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Microsoft’s gaming consoles like Xbox One has not caused the decline of demand for PC support games. Looking at the recent trends among gamers preferring gaming consoles to PC games signal an imminent end to PC gaming. However, it is rumoured that Microsoft has serious plans now to integrate its Xbox One gaming controller with Windows PC. So, there will be plenty of reasons for a diehard gamer to switch to his PC at times.

Microsoft is working on a new controller – or to be more precise – on a Windows PC-specific controller. The new controller will consist of options to switch between a PC and a gaming console. The current Xbox One controllers are user friendly. However, it is not compatible with Windows OS. This gives the gamers no options to switch between their PC and gaming console. However, Microsoft has not given any official status about the development of a PC-specific controller. We hope that they will announce about the developments of the controller shortly.

Meanwhile, Albert Penello, the director of product management at Microsoft, confirmed that there they are working on the new controller. However, he refrained from giving any technical details about the controller. He said that the rumours going on about the controller in some of the online media were false. Despite his decision not to disclose any details about the console, gamers welcome the news.

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Many gamers are indeed looking forward to the release of the new controller. Adult gamers have developed their taste for computer games through PC and it is just recently that they have switched to gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Certainly, they wish to be able to play the latest games on their PC or integrate their Xbox controllers with the PC. But unfortunately, there is no such facility right now for Xbox One controllers. The news that Microsoft is working on the PC support for Xbox One gaming controller would indeed be welcomed by such users.

According to these reports, Microsoft is working on the controller and would soon introduce an Xbox controller with PC support that would bring optimum gaming experience to the PC gamers. Hope you found the information provided in this article useful. For more information, visit the Microsoft Xbox website online.

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