore, by using the entrance effect, one can easily change the appearance and the timing of the items in the slides. Moreover, this also gives the option for the users to show the graphics items even after the presentation of the slides.

Emphasis Effect

Sometimes, there is an instance in which, you need to change the image that is once included in the slide. These changes will be done to set it to fade, object grow, change colors, shrink, and making transparent or changing fonts. This will help the users to point out certain things while presenting the slides before the audiences and will make your presentation interactive.

Instructions for applying custom animation

  • Click the button called Custom Animation from the tab called Animations.
  • Next, you need to select the button called Add Effect.
  • Select the option called Entrance Effect to create an effect when the object or text comes in the presentation.

    Motion Path effect

    Using animations in PowerPoint

  • Select the option called Emphasis Effect to create an effect to the object or text that is included in the slide.
  • Select the option Exit Effect, if you need to include an effect when the items like object or text leaves the slide.
  • Select the option called Motion Path effect to allow the object to move in a specified pattern.
  • You can use the buttons called reorder to reorder the animations in PowerPoint.
  • Click the button labeled Play, to get a preview of the animations that you are included in the slide. This will help you to make some modifications, if necessary.

Thus, you can use these animations for PowerPoint to make the presentation more interesting and interactive.

Hewlett Packard Recalls Laptop Cords

Laptop Support

Laptop Care

Hewlett-Packard has been one of the leaders in the market of laptop manufacturers. Their laptops are much reliable and provide good value for money. HP recently announced a voluntary recall of up to six million AC power cords that were provided with Compaq and HP notebooks, some of the docking stations and mini notebooks that were sold between Sep 2010 and June 2012. On 26th August, HP issued a statement that some of the power cords for these computers may have the potential to overheat. This can pose a fire and burn hazard to the users of the laptop. This information was confirmed after contacting the laptop support team of HP.

As per the company, “HP believes that certain power cords shipped with notebook PC products and AC adapter accessories may pose a risk of a fire and burn hazard to customers.” One of the HP administrators said in a post on the company’s support forum page that the voluntary recall is only for those cords that connect the wall socket to the power pack of the laptop that is marked with the part number LS-15. This number will be molded into the connector that plugs into the AC adapter. As per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, HP had received 29 reports of power cords overheating and charring or melting. This has resulted in 2 claims of minor burning and 13 claims of minor damage to property.

Fire And Burn Hazard

Laptop Support Technician

As per the recall notice of CPSC, “Customers should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled power cords and contact Hewlett-Packard to order a free replacement. Consumers can continue to use the computer on battery power.” CPSC says that HP shipped almost 5.6 million power cord units in US and 446,700 in Canada.

However, HP said that not all of these units were affected by the fault of overheating. “Not all HP and Compaq notebook and mini notebook PCs were sold with an affected power cord. Please validate the power cord shipped with your notebook PC or purchased with an accessory, or as a spare,” the company said.

HP added that those users who are affected by the voluntary recall would be eligible to get a free replacement for the verified AC power cord that is recalled. If you wish to know more on the procedure to get the faulty power cord of your HP laptop recalled, you can contact the laptop support team of HP. The laptop support team will let you know more on the procedure to be followed for replacement.

Few Steps To Transfer Emails In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Email Problems

Outlook Express Features

Outlook Express is one of the most widely used email clients by users worldwide. Developed by Microsoft, this email program provides interesting options that lets you store, manage, send as well as receive email messages. Although this program sounds similar to Microsoft Outlook, both these applications have different functionalities.

Many a times, you may face Outlook Express email problems that can force you to contact the technicians at the Outlook Express technical support team. For example, sometimes transferring emails in the application can lead to error messages. In such cases, instead of calling up the Outlook Express support number, you can use the instructions mentioned below to fix the issue.

  • First, you need to open Outlook Express and then click on Tools from the menu bar followed by Options and Maintenance.
  • You need to select the file path of the personal message store within the Store Location and then copy it. Now, click on Cancel.
  • Next, you can paste the file path into the Windows’ Run prompt and select OK to open up a folder. Copy all the contents here and then close it.
  • You need to right-click the Desktop and then click on New Folder. Name it as Mail and then paste the contents here.
  • Again, launch Outlook Express and click on Tools followed by Accounts and then on Mail. Select the mail account and click on Export. You can save the exported file within the Mail folder and then save it. You can now close the file.
  • You need to insert the USB flash drive and then move the Mail folder from the desktop to it. Once you have copied the files, you can insert the drive into the computer you are transferring the emails to.

    Error Messages

    Outlook Express Issues

  • Now, launch Outlook Express and click on File followed by Import, then Messages. From here, choose Outlook Express and then click on Next. You need to click on Import mail from an OE store directory and then on OK.
  • In the next step, you can click on Browse and select the Mail folder on the inserted USB drive. Now, click on OK, Next, All Folders and then on Next followed by Finish.
  • Now, click on Tools from the menu bar and choose the Accounts option. Click on Mail, then Import. Here, select Look In and locate Mail folder on the USB drive to allow Outlook Express to detect the folder.

These steps can help you to fix Outlook Express email problems related to the transfer of emails. For more assistance on such issues, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

Support And Services For HP Printers

HP Printers Support

HP Printers And Drivers

One of the largest IT companies that have the capacity to provide software and hardware solutions to its customers is HP. One of the highlights of their IT support program is the HP printers support services. This is a very useful support for people, who own a HP printer, in case they have a question or query about using these printers. They make sure to render support equally to both office users and home users.

The tech services provided by the company dates back to 1939 and have been the leading PC brand since then. They have also been one of the best manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing printers including the service provided for the same. HP has always made it a point that they provide services for all the products they manufacture especially the printers. HP printers support is for every customer but people whose warrantee period is over will not be able to avail this service for free. Anyways there are alternative methods for the same.

When the device is out of the warranty period, the only way to get help is with the online knowledge base articles available on the website. Nevertheless, most of the people find this difficult when these articles make use of complex terms that they have never heard of. Moreover, it would be difficult for the user to narrow down on the right article to fix the issue. It needs some technical knowledge to figure out the issue and find the right fix.

Tech Support

HP Computers

However, there are other ways to you can get expert tech support to solve the issues with the printer you use. Look for a technician in your locality and approach him or her to solve issues with the printer. This might cost a little but totally worth giving a shot. The best thing is that unlike customer care support on toll free numbers you need not wait over the phone. You just need to call the technician, where upon he or she would come to your home and fix the issue at the time fixed.

Even if HP printers support is available only to customers, who have a printer with the warranty period, they have an alternate method, where in you will have to pay for the support, which is free in the other case. This comes with several packages like an annual contract, which is charged accordingly. This is the best tech support that you can get for HP printers.

Importance Of Using Animations In PowerPoint Slides

animations for PowerPoint

PowerPoint animations

We can see that the use of animations for PowerPoint presentations has a great significance. These animations make a presentation catchy to the audience. The message can be effectively conveyed to the targeted audience. Read ahead to know more about the importance of animations in PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint animations

PowerPoint animations can make a presentation lively and more informative. The most popular types of effects in animations for PowerPointhave exits and entrances. You can also give sound effects to the animations to make it more impressive. There are special Smart Art graphics, with which you can customize the animations for PowerPoint.

Many corporate companies make use of PowerPoint presentations to conduct their important meetings and conferences. Besides that, we can use these presentations to launch products in the market. Therefore, we can see that a PowerPoint presentation has an integral role to play in the corporate business world. There are chances for technical errors to occur during such a presentation. To avoid such situations you can take some precautionary measures.

motion path

Advanced PowerPoint animations

Tips to make appropriate rectifications

One of the best ways is to select the slide that you think needs the rectification and you can make appropriate changes on it. You can click on a particular animation to shift it to a different location and make sure it is being displayed in the correct format during the presentation. This can be done by clicking on the Animations tab. You will find the Advanced Animation and Timing option on the right hand side of the Animations tab. This option can be used to make all types of slide correction. One is known as Quick Adjustment. Quick Adjustment enables you to auto correct the order of a selected animation. The other option is known as More Details Needed. This option enables you to reveal the complete list of the animated objects pertaining to the PowerPoint presentation.

You will also be able to find the Re-Order button below the Animation pane to make an animated object appear early or later in the Presentation as per your preference. There is a way, with which you can make alteration in the complete motion path. This is done by moving the pointer towards a four-way arrow icon. Drag the motion path to the location where you want it to be placed.

Besides that, you can also press on Shift + F 5 for viewing the current slide inside the slide show view. This will enable you to ensure that your slide show is ready for the final PowerPoint presentation.

How To Deal With Windows End Of Support

computer support

Computer support for OS migration

It’s understandable to panic about the latest Windows XP end of support issue if you own a small to medium business. You have neither a technology strategy nor the expert IT staff to cope with such an issue. In such a scenario, you have to try to understand the magnitude of the issue and then act on forming an effective computer support to combat it.

First, Windows XP End-of-Support does not mean your computer will stop working. Your computer will work just fine and you won’t lose any critical data. Microsoft is merely ending security updates and technical support for Windows XP operating system. Ever since you bought your Windows XP powered PC, you have been receiving important security updates from Microsoft. These updates patch up any security threats or risks that can be manipulated into compromising your system. Every threat, from snooping in on your actions, to poring through sensitive information in your PC to even gaining remote access of your computer can be achieved by hackers with malicious intent. These security updates kept these attacks at bay so far.

Thus, you have to upgrade your computer to the latest version if you care about your system security. Most operating systems released recently will need higher minimum specifications which means you have to replace the existing computers with the latest ones. Apart from that, if you have old productivity suites like Office 2003 running on your computer, you will need to upgrade that as well. All these changes need to be made without losing all the crucial data.

Windows XP powered PC

Computer support from IT service providers

This obviously requires a lot of planning and effort. Fortunately, you can hire the services of IT service providers, who are experts in handling this issue. Not only will they install the latest system but will also provide computer support to make the migration hassle-free. Computer support includes networking all the new hardware and dealing with technical issues that will rise during the transition. Apart from the computer support, these IT service providers will also provide back-up services so you do not lose any crucial data required for running the business.

Microsoft has many additional services apart from the ones with which you are familiar. Microsoft provides cloud computing services under the banner Microsoft Office 365. This lets you access productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel for a monthly or annual subscription fees.

A good service provider will make the migration speedy, hassle free and seamless. Hence, go through the list of computer support these third-party IT service providers provide before you hire one.

Creating A Distribution List To Import Into Outlook 2007

Distribution List Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007

A distribution list is a list of contacts, which has all the contacts of people whom you email regularly. It makes your work easy and simple; you just have to create a group with all the contacts needed in that group. For instance, you can create a group of college friends and add all the email addresses of your college friends under this group. Whenever there is an event in the college or a get together, you can inform all without leaving behind anyone. Here is how to create a distribution list Outlook 2007.

Create a list of contacts

  • Open Excel, in the first column, type in the First Name, next Last Name and in the third column – the Email address.
  • Now enter the names and email addresses of each person you wish to add to the distribution list.
  • When you are done with all the contacts, Save the Excel Sheet with a relevant name to the distribution list, change the save as type to CSV (comma delimited), and after this click on Save.

Importing the list

  • Now launch the Outlook program. Click on Contacts, right click on the contact list, and then select New Folder. Now enter something that is relevant to the distribution list and then click on Ok. Double Click on the new Folder to open the same.
  • From the File tab, click on the option Open and then select the option Import.
  • Select the option Import From Another Program Or File and then click on Next. Now select the Comma Separated Values option and then click on Next. Now click on the Browser button, search for the Excel sheet that you created and select the same, and click on Open.
  • You can choose if you want duplicates and then click on Next. Now you will have to select the folder created and then click on Next. To complete the process of creating a DS, click on Finish.

    Email Addresses

    Microsoft Outlook Express

Create the Distribution List

  • Select the Folder that contains the list that you imported.
  • Now click on New, then Distribution List or Contact Group.
  • In the name Field, type the Name for the distribution list.
  • Click on the Add Members or Select Members option. In the Show Names From List, select New Folder.
  • Click on Contact; Select All the contacts in the list. Click on Members, Ok and then Save And Close, in order to save the distribution list.

This is the how you create a distribution list Outlook 2007. For any further assistance, contact our tech support desk.

Adding Fonts To Word In Windows 7

Windows 7 Office

Office On Windows 7

Microsoft Word, commonly known as MS Word is a word processor that is used for managing documents. The program comes along with Microsoft’s Office suite set of programs. One of the major properties of Word was that it allowed the users to add custom fonts. Here we discuss how to add fonts to Windows 7 Office Word program or a Word running on Windows 7 operating system.


  • If you are currently running Microsoft Word processor on your system, close it by clicking on the small x shaped button found at the top right corner of the application window.
  • Open the folder that contains the font that you wish to add to the Word processor by using the Windows Explorer program.
  • Now move the mouse pointer to the left bottom corner of the screen and then click on the Start menu button located there to open the Start menu. Click on the Control Panel tab to open the Control Panel window on the screen.
  • At the top right corner of the Control Panel window, you will be able to see the Search box. Type in fonts in it and press the Enter button found in the keyboard.
  • Search assistant in Windows 7 will now display the search result on the screen. Click on the option labeled as View Installed Fonts found under the Fonts tab in the search results.
  • The system will now open the Fonts folder. You will be able to see all the fonts installed with your system on the screen.

    Windows Support

    Office Word

  • Now navigate to the folder that contains the font, click on the font that you wish to add to the system and drag and drop the font file to the Fonts window. Now the selected font will be added to the collection of Windows fonts. If the font file is large, you will be able to see the font transfer on the screen.
  • Restart the system to make the changes permanent and take effect.

If you follow the simple instruction given above, you will be able to add fonts to Windows 7 Office Word and you will be able to access and use the added font from Word next time you launch Word. However if you are not able to add font files, or access the font added to Windows’s central system with Word program, feel free to contact the Windows support team.